It's the little things.

The little things in life.

They can build up and either make or break a day yanno?
Let me ramble for a moment *hour* about my day.

I was cutting oranges this morning for my daughter's lunch and mistook one of my fingers for the peel. Sliiice, *cry*
Not deep enough for stitches but enough to want to bleed forever and drive me bonkers.

Then I almost miss the school bus. *Nooooooo* But fortunately we raced to the next stop just in time to toss her on. *Whew*

Then my first client of the day decides he wants a military fade flat top.  Me: Oh sure no problem!" Off I go with one finger in the air. The whole while wishing I had mainlined my coffee.  It looked great at the end but goodness that cut is a process.

Next, a girlfriend popped by for help with her hair. It was bleached in spots, faded red in others, colour over colour. In other words a total mess. She decided she wanted her layered hair turned into an asymmetrical bob. Me: "Sure No Problem!!!" While thinking *Omfg, how do I work this with the angles when her hair is shorter in the front* Ok, I bring her over for a wash.  Her hair is like straw. Me: "WTF are you doing to this??" *Glares down at friend while she lays helpless, head stuck in the shampoo bowl* Then, *Smiles* "Don't worry, I can help."

Massively long story short, the scrubbing of her hair caused my band aid to fall off, the flap of my skin pull repeatedly on her hair as I washed it. We are the kind of friends who share everything so I Grin and show her my now re bleeding finger and ask if she likes some pink highlights. :)

Yes the bad can build up but I made two people feel good about themselves today, and in turn I felt better. So chin up if you're feeling down. There's a bright side to everything.

Either I totally grossed you out, bored you to sleep or made you laugh. As long as you are still reading, check out my pretty photos.
Happy shopping!


It's The little things that make all the difference.

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