A few things happened to me yesterday when I logged on that made this photo come about.

First I saw that Cureless had dropped an update to their Morphine skin. I was so excited to see this with appliers for Catwa Bento & Maitreya! It's made around the Catya head but I don't even care, "MINE!" 
So thank you so much Cureless for being That awesome and caring for your customers. It means a lot not to have to re purchase! ♥♥

Second thing that happened was another resident calling out in a group."Anyone know what the hair in this ad is?"
 Boom, I was all over that. Racing to be the first with the right answer cause I'm spaztic like that :D
Turns out it was an easy one, it was this wicked cool hair by .Shi called Binah.

Well after all that excitement I had to photograph it all :D
P.s. I won the race and got to help first, muahaha.



  • Hair - .Shi  | Binah.
  • Mesh Head - CATWA HEAD | Lona.
  • Skin Appliers - CURELESS[+] | Morphine.
  • Eyes - LOTUS. | Formation Eyes - 03.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara.
  • Upper Tattoo - [White~Widow] | Harmonium - Black.
  • Lower Tattoo - [White~Widow] | Silence - Black.
  • Choker - [NC] - Noble Creations | Elegant in Black | @ Enchantment.
  • Pasties - [ bubble ] | Star Pasties.
  • Bottoms - =Zenith= | Tie Up Short.
  • Shoes - Mosquito's Way | Shaylee | @ Enchantment.
  • Pose -  Le Poppycock | Lost Inhibitions.
  • Lighting - LumiPRO HUD.