The Fantasy Faire 2017. On The Hunt.


Oh, shh, sorry. Didn't mean to startle you.

I have been a bit absent of late, unusual for me I know but I needed a break big time.  When I have been online I have been @ The 2017 Fantasy Faire!

If you've never heard of this event,  YOU NEED TO GO!
Ahem, Here is a link to the website -  I have been quite busy on this year's Quest. My inventory is stuffed full of prizes and I'm all tuckered out.

A few Tips when visiting these SIMs

  • Set your WindLight to Region  default.
  • Remove excess HUDS & Scripty stuff. 
  • The Quest is not free but OMG so worth the small amount you pay.  Buy your HUD when you land in FaireLands Junction. Run home to rez your box on the ground ( You need to do this as there is a gift card n the Deluxe HUD for a super cool outfit to wear while Questing.) Then head back to FaireLands Junction & find Farion. This adorable Blue dude is sitting a top one of the junction signs. He will Direct you on the next steps.
  •   Read All About The Quest + Tips & Stuff HERE -

While on the quest I stopped to take some photos of these spectacularly well done SIMS. Such a shame it all disappears on May 4th. Please please visit. You will be amazed as I was, I'm sure.
Click each photo & you will be directed to the Flickr photo, in the description there is a taxi to each SIM.

Ember ♥

Fantasy Faire 2017 San Mora SIM.

Fantasy Faire 2017 Dawn's Promise SIM

Fantasy Faire 2017 Kakushi Pasu SIM

Fntasy Faire 2017 Chaddul Ro SIM

Fantasy Faire 2017 Raven's Perch SIM