Welcome to my house.

Hey there, hi!

So this is my little slice of Second Life.

Why am I showing it?
Well It all started with this dress.
I had been trying so hard to win it in a gacha dress by offbeat over @ Kustom9 and just had 0 luck.
I reached out on Facebook as sometimes people get tings they don't want or need (Yes even rares *Gasp*)

Turns out my buddy Quiet got it and it just wasn't for her.
See, the dress has hands attached. OK, no problem, we've seen this from designers before. 
Well not only are hands attached, this dress has a whole torso that you have to try to match to your skin. 
Just makes it difficult for some as there is no skin tone changer with this dress. 
Luckily for me, it wasn't much of a problem. I LOVE IT! 

SO, Thank you Quiet. You saved me again 🤗

• Oh the photo, my  house! 
Ha, almost forgot what I was on about here.

So I tried my usual, plain background. It usually works okay - ish for me but this time I was feeling really meh about my photos. 

So I figured, I have some cute things in here, again, thanks to Quiet so why not TRY to take the photos in there.
Well after a few hours of adjustng my angles when my SL was in ultra settings and down to 6 fps I got some photos.!

So, yup. Here's my home. Please excuse my very ugly white bar  in the window. I wanted something to hang my pretty beads from and didn't feel like searching for something :) 

Ember  💜
Welcome to my house.

Polished & posed.

•Ember's Look•

•Background items•

•Photo 1•

•Photo 2•