Fading dreams

Hiya Dolls.
Today I'm gonna babble atcha a bit. A LOT. 

 So about 2 years ago I started up the website called Hair SL.
I love hair both in SL &RL & I am actually a licensed hairstylist by trade.  If only I had the patience to master a good cut here!  But, mesh is beyond me. 

See, all off track already!

So, Hair SL
I put a lot of thought into this site. What I wanted it to be, how I wanted it to operate & since the site's humble beginnings it's grown in leaps and bounds. 
With loads of help from Voshie Paine & Aerlinniel vella, I was able to relax a little bit. 

But I took it a bit further than relaxing.  I suffered burn out.  It was so bad that I sent notes to all the beautiful designers I was working for and had to step down as I felt I wasn't able to keep up with requirements. Pretty sure I was, I just freaked out, that ever happen to you? It got so bad that I avoided logging onto SL for a little bit.  I feel better now BTW.

What brought all this rambling on? 
This new Group Gift from Truth Hair!  It made me remember why I started Hair SL in the first place. To share free & inexpensive hairs with anyone who will listen to me :)

So, with this in mind, I have started going through the A- Z Designer List cleaning it up, making sure the info is correct. As I do this I am visiting each shop and posting any Free Hair I can find.
Book mark the site as I will be posting a new one daily.
Hair SL  -  https://hairsl.wordpress.com/

Sorry for the ginormous post.
Enjoy, Ember.