I swear to be your bestie

This is a post that I collaborated on with Savvy.
 You remember Savvy right?  Yes, I miss her too.

This is her take on us and her photo is 100x better than the one I have, for real, my girl's got skills.
Find her post here - https://lilmonstersmadness.wordpress.com/2017/08/02/pinkie-promises/

Our online times have changed drastically but unlike other SL friendships I have had over my time here, this is one that never dissolves. 

No matter how mad we get with each other, we do the adult thing & Talk. That. Shit. Out!
We met years ago in a dark urban RP sim. I taught her how to find good quality products for the least amount of linden ( Hey when you start, you're generally poor yanno!)

We lost touch for a while then well, I basically adopted her and dragged her over to the club I hung out at. We've been tight ever since.

P.s. I had a book written here about our friendship but I didn't want to shock you into early graves or bore you to sleap with all these words so Here's my photo. 
*Muah* Ember.

P.s.s. I was in such a rush I forgot to add my fricken photo!

Pinky Swear.

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