Hi, Dolls!

So I titled my post & photo 'Insecurities'. Thank you Captain Obvious!

Lately I have seen so many talented folks that are insecure on their Flickr photos and I am here doing a double take Like What??

But I think it's like anything, you tend to see it everywhere when it's in the forefront of your melon.

I am myself am totally insecure. I know I am & it's not something people will just get over either. I think just part of their general make up.

OK, I am rambling but;
  • One thing I need to share with everyone.
Still using Flickr as an example: You will feel it when you've done something really well.
 If you post a photo that YOU are really excited about, don't fret over a lack of stars/ views.  It made YOU feel good.  
Everyone perceives the same things differently so not all will love it as much as you & that's OK. 
It made YOU feel warm and fuzzy & that's the main thing.
That's all I gotta say. To you & myself