Lay Low

Psst, hey. Hi!

So it's day 2 of being up all night. 
It's currently almost 3 am as I type to you with my eyes half crossed. I don't know what I originally going to write here again? Oh right, I remember.


This is a new Bi - Monthly event that opens it's doors on the 12th of this month! 
It's brought to us by the creators of Mesh Body Addicts.
This event has 4 sections or rooms if you will.

  • Fitmesh Fashion 
  • Roleplay / Fantasy 
  • Bento 
  • Skins/ body
 I have been skulking around while the designers are setting up  Not bothering them, I swear. No really! And I am so excited as there are so many awesome items here!
Today I am giving a sneak peek at what Scandalize has on offer. 
See you on the 12th!

Lay low.