Keep Swimming


I am in a super odd mood today. 
I have been wandering my house aimlessly ( In RL) unable to settle on much of anything. 
Luckily for me, one of the photo's I took yesterday between crashes turned out well enough for me to edit.
I know, another head shot & I was trying to make a full body shot for you to see how the tattoo sat and where.

Didn't stop me!  I just took a screen shot of my dead SL screen and edited that!
I feel that you do not have to have the best-est resolution/ graphics to get an interesting shot.  At least that's my thoughts. 
How bout you?

 4Mesh opens on the 12th with Amazing items!
 You really need to check it out!
Hairology is now open & it's their anniversary round! 
I got in earlier and 99% of booths have free gifts!
Happy Second Anniversary Hairology 💋

Happy Shopping!

Keep Swimming

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