Thank you Pear -y Much!

Welcome back!

Today I went a little OK,  a lot outside my comfort zone to show you this super neat Pear house / skybox from (red)Mint!
I originally saw it at the store whenI was cruising for groups gifts. I went up to the demo and climbed all over it. For me, this is what Secondlife is all about. 
Anything you can imagine can be created. 
So thank you (red)Mint for adding some whimsy to my Secondlife ♥

This little home is super sweet . See what I did there? 
With two stories, a modern spiraling staircase & beautifully textured. It has 2 windows, a lovely red door, also teleport buttons to get you up those stairs in case like me, you are out of practice with curvy stairs :)

Also showing off my winter look of the day that I was originally going to incorporate into the house photos but after posing myself for an hour I just did what I am most confident with. A head shot!

Hope you enjoyed today's post Dolls.
 I urge you to head over to (red)Mint and check out the store as that in itself is a piece of art. 
Landmarks & info on all items worn are below the photos in the credit section.
 Photos are click to enlarge.

Cold comfort.

↘Credits ↙