Who's the Fairest?

Good morning! 
Yesterday I found myself having an hour of down time in my now quite hectic RL. 
So I decided to log into this Black Dragon viewer that I'd heard people talking about. 

I am not sure I could use it on a daily basis and I have no idea if I am able to use Can't find shadow clarity but I managed to at least find my sky editor! 
Things looked so different there, this dress for instance.
 I logged in to a close up of my hip and the material had a shine to it! It looked so real that all I can say is WOW.

So of course in my usual Ember way, I took one of my photos and totally edited it!  I also leave you with a Raw shot ( Bottom photo) to see all the items worn from Enchantment / Hairology & Powder Pack Catwa Edition!
All info + Landmarks embedded into my credits below the photos.

Who's the fairest

Un - edited  snapshot taken in the Black Dragon Viewer with using Avatar optimal wind light.

All your info