BVN Blogger Secret Santa Swap

I am behind posting this.  Due to my rl crisis then I was sick for a week with the flu/plague that took forever to go away, I'm behind in all my of me secondlife.
Blogger/Vlogger Network (BVN) did a new twist on the traditional secret Santa.  When you volunteered/signed up, you were assigned a blogger to stalk/feature/collaborate with.
I got Alicia Noelle Zanzibar (Alicia Chenaux).  I spent the last few days reading her blog, stalking her flickr, watching her videos.
This girl is talented.  Her picture taking skills are beyond on point.
Her videos are fun, cute and informative.
I suck at talking to people in world, or even starting conversations.  So I decided to make this post feature some of my personal favorite pictures she has done, and included one of her vlog posts as well :)
The pictures are embedded from HER flickr.  So if you click on them, they will take you directly to her Flickr for more prettiness.
Merry Christmas Alicia.  It was wonderful to stalk you and I hope this post surprises and delights you!
Savvy Quinn Glaz

Alicia's Blog, Flickr, YouTube Channel

Style - Keep Your Eyes On The Skies Another photo I stalked from her Style - You've Got A Friend In Me
Annnd yet another one!
10 Years
She's also a fantastic Vlogger... a skill which I'm jealous of! I will never make videos, so I'm super envious of those that do, and do it as well as Alicia does :)



  1. Oh my goodness, what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for your kind words! Happy holidays!! ♥


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