More Head!

Hello you beautiful Avatar !
First, I want to thank each and every one of you who have participated in my contest so far!
Read more about it & join in, HERE -

Today I am using the Lilly Catwa Head again to show off yet another way it can look totally different!
I am so in love with this skin designer, her skins + shapes make me feel more real. Considering I started SL in 2007 o.O, It's come a long long way!

Remember - I always get creative with my lighting so ALWAYS DEMO!
Even without my crazy wind lights, you should always Demo regardless. It's important. 
You wouldn't walk out or a store in RL without trying on your purchases first if there was no return policy right?
You can find all the links - Landmarks & Info below the photos.
Enjoy Dolls.
🌺 Ember 🌺