Tied to a past I can barely recall.

Hello Beautiful, welcome back!

Today I am circling back to my SL roots and showing off some pretty & sexy bondage - ish type clothing & hair!

When I joined Second life I spent almost 3 solid years in a sim called Bondage Playground. I had the best times and met the best people. 
I find myself pining for those days. 
This s a tribute of sorts.
This is for all the good memories, Thank you Spiritpony, Optimystic, servher, Mina, Ceri, Nika, Bree, Keiser, The list goes on and on and on. 
Oh and Forceme, I choose to hold onto the good & we had loads of laughs together!

If you're sensitive, maybe come back for the next post. But come back OK, cause I love you!


 Hope you enjoy.

Tied to a past I can barely recall.