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The Underdog Event is beginning it's second round on the 14th.
This is a really neat event, bringing into the spotlight talented designers that lots of us  have not heard of.

As a blogger for this event I have been pared with several different designers. This is interesting for me as it forces me to step outside my box big time!

• I have been pared with the jewelry designer Slipper. I had already stumbled across this designer and fell hard for her rings! In my package was a whole set, Rings, Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet. Now I don't often wear lots of jewelry& I tried really hard to get a full shot with the necklace and not chopping off my head, I hope I did alright! *fingers crossed.*

•The furnishings are by ~also Known as~ The designer of the brand just happens to be one of my oldest friends on SL!  Oh man I freaked out at the thought of trying to photograph furniture but, again, I tried my best and crossed my fingers. I am pleasantly surprised with what I managed!

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Happy Place

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