Keep Smiling!

Today's photo came about thanks to Belladonna Wexhome.

The other day she messaged me and told me about the photo editor called iPiccy - VIEW SITE HERE -

I usually use ribbet VIEW SITE HERE -

These are a lot alike in a lot of ways but one way they differ ( for now)  is the fact you don't need to pay to use items like the clone tool on iPiccy!

I wish I knew about this a few years ago when I started paying for pro on Ribbet!

The background I have in this photo, I was able to make this in the editor. I first applied it as a filter over the whole photo AND THEN I was able to erase the part covering my Avatar!!!

How cool is this!

So if you love fiddling with editors and don't have Photoshop, check this out.
Thanks Bella!

Keep smiling