Hiya friends.

So yesterday I showed off the amara beauty skin out of this month's Powder pack & today I am showing it to you with less make up.

As I was changing yesterday, I fell in love with this soft clean look of just the skin & gloss. So much so that  I kinda wanna make out with myself. 
OK, that's weird. Sorry ( Kinda not. 😜 )

I have added one of pr!tty's hairs from over @ The Chapter Four. Hurry if you want  this one, the event ends on the 28th!

I LOVE the whole look so much, I just kinda stood there staring at myself for a while before I started snapping the photos. I've added a few items from Yokai @ Enchantment Also ending on the my neck looked a little bare & I just adored the choker the falling rose petals.

I couldn't decide what photo to share with you as I really like the non edited version of this pic as well as my edited version. So you get both. sorrynotsorry💕

 Below the photos you will find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks embedded into the names.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

🌺 Love Ember.🌺


Blossom Raw


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