How lonely.

 "People think I'm odd. So, I know how it feels to be different, and I know how lonely that can be." –Belle

 ( This sums me up quite nicely. When I look back on all my rambles I think to myself, I am Odd indeed!)

TGIF my friends ❤️

So, I spent hours between last night and today trying to take a photo of me in these flowers &  OMG, I messaged Savvy and told her that I was ready to do some damage to myself as the leaves kept sticking through me. That and anything else that could possibly happen, happened while trying to stage this shot. LOL
 Out of  thirty shots that I took, only one had no stick troughs.💀

The flowers are made by The Looking Glass and I purchased them while hunting / wandering around  The Fantasy Faire one year. 
I saw them on one of the sims and fell hard. I don't even decorate my land, but I. Had. To. Have. Them.

Also today I am putting up an old photo I had taken while checking out The Looking Glass Main store. This dining lounge is set up on like the 4th floor I believe, Great for photos. I could stand around here ogling for hours. ( Maybe I have :) 
This place is amazing, the Whole sim. Turn up your draw distance and prepare to be WOW'D!

I will hush now.💋

Below the photos you can find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks embedded into the names.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

🌺 Love Ember.🌺

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