Who's a cutie?

Morning Dolls!

I 💕 today's look so much that I couldn't stop making photos. The face, hair, outfit. the whole package! Does this make me a narcissist?

  • My Head applier is by Mudskin and is a special deal for 99L when you walk in the door of her main store. This week only though. It's meant for Catwa's Catya head I think but I LOVE it on Lona.
  • The hair is made by Besom and you can find it over @ Collabor88. I wasn't to sure about it at first as I love / need  bangs & I tend to steer way from hairs with none - But, after trying the demo  I fell for it so hard. I managed to match the brown tone here with  a  Just Magnetized hair base perfectly! 🎉 Also loving on the texture of the headband + the little side hairs that are separate. 💇💓
  •  Both the Top & Skirt can be found at the current round of  Suicide Dollz. The top, made by JACKALOPE  worked well for me as it says Single AF! Yup,that about sums it up. My skirt by the store aptly named  .:cheeky:. is super micro. I was trying poses and realised people camming over got an excellent view of my coochie! 👀 But it's pink & I love Pink! 
  •  My tights, They are FREE and made by one of my oldest SL loves, Blueberry! When using a normal wind light they matched my skirt so well, it looks like they were made to go together.  You can find these @ The Shop Your Heart out Event until Feb 26th I believe. * Side note on this. There are two Sims attached together so if you find yourself denied access to one of them don't worry, you'll get over there eventually or you can use your camera & cam shop the other side. Here are BOTH the landmarks for this event.
  1. Gilded - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gilded/158/139/52 
  2. Golden - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Golden/97/115/3801

 I think I've banged on long enough about how much I LOVE this look, don't you?
 Don't answer that, I'm sensitive!😝

Below the three photos are all the details. 
What's made for what bodies. 
Where to find the items.
 Landmarks embedded into the names. 
Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.
Love Ember.
 Who feels like the cutest single gal on the grid 💋

freckle face

Single AF

Get the goods

  • Top - JACKALOPE | With Love CropTee  | For -  Maitreya / Hourglass / Physique | @ Suicide Dollz Feb 11 - 23rd.
  • Skirt - .:cheeky:. | Vanilla  Straps Skirt! Pink | For -  Maitreya / Hourglass / Physique | @ Suicide Dollz Feb 11 - 23rd.
  • Stockings - Blueberry | Valentine's Day Gift | For - Maitreya / Slink / Belleza | Stockings Fat Pack! | Free @ Shop Your Heart Out Feb 8 - 26th.

P.S. I  took a whole lot of liberty with this backdrop. It's actally black, hearts are white with a cool sign in the corner. Please check it out over @ Suicide DollZ. Sorry Joplino, I got a bit carried away.💋