Be a unicorn. Take them out with your horn!

 Ember Adored peeks in.

Oh hi there! Goodness It's been a few days since I blogged and I apologize for that.
 Unfortunately this will be happening more and more frequently as I am readying my house for sale mid month.

 I've also been obsessively chasing prims.  What does that mean?
Well I live on a Sim with a lot of very very busy neighbors. Right next door is a massive particle shop 😠

 Now that in itself would be fine as Savvy taught me how to derender everyone Else's shit.
 But, BUT.. These people lay over 200 new prims daily. I don't know if they are using temp rezzers or just punking me. I need out, it is making me twitch so bad.

Update - Since I've written all of the above, I have moved to a different Sim by the same owner. This one might be worse. -  Breedables everywhere!  I'll keep ya posted.

P.s. there seems to be some temp rezzer trickery afoot.
Right, there's my personal stuff out the way, thanks for listening 💕

Running down the list of all today's adorableness -
  • My head band is by NS:: Cutie Store. You remember this adorable Kawaii shop right? If not, check her out here - NS has this seriously cute Unicorn headband over @ The Secret Hideout right now. What I absolutely love about this head gear is the fact that you can colour change or hide almost every single part of it. That makes fore multiple styles of headband all in one!
  • Yes I am still wearing this hair by tram.  It is my new bff and lover all rolled into one. Er. that sounded weird right. but seriously. I LOVE IT! 
  • My head again is Catwa's Lona Bento head. My tip top fave of all my mesh heads.
  • My Skin & Choker are by MudSkin . If you love they younger look, this is the skin store you are looking for!  Mudskin is one of my top 3 favourite skin designer! Seriously check her out!
  • Now the dress. This thing is adorable! It reminds me of one my mom made me when I was a child. Well, minus the balloons. It's made by Les Sucreries de Fairy . I think thiis designer is just beginning to make clothing and she's done a fantastic job of this. The rare version makes you float from the balloons attached!!! How cool is that? If you get a non rare version, hovering with your ao will work quite nicely as well. This is available @ The Chapter Four April round and will be in the Gacha Room.
  • The Heart balloons are from +Half-Deer+ & I got them a while back on a Fifty Linden Friday deal. I didn't know at the time exactly why I got them but now I do :)
  • I made the poses myself using the Animare HUD & Amacci's new Neck pose HUD. Happy dance!!!! Thank you Roman Godde for reminding me I could do this! 

Below the photos you will find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks are embedded into the names.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

& Don't forget to always demo!

🌺 Love Ember.🌺


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