She wasn't the best at diplomacy.  She disliked large crowds and gatherings like this one.  With a sigh she nudged her way past some higher ranking elves and planted herself in the corner.
Her young wyrm curled around her protectively, her fingers instinctively stroking it's jaw as she observed the others from both courts meandering through the large hall.

Slowly she begin to circle the crowd, occasionally tugging on the dress she had been forced to wear to this event, her violet eyes seeming to miss nothing.  Few glanced in her direction, and those that did avoided her.  Seeing the avoidance, for the first time all day a small smile danced across her lips.

She was marked as a cursed one.  One of the few.  Her pride did not let her wallow in the curse but she always knew she was not destined for grand things as her siblings were.  Her life did not belong to her, which was why she was sent here.