Fantasy Faire Quest 2018

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about the Quest going on over @ The Fantasy Faire.
That's where I've been the last few days, wandering, questing, helping others & I even got to meet one of my readers! HOW COOL IS THAT??!!

Where was I? Oh right this quest.

Well this year I found t quite difficult to get started. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention to the videos (probably) but you won't make my mistakes right, right? Right!

I was trying to reset my HUD to retrace my steps and help you out a little bit. Unfortunately I was not able to do a clean reset without buying a new HUD on an alt. So my suggestions to you are below.

  • First thing you need to do is head over to  Fairelands Junction. When you land look for the   HUD Vendors (Shown below.). They are not free but affordable (250L regular, 350L Deluxe) considering the amount of Excellent quality gifts given away at the end of this amazing quest!  I always choose to purchase the Deluxe HUD package as it comes with an outfit. I like to get right into my role while Questing :) There is a male & Female outfit in this package designed by Silvan Moon Designs.
  • Watch the videos as they pop up. ( One will as soon as you have the HUD attached I believe so make sure you have some quiet time and are able to follow along with what they are saying.)
  • Join the Fantasy Faire Fans Group. Just Copy & paste this link into your SecondLife Viewer and join for free. ( secondlife:///app/group/7eb1b08b-1b3e-fdfa-1ad6-252c779e1b8b/about ) The folks in here are very kind and helpful. 
  • And hey, I loved this quest a LOT so if any of you need more help give me a shout in SL Ember Adored and if I am online I will come join you on your Quest! ♥

Below are just a few photos I took while trying to set up a detailed help tutorial. I am so sorry I wasn't able to do that.
Oh one more thing before I go. Once you've completed the quest, take some time to pop back into the sims. Wander around and discover all the amazing talent & Creativity of each and every one. Oh yeah, & You can shop too! Gasp, can't forget that!

Hugs & Squishes
Ember ♥