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LAQ has recently made a major announcement. Instead of me babbling / gushing on and on, possibly getting info incorrect I am going to paste the release info below. Happy Shopping!

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"| ---   LAQ Bento heads 3.0   --- |

The LAQ Bento heads 3.0 are here! We are sending out updates to everyone who has LAQ bento heads, it will take time but..
- ̗̀  You can now pick up your copy through our redelivery terminal.   ̖́-
There are terminals both in our main store and at the LAQ Decor sim.

- All heads are now: 1500 L
- One time purchase HUD: 3000L

Main changes:
- Our fuller, yet still very user friendly HUD will be sold separately from the heads. If you already own a LAQ head/HUD, you don't have to buy the HUD again, it will be delivered to you.

This means that you can now buy heads separately from the HUD for 1500 L per head, instead of the previous 5000 L.
The main HUD will be 3000 L and is a one time purchase. -
- Increase in number of layers: 5 blush/tattoo layers, 3 eyeshadow layers, 2 lip layers
- 2 New heads: Leia & Skye

•Other changes:
- Rigging improvements: Smoother flexibility in making different shapes and animations. Ear area rerigged so that you can wear bento ears with no deformations.
- Higher resolution for the eyelashes uv map. Controls for upper and lower lashes length, * opacity * and textures. Old lash appliers will need to update to the new uv map.
- New animation HUD: Shorter expression sequences for more control over how you want your avatar to interact. Larger smiles. Working furniture animations. Lock neck to play animations without head movements. Eye movements control, including mocap eyes only.
- All shapes are now full permission, so that you can transfer or resell your own versions of it if you wish
- Omega will be preinstalled on all heads purchased up until 2018.04.12.
Heads purchased after this date * will still be omega compatible *, but will need a LAQ system kit.
- All skins are also sold separately, so you can pick any of them to go with your head
- RGB display and save slots for color tints
- Right/left ears on/off
- Clear all layers button
- Eye fx on/off, create and opacity
- Mouth/tongue on/off, tint
- Larger hairbase layer area
- Upper/lower teeth on/off
- General fixes and polishing!

We think splitting up the costs makes more sense than paying 5k for the same features every time. We hope you'll love it too! "

Below the photo you can find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks are embedded into the names.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

& Don't forget to always demo!

🌺 Love Ember.🌺

Raw Show taken on mid graphics / CalWL setting.

 What's in the HUD
Get the goods⤵
  • Hair - TRUTH | Apple, Multitone - With Stylist HUD!
  • Head / Shape / Freckles  - LAQ Bento | Motion Capture - Skye 3.0
  • Skin Appliers - LAQ | Skye skin appliers (Brows + browless) Tone 1.5.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh body, Lara.
  • Tattoo - CHAMELEON | Jay  | Available in White, Henna & Black / Appliers for Omega & Maitreya@ The Chapter Four  April 4 - 30th.
  • PoseLe Poppycock | Hot Damn.