The Guardian

From the shadows she emerged, her form lithe but tall.  "You," she begin to speak, her tone bordering on disdain, "Made the deal?"  His eyes widened and he slowly nodded, seemingly speechless looking at her.  "It's impolite to stare," she almost hissed before turning and going back into the room, leaving him to follow or flee.
He scampered after her, almost stepping on her gown that trailed after her, the only light coming from her horns.  "I'm s....s....sor... sorry miss?" he stammered as he tried to keep up with her.  With a sigh she stopped and turned, looking down at him.  "Yes?" was her impatient reply.  "Well, see, I needed that book because..."  he trailed off as she raised a hand signaling silence.  "I do not ask the why.  I do not care about your needs or wants.  I only care about what you are going to provide me with for such knowledge."
She continued her journey into the vault, books piled high on  both sides of the room, shelves covered in dust and trinkets.  Once they reached a shelf with less dust than the ones around it she paused and tugged a small pocket sized book from it's depths.  "Here it is." she murmured then turned to look at the man.  A boy really to one as old as she.  

He stumbled forward and opened his bag, inside were several odd items, some gold trinkets, and several other items he was confused about.  Why would someone want these?  He didn't want to ask the question out loud though, her stance and demeanor intimidating him into silence.  She plucked the bag quickly from his hands and dropped the book into his vacated palms.  "Remember.  Two weeks."  She reminded him sternly, then shooed him from the library.  

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