Update from Ember.


 Hi Dolls.

Ember here again. Did I mention I am on vacation?
I asked for vacation time from all my blogging obligations due to my crazy RL. But I don't think I can ever stop blogging completely.  I just enjoy it way to much.
I love to edit photos, showing you deals, the things I fall in love with.  Heck even doing the credits is soothing to me but it's nice to be able to step back and play a bit of catch up on things I did not wish to rush.

Rl Is pretty quiet today, just lots of phone calls with the bank etc getting things geared up so we are in place to make on offer on our dream home. Fingers crossed we find this elusive place. So I had some time to show off some items.

  • This skin is by Mudskin. I mentioned to my girl Reven this morning how much I adore this brand, it's so diverse. Example - Using lighter skin tones I tend to look really young & Kawaii. Using the darker newer tones I find it looks more realistic like not so much a 3D girlie. I used the 112 tone in these shots, unedited photos below the credits so you can see how they look. But please I used wind lights and ultra graphics on these so Demo, OK!
  • My hair is by pr!tty and I have no idea what event it came from. *So sorry. Hopefully you can find it in her store or something similar. Oh, last I looked they had lucky boards there too!
  • This dress, Gawd it is so cute!  I actually grabbed it up at this past round of FaMESHed. I didn't even demo it as I know that Tres Blah always tends to fit me ♥ 
  • The pose & Rose I am holding are part of a set called Heartache that I impulse brought while window shopping @ Le PoppyCock. One of my favourite pose stores hands down. 
  • Of course I am sporting my favorite Catwa head Lona. I feel I do my best work with her, she is soo photogenic. Does that sound like I am full of myself? I just mean the Catwa  heads photograph really well. It  just happens to be me wearing them in the photos. HA!
  • Last but not least I need to apologize here. I used these lovely plants by Ariskea in my photo but they are no longer available. You might find something similar on marketplace or in world store. Landmarks below.
 Below, you can find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks are embedded into the names.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

& Don't forget to always demo!

🌺 Love Ember.🌺

No Editing.

No Editing.