This is not goodbye

This is not goodbye

Hello lovelies.
Well it's almost that time. 
We get the keys to the new house on Thursday & the big moving day is on Saturday! 
Right now my life is upside down. Between meeting with lawyers, our realtor, packing & doing some last minute hair cuts I don't have much time at all to be on SL.

So with that said I think this might be my last blog post for a while. 
I have no idea when we will be getting internet @ the new place & how good it will actually be.
Savvy will be around some to update the site & hopefully you will not miss me. 
I will miss you.
Hugs & kisses.
Below, you will find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks are embedded into the names.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

& Don't forget to always demo!

🌺 Love Ember.🌺

Unedited photo, Mid Graphics, CalWL wind light.