The Bunny Hop (partII)

Just a few piccies of some of the great outfits you can find on the bunny hop.
I wont tell you store locations, you need to get out /explore SL and discover all these delicious shops for yourself! 300 in the hunt!!!

Look A Bike!

Hey all, come on down and hit this midnight madness board!
Didn't you always want your own chopper?
SLC Custom Choppers
Come click . tell me and i give you a cookie!

Little Britain

OK peeps.. I'm sooo fucking excited about this store! It's called Little Britain.
You all gotta get your asses down there the freebies rock and the lucky chairs..OMG gimmie an E already!! sigh..soon soon..(i hope) uff anyhoo yes some photos of the freebies there right now. Someday i will get rich and just spend my days shopping here!
Cheers my lovelies Em xx...P.S....The freebies are , mouth pin/mouth razor blade/ jackass outfit, includes top pants &wrist bands(MEN'S version as well!

Relay For Life

Hello my darlings. Today I am going to tell you about an amazing place i have found. The RFL clothing fair. This is the starting point I used, sorry It's not #1 but take your time wander the well done sims. theres creators from all across the grid here. Please donate if you are able. I myself being the poor poor girl I am collected landmarks and joined every suscribe o matic I could find. Oh did I mention the freebies? Yes there are some , some super duper ones.A word of advice here.. They ask you to de prim before entering.. Please do so It's real important to be able to move. I found a terrific skin there, made for the RFL i wear it and detach everything else.. so hot!. I shall enclose a photo of the skin which you can purchace here Lemania Indigo Designs for 0l$.(Wicked store here ladies! If i were rich , well I would just camp out here and await new items all day long!)anyway get on over to the RFL donate to the american cancer scociey (I know you all have know at least 1 person touched by this damn desiese!)
Hope you visit and enjoy it as much as i did.
love Em..xx

An Apology

Hello my lovelies Today I'm not writing about a good find , but an apology.
A apology to a lady named Wrenja.
See I am real new at this whole blogger thing and daily i visit her fantastic blog, among others i have found. honestly i don't know how i have managed in SL without these blogs!
Anyway Wrenja had a list of hunts posted. I was only thinking of spreading the word to my friends so i pasted the list in my blog. This was a mistake I've been told. i have since removed my post and am writing this to apologize to this super cool lady. I meant no harm. I am truly sorry Wrenja. I wont make this mistake again.
And to all of you who follow this please check out her wonderful blog here

Sigh...Yet Another Addiction!

It's true. I found another addiction, its called
Oh lordy am I in some trouble here. like i don't have enough STUFF!
Aw well I am an addict Yes I have admitted it yet again! And you know, its OK!
I am secure in my shoppiness.LOL OK I babble..some photo's attached of freeness you can find on XSstreet.

The Most Random Hunt Ever!

OK, the random fun. this one doesn't seem to have much advertising(i found it off another great blog on my list!)let me get you the info and starting point ect, ect.
The Random hunt started March 8(happy~bday to me) runs until..hum lets say end of the month..not to many details on this one. Rest assured I have done most of it and great stuff. see me in some of the fashions.kisses.Right got the link START HERE.Oh BTW you are looking for a daisy flower in every shop. Have fun, and DO IT!!

St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Greatest Love Hunt

Hello Hunters,

Are you ready for the next hunt? Well the GL St. Pat's Hunt is about to start. The hunt will run from 12 am 3/8/09 to 11:59 pm 3/17/09. Since this is a one stop hunt vendors have set up booths for your shopping pleasure so make a quick stop at the ATM before heading over to the hunt. To make this a successful hunt here are some helpful tips.

1.) Once you land take a few steps forward. Please don't linger in the landing area so others can land.

2.) De-prim. Take off your shoes and run barefoot through the grass. Try not to wear prim clothing this will help reduce lag.

3.) Detach all AO's and HUDs. Reminisce about your early days in SL when you did the duck walk and had no clue what an AO was.

4.) Once done hunting and shopping go back to the Twisted Hunt or go unpack and let someone else come to the hunt.

5.) Get a good laugh at the numbering. Some boxes say there are 118 boxes to find and others 120 for you to find. Well there is actually 121 boxes in total.

6.) Do not litter. There is no need to unpack the boxes here to get a lm to the next stop. There is no other stop other than going to the vendors main store. If you see something you like make sure to check out the vendors main store to see the what else they might have.

7.) Above all else have fun.

More Twistedness

OK the hair I'm wearing is from DV8 the tattoos from Self Expressions.
My full outfit is from Fatal Error.My darling Opti's is from Nocturna \
Gothic Designs. as for the above photo, well y'all just need to see me nekkie.muah.

Twisted Goodies

Welcome "Freebie-Fiends" and avid hunters, Opti here helping out his pumpkin with a guest-post. We started the Twisted hunt yesterday and so far have uncovered about 30 gifts. We encountered some laggy locations, but this was probably due to it being the first day of the hunt. We expect that it will calm down a bit as time passes. The difficulty in finding the gifts varies quite a bit. They are small so look carefully. This hunt has some cool stuff. Pictured above, Ember's got skin, hair and dress all from Skinzor. This is a great store that is also participating in the Bunny Hop hunt. Their gift included shoes, eyes, and 4 different skins. Well done Skinzor! Ember is also wearing some very interesting tattoos that were part of the gift from Self Expressions.

Ember is pictured in an amazingly detailed cage which was a gift from Nocturna Gothic Designs. This cage has nearly 25 poses and looks fabulous. Doesn't she look wonderfully helpless in there? The photo session to get the above photo wound up taking much longer than expected since I kept repositioning my Pumpkin. Let me just say that the majority of those pictures will remain on my hard drive. This is a fun item that will be getting more use in the future. If you're a fan of watching your pet on their hands and knees shaking their ass, this is the cage for you. Did I mention its only 5 prims?