Friday, 22 September 2017

Powder Pack Catwa / 4Mesh / Hairology / TGIF Secondlife!

Hi, Dolls!  TGIF!
 I was playing around with items from 4Mesh, Powder Pack Catwa & Hairology when I came up with this photo. 
 I love the Asian look I managed to get by tweaking the Shape. 
Between that, Mudskin's make up, Catwa's new eye appliers, 
( included in the 3.0 update! 
Zibska's wicked cool headpiece & accessories, well I think it just worked out. 
I will prolly name the photo something dumb but .. OK enough rambling.
I do hope you like it & Don't forget, after checking out these items & events check out 50L Friday! 
I am off to do my rounds of that next! 
💜🌺 Ember 💜🌺

I shall watch & learn.

  • Headpiece / Collar - Zibska | Alured | @ 4Mesh Sept 12 - Oct 11th.
  • Hair - pr!tty | Cameron | @ Hairology  Sept 10 - 30th.
  • Head - Catwa | Lona | Bento Mesh Head | 3.0 Update now available. Use re delivery in Main Store.
  • Skin Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | Kei # Bare Skin HUD / 106 | Includes body applies for Maitreya / Slink & Omega | Powder Pack Catwa September Edition.
  • Lipstick - The Face |  Glam ~ Make-up palette, Catwa | Powder Pack Catwa September Edition.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Shape - [ MUDSKIN ] | Lauren Catwa Shape.
  • Rings - *elise* | Diana | Available for Maitreya & Vista bento hands | @ 4Mesh Sept 12 - Oct 11th.
  • Nails - .Drastic. | Web Nails | Available for Maitreya | @ 4Mesh Sept 12 - Oct 11th.
  • Pose - //elephante poses//  | I See The Light.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Good Times In Secondlife!

Hi, Dolls!

Well today I have to show you some of the beauties from this round of Powder Pack Catwa Edition! 
I love, love, love how there are some nice head applier in the packs now along with the make ups. Also that most have included shapes so you look amaze balls right out the gate! Personally I love to look like a different girl every day (hour).  
I also Have info on TRUTH's newest VIP Gifty. 
Read below for more details or just skip to the credits below for your taxi's

  • Today's Powder Pack items used are by Essences & The Face. You can find all the details, locations etc in the credits below the photos.  
  • TRUTH Hair has this amazing VIP Group. You pay a one time fee of 350L  & Every monthyou receive a Gift of  FAT PACK hair that is for members only!  How cool is this?! Like really, I do not know of any other designer that do this. Seriously, do you? If so TELL ME!!! I need to join! Paste this link into Second Life & join. Don't forget it is 350L BUT, a fat pack monthly? come on. No brainier! secondlife:///app/group/7ebc6331-a002-2735-2597-c7badaae368a/about

Can you tell I am quite passionate about these?
Go check it out! They make it into the top 10 on Ember's Favorite Things list for 2017! I will make that post up soon I am sure. SQUIRREL!


 Stylist HUD included in the Group Gift by TRUTH.


Good Times!

  • Hair - TRUTH | Athena | VIP Group Gift, 350L join fee | Join link - secondlife:///app/group/7ebc6331-a002-2735-2597-c7badaae368a/about
  • Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.
  • Skin Applier - Essences | Lyra | #Pale02, Catwa Applier | Also included - Medium & dark skin tones + Body appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Belleza & TMP. | Powder Pack Catwa September Edition.
  • Eye Shadow - The Face |  Glam ~ Make-up palette, Catwa | Powder Pack Catwa September Edition.
  • Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Eternity Eyes 01, Catwa applier.
  • Shape - Essences | Lyra Bento Shape for Catwa Lona | Powder Pack Catwa September Edition.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Top - Entice | Good Time Top | Available in Maitreya / Belleza - Isis & Freya / Slink - Physique & Hourglass. | @ Ultra Sept 15  - Oct 15th.
  • Shorts - Entice | Good Time Shorts | Available in Maitreya / Belleza - Isis & Freya / Slink - Physique & Hourglass. | @ Ultra Sept 15  - Oct 15th.
  • Poses - an lar [poses] | The Jared Series | @ Ultra Sept 15  - Oct 15th.
Are my credits legible to you?
Too messy? 
Send em please

Monday, 18 September 2017


Hey, Dolls.
Not feeling so hot today so I will leave you with a few notes & the photos/ credits.

I have decided to try something new to hopefully benefit you & your friends Psst, psst, tell em to join me!

Moving forward, I will be including the info on what sizing is available for the clothes I am showing off.  ( as long as I have sad info.)  Before, I was just using the Maitreya sizing as that is the body I mainly use.

I hope this is helpful!
Ember 🌹


  • Hair - NO.MATCH | NO.AGAIN.| @ Hairology Sept 10 - 30th.
  • Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.
  • Shape - [MUDSKIN ] | Jieun Catwa Shape | @ Kustom9 Sept 15 - Oct 10th.
  • Skin Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | Jieun # Summer Skin, 112/E2 freckle | For Catwa Heads | @ Kustom9 Sept 15 - Oct 10th.
  • Eye applier - LOTUS. | Eternity Eyes 01, Catwa applier.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Top - ::C'est la vie !:: | Griet Tops (brown) | Comes in -  Maitreya - Belleza Venus, Freya & Isis - Slink Hourglass & Physique.
  • Pants - Blueberry | Denise Leggings | Comes In sizes - XXS - XS - S -  M - L & Maitreya.( Older item, perhaps has been updated. A classic none the less.)
  • Shoes - REIGN. | Laced Oxfords | Comes In Maitreya.
  • Pose/prop - Le Poppycock | *School Days* | @ Ultra Sept 15  - Oct 15th.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Oh Please!

 Hi, Dolls!

Guess what? It's FRIDAY!!!

And since I  have that weekend feeling going on I shall do a post in my lingerie. Pretty isn't it? It is made by Narcisse. The Kellis Babydoll is Available for Slink Hourglass & Maitreya Lara bodies.
You can find this & the following items @ 4Mesh 
  • SlackGirl CrossNail - Available for the Maitreya, Slink & Vista Bento hands.
  • *elise* Diana rings - Available for the Maitreya, Vista Bento hands.
There is so much more I can babble on about but as it's the weekend but I will gag myself & give you all a break. 
Credits & Taxi's below the photos as always, click a photo to get to my Flickr. ( If you like these maybe throw them a star over there? *Bats lashes*)
OK, done.
Ember ♥♥

The light witin

Oh please.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

4Mesh, Hairology & Collabor88 Shopping Trip! ♥

Squeeee, I am so excited.

4Mesh opened it's doors  today and it is a fabulous event!
The place is packed out right now but I promise, patience will get you in  before October :)  P.s. The bento pose I am using is free with a group join to S26 @ the event!
 I am an official blogger for this event and as I have been opening and sorting blog packs from the designers I am blown away by the quality of the items.👍

I will be showing off as much as I can and hopefully you can get in soon yourself!

Hairology also opened on the 10th of this month, imagine and event that is ALL HAIR! If I were not a blogger for this event I would be very poor indeed with all the beautiful styles they bring each month. 💕 

Collabor88 as my regular readers probably know is my favorite event period. They do a theme each month and well I usually spend way to much.😍

Happy shopping Dolls!
You can't see me.

•Credits & Taxi's•
  • Hair - Sintiklia | Quinn |  @ Hairology  Sept 10 - 30th.
  • Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.
  • Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Milu | Asia, Catwa | @ Collabor88 Sept 8 - Oct 6th.
  • Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Eternity Eyes 01, Catwa applier.
  • Lip gloss - Izzie's | CATWA Dark Lip Tint.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Top - Tres Blah | Passport Sweater (Lara) - Blush | @ Collabor88 Sept 8 - Oct 6th.
  • Skirt - Tres Blah | Skater Skirt (Lara) - Autumn | @ Collabor88 Sept 8 - Oct 6th.
  • Nails - *Merlific* | Cora Nails With Jewels | @ 4Mesh Sept 12 - Oct 11th.
  • Pose 1 - S26 | Spying u (bento) | S26 Group Gift free to join | Available @ 4Mesh Sept 12 - Oct 11th.
  • Pose 2 - an lar [poses] | The Dottie series.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Lay Low

Psst, hey. Hi!

So it's day 2 of being up all night. 
It's currently almost 3 am as I type to you with my eyes half crossed. I don't know what I originally going to write here again? Oh right, I remember.


This is a new Bi - Monthly event that opens it's doors on the 12th of this month! 
It's brought to us by the creators of Mesh Body Addicts.
This event has 4 sections or rooms if you will.

  • Fitmesh Fashion 
  • Roleplay / Fantasy 
  • Bento 
  • Skins/ body
 I have been skulking around while the designers are setting up  Not bothering them, I swear. No really! And I am so excited as there are so many awesome items here!
Today I am giving a sneak peek at what Scandalize has on offer. 
See you on the 12th!

Lay low.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Princess for a day.

Hi, Dolls!  Happy Weekend.

I felt like a Princess with this look the other day so figured I would share. 
*The crown was in the manga fair a few years back so I have no idea if it's sold in the store. Regardless, they have lovely items so definitely worth a stop over.*

On a more serious note. To all my friends in Tampa & surrounding area. Please stay safe. You are in my thoughts.

Princess for a day.


Thursday, 7 September 2017


Hi, Dolls!

So I titled my post & photo 'Insecurities'. Thank you Captain Obvious!

Lately I have seen so many talented folks that are insecure on their Flickr photos and I am here doing a double take Like What??

But I think it's like anything, you tend to see it everywhere when it's in the forefront of your melon.

I am myself am totally insecure. I know I am & it's not something people will just get over either. I think just part of their general make up.

OK, I am rambling but;
  • One thing I need to share with everyone.
Still using Flickr as an example: You will feel it when you've done something really well.
 If you post a photo that YOU are really excited about, don't fret over a lack of stars/ views.  It made YOU feel good.  
Everyone perceives the same things differently so not all will love it as much as you & that's OK. 
It made YOU feel warm and fuzzy & that's the main thing.
That's all I gotta say. To you & myself


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Any way the wind blows

HI, Dolls!

I have some more Powder Pack LeLutka to show you today.
I've included an unedited shot at the bottom so you can see the makeups a bit easier but if you click the link above you can see the designer's adverts that I linked for you.

I also wanted to show off this top by MOoH!. This designer makes wicked good textures, she just has a great eye. Trust me, you really need to check them out here -

Any way the wind blows.

^ Raw shot to show make up & Skin clearly. ^

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Powder Pack LeLutka & A challenge from Ember!

Morning Dolls!

The Powder Pack for LeLutka heads released the other day.
I ended up applying 5 items from the pack in this shot. 

You know, I mention every item used to get this look. Do you own Chloe? Got the Powder Pack

Show me your take on this look. Same appliers / different colours.
I would love to see some of the almost endless possibilities right down to the skin tone as Essences has like 3 in the box!

Link your flickr shots to this post. 
Come onnn, you know you wanna!

Looking for my partner in crime