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Look before you leap.

I met someone today who said she had just come out of a 2 month ABUSIVE  D/s relationship.  Her Master dumped her like a hot potato when she addressed her needs/views.
Anyway why am I posting this you may ask? Well This woman proclaims to have had Stockholm syndrome and wanted to be his friend, yadda yadda.. " Eh? Still be his friend when he abused you?" I never asked as I don't know her or what goes on in her head  but it got me thinking..
I see so many people come into SL and jump right into the BDSM scene with NO CLUE as to what they are getting into. I mean these people don't even know how to do the SL basics and I see them in shackles  begging to be owned.
Please people Get informed.. Listen learn read about it and for God's sake  KNOW your prospective Dominant. EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Learn how to play SAFE and to COMMUNICATE! Use the brain you were born with.
Please if nothing more make this your mantra!!
Okay Rant done, Ember out.

When Pigs hunt

Good morning Bishes A few things today.
I finished not one . Not two, but THREE.  Yes THREE grid wide hunts over the weekend.. Now to sort..Le sigh..
Anyhoo Here is one that takes top prize in my book from the BDSM hunt.

A Pig Stye!! This gem is from Moon Song and wow just wow. A wicked menu complete with snout blindfold & butt plug tail. A great way to humiliate your submissive!!! Thank you Moon Song  I am sure I will get plenty of use from this gift!! I also did the Pro posers Hunt I love this one as I am a total pose/animation whore I had gotten through most of the hunt when I came to # 29 expressions poses. This is what greeted me  as I rezzed..

Oh really.. Nice to meet you too Shop owner..My hackles go up , I shrug then continue to poke about when I notice the sign is clickable.. I get this note card. Titled   CONGRATULATIONS! READ ME! Humm, OK. I read on .. USING AREA SEARCH IS CONSIDERED CHEATING AND CHEATING IS BAD!BAD, BAD BOY/GIRL! ;D
Alright, first reaction to the glaring sign w…

All tied up in my hunting

Here's more stuff from The BDSM Hunt
 Picture #1 Corset from shop #18 *Kas* Bamboo bondage from #8 Genira Hair from Creatives (Schizo) This colour is 60L for January Skin from Little Britain Designs Picture #2 Outfit from store #28 Red Devil Chained alter from #9 Erotic Torment Hair(hotness)And makeup From Creatives
Catch ya on the flip side  Ember out.


And others just plain suck! .. Please read on.
First of all I would like to mention this wicked awesome hunt I am doing. The BDSM Hunt!!! So many stores I didn't know about and the prizes.. Oh wow!!
That being said I would like to introduce you all to a shop called HybridZ Holy crow what a shop. They have something for almost every fetish.
The main floor being almost entirely devoted to latex rubber dolls , maggots, puppies .. Well you get the idea. Now the original gift that was placed out for the hunt happened to be a shop freebie.  Okay for some this can be a disappointment.  But hey Perhaps the owner is new to hunting or did not  understand .

Here is a photo of the first prize..Fetish doll.. It's shiny.. its got locking gags.. It is great!!  I personally wold have had no clue that this was a shop freebie as well until I got a group notice about How upset the shop owner was that people were mad about it. So Most owners would just pull out of the hunt, save hassle But not this one.. …