So we were sim hopping  and decided to rest.. Naked man walks up and...

[12:32] Ember Adored: hi there
[12:32] CurroJimenez: ola
[12:32] Gerritt: hello water cold?
[12:32] CurroJimenez: hola
[12:33] Gerritt: hiya you appear to have lost something?
[12:33] Ember Adored: spanish only?
[12:33] Ember Adored: no habloa espanoil
[12:36] Gerritt: awkward silence

12:39 As I post this.. He is still standing here :) gigglefit.

In addition..

To the Snickers post..

I enjoy being a  brat  so I found this from the same company..

Gerritt?.. He fainted.

Octomom avatar from Snickers 0L
 SLURL on previous post.

/me snickers.

So I swore up and down I would NEVER get a tummy talker...
I lied.
I was cruising Marketplace and came upon one by a shop called Snickers.
It's an evil tummy talker. It says things like :..

~ Ember Adored shouts OMFG, it's octuplets!!! Gimme my welfare and book deal!!!
~ Your baby kicks the crap out of you. Again and again.
~Ember Adored knows having the spawn of Satan growing inside her is not a good thing.
~ Your baby shouts, "I am the god of hell fire!"

Ha ha  too funny!!  Get it here...Snickers

As the month comes to a close

For those few who may be keeping track, this month (7/28 to be precise at 6:06pm Eastern--not that I'm tracking) marks our 3rd month together - for those who said it wouldn't last HA--and the wench has yet to get me to wear pink....

Summer's in full swing, so things have been slowing down--however over the last few weeks we have

1) Added 2 new outfits--(for those who became suddenly nervous Em made them I just stood and tried to look imposing)--do you hear the birds in harmony singing--BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY.....

2) Added a few new products to our *GEL* Products RLV Product Line (insert birds from previous paragraph)

3) ) Oh--and just for fun--since we did the math and now have 21 products on marketplace. Since that's more products than I have fingers and toes--we built a store (the birds again begin to chirp....)

But those things are just to pass a few pleasant moments together--and because we need to afford Ember's hair budget--the most important thing we're enjoying doing is sharing an in-game RP pregnancy (for those who want to split hairs--making the RP baby is what we shared--now I just sit back and yell out new numbers to adjust the munchkins' shape every day).... At this moment I'm opening up the pool regarding the birth date--I WILL warn you that since I'm tracking the spreadsheet if you bet against the brat and me you will lose....BTW we're now up to twins--anyone betting on triplets?

In Em's last post she came incredibly close to waxing somewhat sentimental about her feelings--and not to be outdone--but only because I didn't want to take away from her moment--I've waited til now to post any sort of formulated reply--

I believe that to "need" another person is to place an undo burden on that individual--but to want them in your life is a gift they offer. We spend nearly every day together as much as possible on voice--we build, we laugh, we explore, we share--and my life is better for having her as a part of it--thank you munchkin for all the joy that you bring me in turn. I have you in my life and I continue to want you as part of it.

Until our next posting we wish you all the same happiness (wait sorry that's likely too mushy for this hour-how about the same experiences) that we share as well.


Hair on drugs.

That's what my Mom said anyway  when she TP'd me to Gesamtkunstwerk 
( bless ya)

Two free hairs here, come check them out. both are fat packs. 
Think fantasy avatar look!

Oh Sassy!

I want this outfit.. And so do you!!

Head on down to Sassy's and slap this board.
While you are there , join the group and grab up the freebies and hunt items in store.
They have really well made clothes and do not skimp on quality for the freebies!!

Still reading?



Seems to be broken. I cannot access it and I know I have a question there. So whoever wrote it, if you really need to know. IM me inworld and maybe I will tell you.


 Le sigh, I am soooo lazy these days. 
I haven't even felt like blogging. But I did promise one so here goes..
We met on my FL  birthday in March.
He followed me to SAG for moral support while I underwent my first slave auction.
Anyhoo, he by accident won me for 10 hours.
I stayed a week.
Once the week was up I removed his collar, keys were exchanged and  pleasantries.. 
"No sorry I am NOT ready to be owned by anyone!!"

I made him wait 2 months while I got my mental shit together ( yeah right!!) as well as I could . 
I marched over and yelled at him till he collared me. ( Yes I am that romantic)
I am glad I let myself finally open up to him. I was a bit of an emotional mess.
Hell I still am but he loves me for all of me, flaws n all.

I spend all my SL time with him in voice. while we travel and build random things together. 
He encourages me in everything I try to do , in world and in FL.
This man is my boyfriend , Master, father figure, sounding board and friend.
He also gets a giggle outa me when I try to top him from the bottom!
  Oh, he is also now my Partner.. I proposed.." So , you ever gonna partner me or what?"
Damn Ember so smooth. Worked though.. Too soon you think? 
Naw.. I know what I need in my life and His rock steady presence is a necessity in mine.

So yeah No mush here, just the facts..
Feel free friends to come visit us at Bondage Island.