I Feel Pretty!

I am sure you roll your eyes every time I mention this but, have you been to Blueberry? You need to. Look at the texturing on these pants. JUST LOOK!!! These are gorgeous and look so real!
For more info  please check the notes & Credits. 
Happy New Year!
♥ Ember Adored ♥
  • Little Bones  has a ton of group gifts on a shelf by the desk. They do have a 100L Join fee but totally worth it! They also have a free a box for non members. Just buy it for 0L.
  • Kustom9 ends on the 10th of Jan. Don't forget to visit this round, they always have cute things. 
  • Collabor88 always begins on the 8th of each month but I still haven't figured out when the rounds end. So hurry over the lag load is light at this point and ohhh YAY new Glam Affair skin for my new Maitreya body Only 388L

  •  .Credits.

    • Hairlittle bones. Feline - By Nova Faerye. GROUP GIFT (100L Join fee)
    • SkinGlam Affair - Amberly II - Asia 01 B - By Aida Ewing@ COLLABOR88 (Dec Round)
    • Eyes AL vulo ! - anemone grey - By Hlin Bluebird. (Came with a skin purchase Celestial - red china fairy)
    • Shape - .::WoW Skins::. Melissa - By Sawsan Secretspy.
    • Mesh body -  Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara - By Onyx LeShelle.
    • TopBlueberry - Moon - Tucked in Shirt - By Blueberryxx.
    • PantsBlueberry - Ross - Leather Pants - NORMAL - By Blueberryxx.
    • Poses*PosESioN* Imagine Set - By Dahriel@ KUSTOM9

    Unedited photos - Click to enlarge

    Group Gifts And More!

    • Glam Affair has a great group gift out. Skins! There is a minimal 30L join fee, then head over to the desk and grab the gift box. This one works perfectly with the new Maitreya Laura body. (Read Savvy's blog on it HERE)
    • fri.day also has a VIP GIFT out. these super adorable Mary Jane style pumps are compatible with Slink, Belleza & Maitreya! There is a minimal join fee of 50L.
    • Little Bones has free hair in a box at the end of the shelves by the front desk. Just buy it for 0L.
    • Analog Dog also has free hair. Lot of it. Check the usual bubble on the beach plus all the green vendors are FREE. (Click all colors on the bottom right)
    • F R O S T 2014 is still on until Jan 3rd so if you haven't been yet, Get crackin ! And don't forget to check the SE corner of the SIM under the tree for surprises for you!

     .Credits Photo's 1,2,3.

    • HairAnalog Dog - val - light blondes - By Queue Marlowe. FREEBIE
    • Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly II - Asia - Blue Ice A - By Aida Ewing. GROUP GIFT (30L Join fee)
    • Shape.::WoW Skins::. Melissa - By Sawsan Secretspy.
    • Mesh body -  Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara - By Onyx LeShelle.
    • Eyes[ MUDSKIN ]_Butterfly Eyes_Misc1 - By Sopha Portal.
    • Coat~Sassy!~ Let It Snow coat - By Ivy Burner@ F R O S T 2014
    • Shoesfri.day - Betty.Janes (Ruby/Black.Velvet) - By Darling Monday. VIP GIFT (50L Join)
    • PoseVestige - Gift f 2 - By Vestigecreations. GROUP GIFT (Free Join)

    .Credits Photo 4.

    Unedited photos - Click to enlarge.

    Punked Glam

    Hello everyone!  I have a few more FROST 2014 items to show you today.

    I had a lot of fun making this photo, hope you enjoy.

    ♥ Ember.


    • Hairadoness - soyala , winter sunset - By Cruella PennellFROST 2014
    • Hair base enVOGUE - HairBase - Dark Color 5 - By Casandra Rain.
    • SkinBlow-Up - Aura Skin Shiny Stars - Brunette - By Lilith Reina@ FROST 2014
    • Shape.::WoW Skins::. Elsa Shape - By Sawsan Secretspy 
    • Lashes.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2 - By Sawsan Secretspy
    • Eyes[ MUDSKIN ]_Glass Eye_Brown1 - By Sopha Portal
    • Dress - VERO MODERO - Banded Dress Dark Leather - By Bouquet Babii.
    • Pose*PosESioN*- Horror 4 - By Dahriel.

    Unedited photo - Click to enlarge

    A new body a new me?

    So I jumped on the mesh body craze a while back.
    The bodies are so much better for pictures!
    And I loved my Slink Physique.  I've been wearing it exclusively for months!
    However, curiosity got the best of me when I seen Maitreya had released a new mesh body called Lara.
    I hopped over and grabbed the demo.  Then I decided to buy it.
    At first I didn't like it.  It seems to be a little more athletic looking than the Physique and I was worried about appliers.
    However, it did come with 10 glam affair skins in the built into skin hud, and I already had appliers for those. 
    So now..... I love it.  My slink hands and feet fit the body flawlessly with the xs size.  (It does come with its own hands and feet though.  So when you buy it, you get the ENTIRE package minus a head :D)
    And the great news is... It works with Omega Appliers!  Which made me super happy because my current skin had Omega appliers!
    You just have to buy a hud that seems to talk to your Lara body and boom it works :D.
    You can buy the hud HERE
    So what you do is once you have your Lara body on, put on your Maitreya Hud.  Then put on your Omega hud.
    Then you can put on any Omega appliers you own and they 'should' apply to your skin once you have the correct layers selected.
    (Thank you Kennef for showing me how to operate it!!)
    There is a button at the bottom of the hud that says 'Mask Mode' which when it is active, the textures on your clothes seem to be a tiny bit sharper.  (Not exactly 100% on what that button does so any answers would be appreciated!)
    The only bad thing I've seen so far is I have a line around my neck, where its like nothing is there.  I've tried the neck fix, body fat fix, but its still there.  But I seem to be in the minority on that issue so if anyone has a fix, I'd love to know how to do that!
    Overall, the Lara really seems to be gaining a large following quickly.  It has a lot more alpha options than the slink, but Slink seems to have a lot more applier makers. 
    I'll be going back and forth between the Lara and the Physique for now.
    Which one do you prefer?
    Comment and let me know!!

    The Maitreya Hud:

    (These pictures are mostly untouched.  All I did was crop them and lightened them a tiny bit to show details)

    Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
    The Hud to make all your omega appliers work with your Lara body is: Omega System Relay HUD for Maitreya v.03 which is HERE
    Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lala -  light blondes by Truth Hawks
    Skin: flounce - Level Up! Princess by Mimi Coral @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
     Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant by Siddean Munro
    Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid by Siddean Munro
    Polishes: -{ZOZ}- Swirl 1 Gold Polish Huds - (ZOZ) by Zozicon @ Sneak Peek Dec 25th - Jan 20th
    Lingerie in pic 1: [Context] Foundations Underwear appliers - Digital Peonies by Kennef Riggles
    Lingerie in pic 2: [Context] Foundations Underwear appliers - Strawberry Mocha by Kennef Riggles
    Lingerie in pic 3: [Context] Foundations Underwear appliers - Black Brocade by Kennef Riggles
    Chair and poses: Stockholm & Lima: Argonaut Lounge (Sunrise) [Adult]

    xoxox - Savvy

    Tips & Tricks For New Designers.

    This is an edited re post of my Designer tips & Tricks . I removed the info about dealing with bloggers as I plan on making a new post just for that. all these links can now be found here - http://emberrandt.blogspot.ca/2014/12/re-post-of-embers-blogging-tips-and.html

    I bet most of you are wondering why I'm making this page.
    But Ember's Just a blogger!!!  Well,that may be true But I do deal with designers either directly or indirectly on a daily basis and I think I have a few tricks for you too :)

    1. Marketing -
    Via social Networking

    There are a few things I think is an absolute MUST for both new and existing designers.

    Flickr -
    Here you should have at the very least 1 PAGE.
    When you make this PAGE ( not a group) Make sure you use your store name.
    This makes it easier for people to search and follow you.

    • I strongly suggest this because loads and loads of residents use Flickr on a daily basis. 
    • When we follow your store page on Flickr we see all your latest works may just run to your stores to grab them!
    • Now you can also have a GROUP for your store. This is a spot for residents and bloggers alike to drop in photos of themselves wearing your designs. A great way for you to find potential blogging talent for your business!

    *Notes on Flickr.
    When uploading a photo of your products, use the description field to write all pertinent info about said product.
    *Please be careful Apparently Flickr 's TOS states Don't use Flickr to sell.
    Post artistic teaser photos of your latest works, those dedicated shoppers will find a way to find you!Flickr is a photo sharing site. So photos it is!

    Facebook -

    •  You should create a PAGE here as well. Same thing applies as above. Use your store name so people can find you.
    • You can also create a Facebook GROUP that people can and photos & blog links to.

    *Notes on Facebook.
    Don't worry about FB deleting these. You don't have to be a 'real' person to have a page or group!
    Again, when putting your new releases on your page make sure to write out all info and the SLURL for us to go buy the goods!

    There are a few other sites as well you can check out.

    (I don't personally know the ins and out of these two social sites but they are used a great deal by residents and designers alike.)

    Your Profile -
    Now that you've created all these useful links, you need to put them into your profile and or onto a Social networking sign in your store.
    Also to begin with , enlist your friends to help spread the word for you!
    Designers, please.. For the love of God, put the up to date landmark in your picks. People inspect others outfits to find the creator, look in their picks and try to teleport to the shop. If it's a stale landmark, you've lost a potential sale. Also adding to this, if you use templates, do not include a current lm nor any other info How will anyone know where to find you?
    A store blog -
    I think it's a great idea to have a store blog but you HAVE to keep it up to date!
    Again, share the link in your profile. You can use a blog format like Blogspot.com
    or Wordpress.com  . If you prefer to use a website you can try Wix.com . All of these sites are free to use!

    Marketplace -
    Some people just don't like to fight lag to shop so they just use good old MP.
    Or they start a search there for a particular item. (Remember to put the link in your profile or networking board!)

    When you use Marketplace,

    •  Make sure to keep your In world shop info up to date!It's a huge turn off to Use the provided link and have it take you elsewhere.
    • Make sure you provide all the info on the item. Price, prims, land impact.
    • Use Key words. Properly. If its a skirt, use skirt, if its a miniskirt, add that, if its a ball gown, use those words. Use only key words relevant to your item. Key words are very important for people to find your items.

    2. Sales & Hunts.
    Having special sales are a great way to gain new customers. Especially if you advertise as I've mentioned above.  You can do all sorts of special sales.
    Here are just a few examples.

    Marketplace Promo -
    This is easy.  Just go into MP and adjust the price then add PROMO before the name. Don't forget to mention how long this item is at special price for! Also remember, Don't give away your item. Perhaps If you make items with animations, make a teaser product. One with very few animations in to give people a taste of what the full product is like. *Make sure people know it is not the full product, be very clear*

    Group only sales -
    I am hoping you have a group for your store. If not it is something to put on your to do list.
    A lot of stores offer special sales for group member's only.
    This is a great way to gain new and loyal customers.

    Group Freebies -
    One way to gain customer loyalty is to offer group members a Group Gift.
    A great way to tell your loyal supporters you love them too.

    • Just drop the gift into group notices. You may want to add a fee for the two week period the item will be in notices. 
    This stops people joining and leaving the group just for freebies.
    ( I can't believe I shared that *facepalm*)

    Hunts -
    Now I started out blogging Hunts so I'm gonna be long winded here :)

    First of all if you are new to joining hunts check out this site.
    HUNT SL. Scroll down the page looking to the right hand side for *future hunts*

    Follow the links to applications and have fun.

    *About the hunt gifts.
    Now Designers. You spent the time to apply to be in this hunt.
    Keep reminding yourself WHY you joined it.
    To expand your customer base right?

    • Now the BEST way to do this is to make a GOOD hunt prize! You want to offer one of your best designs to give the customer incentive to shop at your store in future!!
     So many times I have seen stores give away a very poorly made item, A hair store giving out a pair of sunglasses Or a dress shop giving out a gesture.
     Don't be that store!

    Make sure that before putting out your prize you include the following.
    A texture of the item.
    A thank you to the hunter * Potential future customer *
    A LANDMARK for your store.
     Any of the handy links you have for your business.

    Have a subscribe o matic -
    You can buy one here. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ArtiZan-Postmaster-200-Online-Delivery-Mail-Server/2930075  You will get a sign to put in your store . Customers will click on it and then when you release new items, drop the notice into the suscribo and BAM, all your customers get the new release info!

    Now that you have gone through all this -
    You might want to think about either hiring or having a good friend become a manager . A store manager will deal with customers and anything you don't want to have to deal with. Just stick a note in your profile to direct all queries to (whoever the manager is) And you can keep on creating your prim magic with little interruption.

    I hope this has been of some help to you. Keep checking back as I keep getting more and more ideas.

    ♥ Ember Adored ♥

    Ember's Blogging Tips And Tricks.

    I am working on adding one link to all my tip blogs so this is getting re posted to the main blog. sorry for the re post if you've read it already.


    I started these notes because I love to help people. I thought about doing some classes and I might still! But for now friends please take a look, maybe learn a new trick or two!
      *Or leave a comment and teach me some stuff!*
    I will add to it as new ideas come about so If you have an idea I've missed, leave me a comment of PM me in world   Ember Adored.

    1.  Get Organized! -  

    This is how I organize blog items in my inventory.          
    • Create a bunch of new folder in your inventory.                                         
    • Title the first folder... ### BLOG
    • Create sub folders with DESIGNER NAME.  
    • Place these folders inside the BLOG folder. 
      If you blog events, you know they are time sensitive. I Label my event folders like this.
       ###EVENTNAME. This way it sticks to the top of the main BLOG folder.

      Your folders should look like this.  
    •   ###BLOG The pound signs are there so this folder sits at the top of your folders under the system folders.
    •  ###EVENTNAME ( do each event like this. Once event is over , remove the folder from the BLOG folder)
    •   ### HAIR TO BLOG ( You can fit hair into any post, making a large folder with the ### helps you keep up with what needs doing, same can be done with skins in ### SKIN TO BLOG
          *Screen shot of what I mean* 

      2.  Be professional! - 

     Always try to conduct yourself in a polite manner while in SL, Flickr, Facebook or anywhere. People are judging you!  

    Had a bad day and jumped on that random person in group chat for asking a silly question? They might be bff's with that designer you wanted review copies from.

    By becoming a blogger and putting your link out for everyone to view, you are making yourself a public figure. Be respectful of others!

     So to wrap this segment up. If you really feel the need to be a jerk, make an ALT and be one on that avatar. But FYI, bullies suck!

     2. a) Speaking of Review Copies -

    First of all, what are review copies?
    *Now I had originally called the shop owners "Sponsors" Seems That is not the right word. So I have changed things to say review copies.*

    When a Designer decides to send you review copies they will either be adding you to a group. ( Make sure you have space!) , put you on a mailing list or it could be a one time deal. You the blogger having asked for Item X to review.(If you have asked for review copies. BLOG THEM! Then send the designer all the links  with your thanks.
    *Remember, no one HAS to send you anything.

    So you love this Designer and wish to blog for them.
    Here are a few tips on how to obtain review copies.

    Most of the time you  contact the designer or who the designer directs you to in their profile.
    Occasionally someone will contact you and offer you a spot on their blogger list or an item to blog.(Yay you if this happens!)

    When contacting designers - 
     Blog them first.
    Read their profile.
    Follow the instructions in the profile.
    Move on if the profile says no Blogger requests.
    Apply if you are able to meet all their requirements.
    Be Polite.

      ✼ Don't 
    Approach before reading profiles.
    Approach without having previously blogged their designs.
    Do not feel entitled.
    ✘ Do not spam the designer.
    ✘ Don't feel bad if you do not hear back.
     Do not ask if their profile says No Bloggers.
    ✘ Don't be a jerk, like ever.
    Apply unless you can follow all their rules.

    On the DO'S -

    • First thing you want to make sure of before you even think of contacting a creator is to make sure you have blogged their items in the not so distant past.Then you can read their profile thoroughly and see if they are                 1. Hiring and 2.Who to contact.

    • Once you've gotten this far, see how they WANT to be contacted.Some have blog managers, some have websites to apply to. Most have certain things they want to see on the application. * Be very thorough. and triple check before sending it on.*

    • A lot of times you will see "Not accepting new bloggers, Do not ask!" This should speak for itself but just in case I will tell you what to do here. DO NOT CONTACT THEM! Period! What you do here is assuming you have blogged them, look for their Flickr group. Add all your photos you have blogged showcasing THEIR items.

    *I put emphasis on THEIR because so many times I see people dumping their photos into every group they are a member of, not even caring if it's the designers product or not. DON'T BE LAZY. This will reflect poorly on you!*

    • Find out what the requirements are for blogging .Every shop is different. Read it over like three times so it sinks in. Then if you KNOW you can meet the requirements apply however the profile directs you to. ( Good luck! :)
    On the Do Not's -

    • Again, read profiles and follow instructions!!! If you don't you are wasting everyone's time.
    • Don't bother asking for sponsorship without previously having blogged their designs. ( Unless you are very well known and then maybe you can try but really It's rude not to have blogged them previously.)
    • Do not feel entitled. No matter who you are. If the designer does not reply or the designer says no. That is the final answer. Walk away gracefully. Or maybe you will get lucky and they will put you on a list of possible future bloggers. Keep blogging them and that brings me to my next point...
    • DO NOT SPAM the designers. That's just going to piss them off and you can kiss that particular sponsorship good bye.
    • Make sure you know their requirements . If they want you to blog every item they put out, You better make sure you are on board with that.
    • This should be Firstly, and Lastly. BE POLITE! 

    3. Your blog design  - 

      Make it personal. 
      Have a clean layout.
       Have useful Links in the sidebars.

      ✼ Don't 
     Don't have auto play music.
     Don't crazy cursors or things that chase them.
     Don't have animated flashing thingy's.
     Don't have a lot clutter.

    •   I have seen a few blogs that  have moving pictures, rain drops, bouncy things flying around, animated gifs all over and stuff EVERYWHERE. I tend to close those fast as I open them. Same goes for Music.. Please for the love of Pete. Just don't!!  No one likes to be blasted into a mild heart attack when peeking at your blog. If you need music, add a You Tube link to a video in your posts!  
    • Make sure you have a search bar! Designers want to be able to find their stuff.
    •  Post useful links where people can find them, If you have a freebie link collection, put that on the main page. I have found that it keeps a readership and can become the go to blog to look at the freebies of the day.
             I took mine away and readership dropped drastically. Something to think about anyway.
            Here's one from my blog, to give you an idea.

     Keep this list as current as possible, removing links that go stale or are inactive.

     4.  Links - 

    ✼ Link EVERYTHING!!!

    ✼ DO 
     Link everything worn including shape & eyes.
     Link The Pose and store.
    Link the photo location.
     Link to the event that item can be found at.

     DO NOT 
     Don't only link your sponsors.
     Don't leave anything out.

     If you're going to blog fashion. -

    • Don't just link to your sponsors shops! - I can't say this is the way for everyone but it helps for people that come to your blog to find that specific item you blogged.
    • Link every designer & store! - Skin, shape, hair,eyes .

    • Use the designers name in your credits too - They worked their asses off to make that dress, shoe, hair! * I will be doing this in future as well!*

    • Credit the Pose makers! -  You would look pretty silly stood in a T pose in your photo now would't you? They deserve credit too!

    • YES when I say everything, I do mean everything!
    Don't be lazy.  Designers look at this and will most likely dismiss a blog that does not give credit.

    • Credit events!  - If that dress you're blogging is from Designer X.. But it's being sold at Event Y.. Link that too!  People need to know where to go to find that perfect dress! It should look something like this...

     5. Photos - 
      This is one area that is quite personal and unique to each blogger.

      Make sure the item being blogged is clearly visible.
      Make sure the items you wear are fitted properly.
     Make sure it looks good!
      Do take close ups of your polish and accessories.

     DO NOT 
      Wear ill fitting outfits.
      Over edit the photo.
     Do something just because everyone else is.

    • On fitting your clothing. -

     There is nothing worse for me than seeing a blog post where say a top is worn and the straps are sunk into the avatar because of the pose. Or if wearing mesh pants,skirts, you can see a huge gap between the av and the mesh. Either fit your clothing properly, edit your av's fat slider if need be or learn how to use the clone tool in an editing program.

    • Over or under editing. 

    Now I can't preach too much here. I am an editing tool addict.
    I do now add the raw shots to the bottom of my blog post.  If you have doubts, don't be afraid to show the designer the photo and ask them if it's too much. Most will find the time to reply to you.

    •  On the subject of close ups. -

    If you are going to credit say a nail polish. Do take the time to do a close up of said polish. It is a huge pet peeve of designers to have a blogger mention them in credits without their wares being actually shown.

    • Following trends. - 
    White lines -
    * Personal pet peeves*
     I see so many hopping on the band wagon of these white lines all over their photo. These white lines should be on one side of the image only, it's a lighting and shadow thing, the sun doesn't highlight the underside of both your boobs now does it?

     Plastering designer names all over the image. -
    I suppose if you really want to you can but a better idea is to add the names in  the blog credits. As well as in the description field in Flickr.

    6. Fashion Feeds. -
      Most designers like you to be on them.
    So what I did was visit other bloggers Feed pages and follow the links there to find as many as possible.

    ✔ Read the rules on each Feed about how to apply.
    ✔ Follow these instructions, give them exactly what they ask for.
    ✔ Apply to all that you can find.
    ✔ Make sure you link back to them.

     DO NOT 
    ✘ Add your application more than once.
    ✘ Contact the Owner In SL unless it says somewhere to do this.
    ✘ Leave nasty messages or spam the comment section.
    ✘ Feel entitled to be on any Feed. You are added at owners discretion.

    • When linking feeds to your blog 

    You can either create a separate tab or page on the blog to list these or list them on your main page.

    • Are you actually on that Feed? -

    When you are linking these Feeds to your blog make sure you do two separate sections. One for Feeds pending and one for Feeds you are actually on.

    • Spamming a Feed - 

    This is a personal pet peeve of mine. To see 5 comments from the same person asking to be on the feed. Once will do. It is not an automatic process.
    The person responsible for adding or not adding you will get to it when they can. Patience Grasshopper.

    • Make sure your blog qualifies! - 

    If a feed says 3 months. Wait till your blog is actually three months.
    I have turned someone away who did technically qualify because they had only two posts in that time frame.

    • Be patient! - 

    This is self explanatory I hope!

    7. Networking - 

    Networking, for a blog? 
    Oh yes, yes indeed! You should have at the very least these three forms of social networking. They really do work to help you get noticed!

    Blogger Support groups and Websites. -
    These are super handy , chocked full of information for Bloggers, new and old alike. You can see who is Looking for bloggers and get way more tips and tutorials than you will find here. Check out [SL]Blogger Support HERE
    Also Blogging Second Life HERE

    Flickr. -  First, go to Flickr.com and create an account.
    Use your avatar name or whatever name you want people to know you by.
    They don't need your real life one.

    • Follow Designers and other Residents! - 

    Check profiles and social networking boards in your favorite shops.
    Follow the Flickr links you find there and then if you like their style, hit the follow button on their page. If you want them to follow you back I suggest you fave a few of their photos by clicking the star at the bottom of the photo.
     It also helps to comment on photos once in a while.
    It is a tit for tat community.

    • When you upload your photo -  
    Make sure you use the *Tag* feature. Tag all the store names that are visible in your photo, also the location and pose makers name. People find my photo's via this feature all the time!

    • Add information in the description field. 
    What I tend to do here is if the item is only on sale for a limited time or free I post the item name. Some info. And the SLURL. Then when I finish my blog post that the photo relates to I post the blog link here as well.

    • Add it to groups. - 

    But be smart about it, do not add a brand new photo to a group for 100+ likes.
    Read the group rules before you post. If it is an award group, you better award what they require or they will ban you from said groups.

    • Add information in the description field. - 

    What I tend to do here is if the item is only on sale for a limited time or free I post the item name. Some info. And the SLURL.

    Facebook - Now this one is a little bit trickier. Facebook does not want Avatars.
    They want your real life info and Real life name. I choose to use my avatar's name and take my chances of being removed. But I also have a back up.  A page for my Blog. You do not have to be a real anything to have a Facebook page.

    • Find friends 

    Send them friend requests.

    • Friend designers 

    Not all will accept your request. Be polite. Don't make a fuss if they decline.
    Check out their profiles for any Facebook info they may have available to the public.

    • Like Pages 

    A lot of SL shops have networking boards you can click. Follow the link to their page and hit the like button there. You will get updates on all their new releases or their cats, really whatever they feel like posting.

    • Make your own page! - 

    Follow the steps provided by Facebook  to create a page for your blog.
    Or, even a personal page. This gets you around their no avatar rule.

    • Join Blogging groups! - There are loads. If you look for me, Ember Adored, you can go through the groups I am in and join whatever you think suits you best.

    Once you've joined your groups -  You need to use them.
    Every time you post to your blog. Post it to Facebook and the groups for bloggers. Designers see these too, also customers. It's win win for everyone.

    But wait, There's more! -
    I don't have much knowledge of these sites but they are huge networking tools for bloggers and designers alike. You should check them out.

    Another social network that everyone seems to be on and very active.

    Google +1 button.
    It's on most of the blogs already. A way to spread your posts.
    A great way to share your posts or whatever's on your mind!

    Please , if you join any of these sites. Conduct yourself as adults Play Nice!

    Whew! You made it through to the end.
    Well the end for today:)

    I have a distinct feeling that I will be adding to this regularly.

    Almost final note about all this*
    I would also like to say that these are mostly my own views on how blogs should be and by no means are they the only way to do things.
    It is your blog, make it unique to you.

    I want to thank everyone who I pestered in my polls on Flickr , Facebook and [SL]Blogger Support. Your combined input helped me immensely in making this page.

    * One last thing.*
    If you need help with any of the above mentioned tips. Please don't be shy, message me in SL.
    My name is Ember Adored and while I don't know it all, I sure love to help my peers.

    A very white Gothmas

    Also Happy Holidays to all those that don't celebrate Christmas or celebrate a different holiday :)
    Just a quick post to show off some fabulous finds :D

    One of my favorite accessory designers, has gotten into other stuff!
    I'm in love with my skin from flounce btw... Hop over to Level Up and grab it for yourself..
    Its so pretty and soft!
    Mr Draconias Timeless owner of ~*Souzou Eien*~ built this fabulous gazebo and street lamps I'm using in the pictures below.
    And the cute adorable little ball I'm holding is one of his creations as well!
    Also Purple Moon has the adorable outfit and boots I'm rocking :D
    Then my nails are mesh nails from -{ZOZ}-.
    I love her mesh nails :D
    The polish, gazebo, lamps, and my little bauble can be found at Gothmas by Gaslight
     See you all soon!!

    Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lala -  light blondes by Truth Hawks
    Skin: flounce - Level Up! Princess by Mimi Coral @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Dress and boots: Purple Moon :: PM :: Little Santa Outfit [Coat+Leggings+Shoes+Hat] by Poulet Koenkamp - comes with a cute hat but I love this hair too much to hide it!
    (Christmas special!!)
    Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant by Siddean Munro
    Nails: -{ZOZ}- Gothic Xmas Black Natural Polish Huds by Zozicon @ Gothmas by Gaslight
    Dec 15th - Jan 3rd (These are mesh nails made by Zoz as well)
    Pose: {NanTra} Laurel Canyon 5 by Tracy Redangel
    Bauble in hand: ~*Souzou Eien*~ - ~*S.E.*~ Vintage Holiday Baubles - Mother of Pearl by Draconias Timeless @ Gothmas by Gaslight Dec 15th - Jan 3rd
    Gazebo: ~*Souzou Eien*~ - ~*S.E.*~ Garden's Respite Gazebo (Gothic) by Draconias Timeless @ Gothmas by Gaslight Dec 15th - Jan 3rd
    Lamp posts: ~*Souzou Eien*~ - ~*S.E.*~ Victorian Street Light (Quad) Lit by Draconias Timeless @ Gothmas by Gaslight Dec 15th - Jan 3rd 

    XoxoX- Savvy

    Even More FROST

    Here's a bit more from FROST , hope you enjoy!
    Hugs and kisses
    ♥ Ember ♥
    * Important dates.


    WoW Skins Christmas Hunt

    @ WoW Skins, from December 23 ~ 30th. 
    Search the Main Store for 14 hidden bears each 1L.

    13 for women 1 for men. 
    While you're there don't forget to join their group for tons of  Group Gifts , Midnight Mania & Lucky boards.
    LIMO -

    Winter Marketing

    Good morning everyone. Today I am showing you a pretty outfit from FLRN @  The Four Seasons Winter Market and enVogue's newest hair. 
    This hair designer is amazing me with each new style. You have to go try a demo and look at the hair bases. They are so well done and realistic looking.
    Oh and check out these boots by {Livalle} , formerly [L.Warwick] is right up there on my list of fave shoe stores. The talent here just amazes me.

    Happy Shopping!
    Ember Adored

    *Ember's Event Notes.


    F R O S T 2014 & The Arcade

    Good morning everyone. 
    The holidays are fast approaching and my RL is pretty hectic. I have 7 kids here with me so someone please send me earplugs!

    F R O S T 2104 is still going strong and don't forget they have a tree in the south east corner of the sim with gifts under it. This event runs until Jan 3 so there's still plenty of time to visit.

    Also The Arcade is still running. This is a great place to visit to get some gifts for friends as everything is transferable! ( This hair, drool)

    Happy Shopping
    Ember Adored

    *Ember's Event Notes.

  • The Arcade runs until December 31.
  • Frost 2014 runs until January 3.

  • .Credits.

    • HairMINA - Selenia - Black & white specials - By Mina Nakamura@ THE ARCADE
    • Skin.::WoW Skins::. Monica Bronze 05 - By Sawsan Secretspy.
    • Shape.::WoW Skins::. Monica - By Sawsan Secretspy.
    • Eyes - - LOUX - Vivid eyes { Blue } - By Louxstore
    • TopRazor /// Chambers Shirt - White - Wasted Youth - By Kehl Razor@ FROST 2014
    • SkirtBlueberry - Kits - Tied Suede Skirt - By Blueberryxx.
    • HandsSlink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual - By Siddean Munro.
    • FeetSlink -  AvEnhance Feet Female High  - By Siddean Munro.
    • BootsRazor /// Dominion Boot - White  - By Kehl RazorFROST 2014
    • PosesPurple Poses - Amelie - By Audrey GuterFROST 2014

    BoInG bOiNg

    I'm super princess!
    So, Level Up just started a new round :D
    I love this event.  And this round I love it even more.
    I spent many a hour when I was young playing Mario, Pacman, Zelda...
    The theme is retro gaming, and goodness gracious... these designers delivered!
    Check below for credits :D

    Skin: flounce - Level Up! Princess by Mimi Coral @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mario hair-Fatpack by Ikira Frimon @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Dress: *katat0nik* Froggie Outfit @ Level Up by Katat0nik Pidgeon @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Necklace: *NW* Ruby Necklace - Blue - Gold by Mystik Ruby @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Bracelets and rings: NOMAD // Retro Gamer Jewellery Gacha by Piraiyah Novikov @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Shoes: ieQED full.control.platform by SigiFaust
    (Was at Geeks 'n' Nerds which has ended)
    Tail: {Chompychain~ black} tail .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. by кяєασ кυяσι кυנιѕαωα (Kreao Kujisawa) @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Backpack: {Classics~ it's me} bag .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. RARE by кяєασ кυяσι кυנιѕαωα (Kreao Kujisawa) @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th 
    Nails: -{ZOZ}- Gothic Xmas Black Natural Polish Huds by Zozicon @ Gothmas by Gaslight
    Dec 15th - Jan 3rd
    Ghosts: Frogstar - Grungy Pixel Ghosts by Ravenna Rossini @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Pose prop: .mien. [ One Up ] by Connie Stratten @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
    Pose in bottom right hand corner: !bang - SLink hands {bonus} by Luna Jubilee
    Pose in bottom left hand corner: !bang - SLink hands 04 by Luna Jubilee

     xoxox - Savvy