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Standing here all lost and stuff.

Morning Dolls!

Today my summer begins, I will be busy in RL. Lots of little eyes trying to look over my shoulder.
One bonus to this is I will most likely get back to regular blogging as it is a very ( For the most part) PG activity in Second Life.

One note on this post.
The pose at the top is by Signature pose and is currently at the last round of Gen Neutral. She names each pose in her packs differently so I even found it difficult to find the ones I was after  that I saw on another blog. 

Thankfully the blog owner went out of her way to help me out so I will tell you, both sets have some interesting hand poses, Just take a moment and stand on both pose stands, find the ones you like, The pose I used here is in the set on the right of the booth. They sell for only 30L each!

Enjoy your day and a big happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers out there!
Ember ♥

****Please Note**** Some of these items are located at Eventsright now.  If you see a second Hyperlinkedname in the cred…

Strap me up!

Hey Dolls! Clawtooth has this hair Misty Day @ her Tableau  storefree for everyone in three tones! They are also introducing a brand new hairstyle @ 50% off ( Even Fat Packs!)
All this goodness only lasts until June 30th so hurry scurry!

Speaking of new releases, Blueberry just came out with this stunner!  Iy's like this lady can read my mind! I am so in a strappy phase of my SL right now!!!
 I just wish I felt healthy enough to get creative with some photos but at least with this basic collage you get a good idea of what it looks like.

Happy Monday Dolls  Ember ♥

****Please Note**** Some of these items are located at Eventsright now. 

If you see a second Hyperlinkedname in the credit line.
  ( BOLD LETTERINGDifferent colour) like this.. Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name |NAME OFEVENTTake The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink)
~  Style Card  ~Hair - Clawtooth:| Misty Day - Softest Black | By Bubbles Clawtooth | Free until June 30th.Skin –Bird…

Black Strapped

  Hey Dolls!
Not feeling so hot today so I will just post the photos and credits for you.  If you've any questions, give me a shout in SL.
Ember Adored ♥ 

****Please Note**** Some of these items are located at Eventsright now. 
If you see a second Hyperlinkedname in the credit line.
  ( BOLD LETTERINGDifferent colour) like this.. Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name |NAME OFEVENTTake The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink) ~  Style Card  ~Hair - Rezology| Butterfly 100 | By Selc.Skin –Birdy. | Ali VIP Skin – Pure – (Black) | By Dani (nina.helix) | 1L VIP GIFT 150L Join Shape –Enfant| Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Eyes –Aveline|Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo | Free on Market PlaceLipstick -  Zibska | Rohesia 09 | By Zib (zib.scaggs) | @ The Cosmetic FairEarnings -  Anachron| Silver Guillotine Earring , jet | By Nix Marabana | @ GenrePolish -{ZOZ} | Bold Lush Polish | By Zozicon | @ Cosmopolitan Sales RoomMesh Body –Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara | By On…

Another Free Hair Post For Second Life's 13th Birthday

Looking for more Free hair?
Don’t worry, I got you!   I was finally able to get myself to all the events with free gifts for Second Life’s 13th Birthday celebrations and I found a ton more hairs.  The ones found today are from Collabor88, We ♥ RP, Tres Chic & The Fantasy Collective.
Here is the list of events with gifts in case you missed one of my million posts on this event.
Whimsical May 18th –  June 24th.Kustom9    June 15h – July 10th.Tres Chic  June 17th – July 10th.Collabor88  June 8th  – July 6th.The Fantasy Collective  June 22nd – July 15th.Hairology  June 10th – June 30th.The Men’s Department  June 5th  – June 30th.We  ♥ Role Play  June 4th – June 30thAt each venue mentioned above, designers have set out free gifts ( inside cakes) to help celebrate 13 happy rears of Second Life. There is way more than just free hair so make sure to grab them all!!


Hairs Left to Right+elua+ | Mao_Red | By Miu Edman | FREE GiftforSLB13@Collabor88Tableau Vivant |  Hatsuhi | By M4ri1yn Mag…

Hair Fair Photo Contest & Bandana Day.

These two posts have been taken directly from the Hair Fair 2016 website.
 Thank you for allowing us to reblog!

I know it's a massively long post here on my blog  as I stuck two together. Feel free to check and bookmark the Hair Fair's official website to read  all the latest!
 Find it here -
Ember ♥

Hair Fair Photo Contest.
The photo contest is always tons of fun & a great way to get yourself early access to the fair.
Trust me, lag free shopping at this event is what you want to achieve!

Important: By submitting your images to the contest you give the Hair Fair 2016 committee the permission to use your photos in world, as well as on the website in a ‘winners’ capacity if they are chosen as such.
NO NUDITY or sexually explicit images, no female nipple exposure (including sheer clothing). This is a contest for a charity event for children. The committee has the final say on all images approved or declined.
All contest entries are do…

Hazy Daze Of Freebies

Morning Dolls!  It's been a little while since I buckled down and did some work here on my actual blog LOL. I just can't seem to sit still long enough with all the great things happening around the grid right now. One of those great things being Second Life's 13th Birthday Celebrations!
There are soo many places participating in the giving of gifts for this occasion,  I posted all about it the other day HERE - Make sure to check that out! 
I know, these photos don't represent the true colours or texturing of the items but considering who the designers are here ( Blueberry, Reign, ZOZ & Zibska )  just know that are stunning!  And if ya don't believe me, go grab a DEMO(You should do that anyway no matter what!)
Right, hope you enjoy. I will be back soon! Thanks you for reading! Ember ♥

****Please Note****
Some of these items are located at Eventsright now. 
If you see a second Hyperlinkedname …

Hair Sales

OliveMain store has finally re opened it’s doors and I am excited to share that they are having a massive sale!

 ( Taken from Olive’s info note card on the sale)

Olive is offering customers 50% off on all current hairs !!  Also all old hairs have been converted to the new HUD system.  To make up for such a long wait, all old hair are now going to be sold as fat packs, for only 375L each!!  They have  added 3 lucky boards and a daily MM board at the back of the store, before the old hair section. (A group only version will be coming soon and more prizes!)


Also it was pointed out to us in the Hair SL group thatRaspberryis having a sale, along with the whole SIM they are on.
We went and checked it out and yup, color packs are 25L each! These hairs are pre mesh ( I think)  so great for everyone including mesh head wearers & Toodledoo avatars!



Hey Dolls,
I finally found a list of all the events that have free SLB 13 gifts for us.

I  hope you enjoy these gifts as much as I did.
Creators, thank you so  much for your generosity!
 I am amazed at the quality of most of these items ♥

Whimsical Was supposed to be open only until June 8th but still there, hurry here first! Kustom9    June 15h - July 10th.Tres Chic June 17th - July 10th.Collabor88 June 8th  - July 6th. The Fantasy Collective June 22nd - July 15th. Hairology June 10th - June 30th. The Men’s Department June 5th  - June 30th. We  ♥ Role PlayJune 4th - June 30th.

This is where I found the info, Thank goodness for the forums.

Hurry scurry, Remember you are looking for CAKE!
Ember ♥

Luxe Box Info & More

Morning Dolls!
Today I don't have as many freebies in here but there are a few  Always look for the red text in my posts and they will lead you in the right direction ♥
Today's look is centered around Blueberry's Clare romper at Collabor88!!  I am so happy for this designer to be in this event, in my eyes it is one of the best events on the grid so Congrats Blue, good things for good people ♥
Also I need to discuss these shoes from Reign
Have you heard of Luxe Box? It is a monthly paid subscription group you join, this round was 1500L and on the 15th of the month you get a HUD full of designer goodies.  You just add the HUD and click the photos and delivery commences. 
Anyway for me this round is worth the fee just for these shoes.  They are above and beyond fat pack. They come with a studded option that you can turn off ( YAY)  Reign colour Fat pack + Colours to match Blueberry & Foxes who are both also a part of the Luxe Box. 
I think you have to wait until July to …

Free Hair @ Kustom9

Hello fellow Hair Lovers!

I have one more big free hair announcement for you today.Kustom9is also on board with celebrating Second Life’s 13th Birthdayand that means.. More cake for us!!!
There is way more than just free hair @ this event so make sure you take the time to let things rez . See my post on how to de lag at a busy event like this here –
If you are not sure how to find theFREE HAIRShere, please refer to my two earlier posts on this subject . these free hairs are here @ Kustom9–

~ Hairs left to right ~Tableau Vivant | Hatsuhi | By M4ri1yn Magic.Moon | Eternal Sunshine | By MOON (silent.acoustic).Mithral | Elderberry | By Evadne Quintessa.[DUE] | Shinoda | By Freya Dubled (dubled).Beusy | Crush Do…

More Free Hair @ Hairology

So,  just in case you didn’t get enough free hair the other day @ Hairology, more designers have set out gifts for us.
Look for the Birthday cakes in the booths, touch them and you will receive a piece of cake.  Now when you open these it can get a little tricky as they are ALL named the same.
This is what I do.
Add the cake to my avatar / Accept the folder /  Keep my recent items open and make sure the cake I am wearing is highlighted.  I detach the cake once I have the Gift then delete the highlighted cake from inventory.  ( Seems simple but there are so many all the same name, this is easier trust me.)   Once I have deleted the opened Object (cake box)  I find the folder I was just given and look inside, rename it by store name and place it into a folder named Hairology Gifts. This will make it simple to find them all at a later date. Ember xoxo.

Check out the rest of the free gifts you can find at this event HERE –…

Hairology Discount Round & FREE Hairs!

UPDATE!This is what you need to collect in order to get the free hair.

Hairology has begun a new round & this time with a twist.
This round the designers have placed out their favorite hairs at discounted prices. You can find hairs anywhere from 25, 50 or 75 % Off the regular price from now until June 30th.  Also , a lot of the designers have placed out a special gift for us in their booths. This is to celebrate Second Life’s 13th Birthday!! YAY!  Today I am showing off the ones that I could find for you, there may be more since I was there pre opening so head on over and check it out!

 P.s. Sorry for the collage but I figured 12 photos on here would be a bit much for one post.

~ Hairs left to right ~
.:EMO-tions:. | MABEL | By Mirja Mills.MINA Hair | Pearl | By MINA (mina.nakamura).[elikatira] |  Lena | By Elika Tiramisu (elikapeka.tiramisu)./Wasabi Pills/  | Lee | By MissAllSunday!tty | Jeanie | By  karla (karla.marama).[ Rᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ] | Waterfall | By Kιм K. (candela.kira).

Your Little Princess

Hey Dolls!  Remember me?
Some super adorable items to show you all centering around clothing from NS Cutie Store. Thank you so much Nani for your kindness always ♥
The top ( from what I see) is no longer available but there are a bunch of group gifts and sooo many super kawaii things in this store.  Be warned, you will be ooohing and awwing over the items here.
Happy shopping Dolls! Ember
****Please Note****
Some of these items are located at Eventsright now. 
  If you see a second Hyperlinkedname in the credit line.   ( BOLD LETTERINGDifferent colour) like this..
Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name |NAME OFEVENT Take The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink)

.Credits. • Hair - MINA Hair|  Mena | By Mina Nakamura  | @ FaMESHed
• Mesh head W/ Appliers - VCO  |  Mary Mesh Head {008}Milk | By yamette  | The Arcade
• Mesh Body -Maitreya | Mesh Body - Lara | By Onyx LeShelle. 

Top - NS Cutie Store| Sweet Valentine Sweater | By nani Soulstar.
• Skirt - NS Cutie Stor…