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Blank Slate


I found this super cute outfit by Stockholm&Lima @ The Kinky Event the other day. I think it is totally Adorable  so I figured I would share it with you. 
My only wish would be that it be a bit more pastel pink & the pom poms were lighter as well but despite that I still love it, especially the bottom of these socks. Lil paw prints!

My hairs & Hair Bases are new out from Tableau Vivant. Especially made for Catwa. Honestly there is not enough good quality bases out there so tyvm Tableau Vivant! 

That's it for today, Happy Shopping!
Ember ♥

Hair 1  - Tableau Vivant | Messy updo For Catwa | By  M4ri1yn Magic | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th.Hair 2 - Tableau Vivant | Bouffant wig For Catwa | By  M4ri1yn Magic | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th.Hair Base -Tableau Vivant | For Catwa | By  M4ri1yn Magic | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th.Mesh Head - Catwa | Dyana | By Catwa Clip. Skin Applier -Glam Affair |  Alexa | Artic 02 Catwa applier | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb…

Cut My Strings

So I have been wandering around Second Life as a dolly lately.

I have been bugging my friend to dress me up as she calls me " My Dolly." 
Only makes sense to me that she would dress me like one. 😍

So I was complaining about it around a bunch of friends and this beautiful person passed me some Gacha items from mignon.  

I tried them on and o.O I do look like a real dolly!
So thank you Kai & all the talented designers in SL who without you all, I would look like a noob 💘

I am so in love with every single aspect of this look. 
Hope you like it too.
Ember 💕

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ | Fleur | By MissAllSunday Lemon | @ Uber Jan 25 - Feb 23rd.Mesh Head - Catwa | Dyana | By Catwa Clip. Skin Applier -Glam Affair |  Alexa | Artic 02 Catwa applier | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th. Eyes -Aveline| Doll-L - Hazel | By Giggle Solo | Free on Marketplace. Choker -mignon. | Victoria choker. Maitreya | By Amlru | Past Kawaii Project item ♥Dress -mignon. | Victoria dress. Mait…

Gacha Guardians, Freebies and babbling

Ohhh, almost the end of the week! We can do this, hang in there!
RL has been crazy busy for me lately. I started this post yesterday and really wanted to get it done but well I had the pleasure of having my 2 yr old nephew over for a visit. It's funny, little boys are like mini Godzilla. If my house was not child proof before, it sure is now!

Anyway, this photo came about as I remembered seeing this sexy harness set in Wicca's Wardrobe Gacha machine over @ The Gacha Guardians this round.  This event runs till the 30th of Jan and if you join the Gimme Gacha Group (Touch the sign to join when you walk in) There are a ton of really good Free Gifts by almost each vendor!
Ember ♥ 

Hair -No.Match | No.Fiction | By Viking | @ Hairology Jan 10 - 30th.Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip. Skin ApplierGlam Affair |  Alexa | Artic 02 Catwa applier | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th. Head Harness -Wicca's Wardrobe | Trinity Headpiece | By  Wicca Merlin |�…

Snow Day!


So it's a snow day here today, @$%$%^&*
I can't even hear myself think as it's so loud in my house right now so check out all the stuffs below.
Wish me luck to get through today!!

Hair -/Wasabi Pills/ | Alexa | By MissAllSunday Lemon | @ The Seasons Story Jan 10 - 31st.Mesh Head - Catwa | Dyana | By Catwa Clip. Skin ApplierGlam Affair |  Alexa | Artic 02 Catwa applier | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th. Eyes - Aveline| Doll-L - Hazel | By Giggle Solo | Free on Marketplace. Lashes - [okkbye] | Chunky Lashes | By elisaokkbye | In January's Powder PackBuy it HEREMesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Tattoo - [White~Widow] | Harmonium Black | By Julie Hastings | @ Shiny Shabby | Jan 20 - Feb 15th.Dress -United Colors| Christine | By unitedcolorsteam |@ULTRA SL Jan 15 - Feb 15th.Pose - . Infiniti .| Heels | ByBrandi Monroe | @ ROMP Jan 15 - 30th.Lighting -LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.

Powder Pack Is Here!

Hey Dolls.

So I logged in this morning and what do I find ? 

My Powder Pack Arrived! You know, even though I posted about it yesterday, I completely friggen forgot the Date so double Yay, I got a surprise LMAO.

I just have to say right off the bat how impressed I am with every single thing in this box. That's saying a lot for me as I just stopped buying other boxes in SL due to much disappointment.
This one though, Love everything. Humm, did I say that already? ah well.

Some of the items were skin appliers. The designers also included body appliers so there was no need to purchase that separate if not you usual brand. Thank you Designers. It's a huge deal for me & most likely every other lady who purchased a Powder Pack.

Great Job to Everyone involved on the Powder Pack Project! You hit this first release out the park!
Missed Pre - Ordering? You can still purchase it HERE Also View what's in the box HERE.

🠝 The HUD / Box Just add & click away.🠝

Hair - .:EMO-tions…

1 Day Left To Pre - Order Your Powder Pack

Today is the final day to pre order your  POWDER PACK @ $L1,500.
If you forget, It will cost you $L3,000 after release on the 17th.

🌟You can pre order 2 ways.

🌟Also check out their Facebook page here -

🌟 Website Here - 

Lazy Sunday

Hey, Happy Monday!

I managed to take a photo in my office. I had to drop my graphics to High and even then I was getting 3fps. Gah, 1 yr old good PC. 
This is why you usually see blank backgrounds with my photos.

So this is my first and most likely my last but I wanted to show off my pretty little slice of sl.  & My pretty look of course.
Ember ♥

Hair - TRUTH HAIR | Gaea | By Truth Hawks | January VIP Group Gift. 350$ Join fee. 2 Free fat packs in notices.Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip. Ears- Mandala | Steking ears,Season 5 | By Kikunosuke Eel.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Alexa Asia 03 RARE | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Jan 15th - Feb 10th.Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle. 
Top - erratic| emilia sweater / lazy | Pants - Gawk| White Cotton Leggings | By Mell Mcmahon.Pose1 - Cheeky Pea| Dawson's Chair | By Isla Gealach.Pose 2 -oOo Studio | silent night_one | By Olaenka Chesnokov.Rugs - .tree | {spring time} {stacked rugs} {5}| By Karla Marama.Be…


Morning  darlings!
I have been a busy bee, doing what?  Shopping of course! 
Also found a new SIM with some nice peope to chat away to on voice so I kinda  planted my butt over there a while and soaked in the noise.  Did I mention I spend way to much time alone on my platform? 

Right on to this stuff.

Hairology - Go here for all things Hair!  This round started Jan 10th and runs until the 30th. There are SOOO many lovely styles. *Sorrynotsoryforyourwallets*The Mesh Body Addicts Bi Monthly Event- This is a brilliant event for all your meshy needs Stemming from our Go to blog for all the newest Fit MEsh , MEsh Body Bits and more. Mesh Body Addicts By Lildaria.The Seasons Story - My buddy Quiet yanked me into this event the other day. I might have said, "Hello" and "Thanks" but then I was off and running, buying too much stuff. This round really impressed me so don't forget to check it out!

That's it from me today. Happy Shopping!

Hair - [KoKoLoReS] |…

She said what?

So The Mesh Body Addicts Bi - Monthly Event has begun and there is a LOT of fantastic designs over there. 

Today I chose to show off this sweater by Just Because. (best store name ever) & this itty bitty athletic skirt by Vinyl. Both are super cute & come in a ton of colours .

Also ULTRA SL begins on the 15th and a little birdy told me there might be a few gifts scattered about so make sure you check it out!
From this event I discovered the designer [Mignonne] I had never heard of t his brand before. They made the skin applier I am wearing here and what I find quite neat about it is it looks totally hand drawn.You will see what I mean when you try the demo.

I will show off more soon.
Stay tuned.
Ember ♥

Hair -/Wasabi Pills/ | Bianca | By MissAllSunday Lemon |@ The Chapter 4 Jan 4 - 21st.Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip. 
Skin Applier - [Mignonne] | Cintia | By Njamh | @ ULTRA SL Jan 15 - Feb 15th.Eyes - Aveline| Doll-L - Hazel | By Giggle Solo | Free on Marketplace.Lashes - V…


Happy Monday!!

I have a few things to show you, namely this harness that I am barely wearing made by MAAI
It's coming tomorrow The 10th. to The Mesh Body Addicts Bi Monthly Event!

Also I got these mesh ears a while back off the Marketplace for the 12 Days of Christmas event. They are made by Mandala
(Find them here
I love them so much as they were so simple. I love simple, TYTY!
I honestly slapped them on, managed to change everything silver and haven't touched them since. They fit perfectly over my Catwa Head so Yay!
 Eventually I will play about with the Massive HUD. 

The hair, sorry you can barely see it in the photo but it really is lovely. A long inside out braid with little wisps around the face by Exile. This is available @ Collabor88 and always a great deal at 188L per colour pack at that event.

Events of note.
Collabor88 | Jan 8th - Feb 6th | Theme -…

Free Hair Post 3

This is the third and last post in my Freebie series. *Sadface*
There weren't that many stores left on my hunt but they did serve up some really great styles!

I want to thank all the Designers that set out a free style for their customers.  It is a fantastic way for new and old Residents a like to discover the quality of your products.

Remember , these hairs are either free to buy or free to group members (Free Join). 

Again Thank you designers.
Have fun friends!
Ember Adored.

Left to right Vanity - Mirror Games, Special Rainbow Edition | By Tabata Jewell.Tram - F623, bluegray | By moca Loup.Vanity - Freya Pink October | By Tabata Jewell.Truth -  Jayla | By Truth Hawks.

Left to right Truth - Bernadette | By Truth Hawks.Truth -  Kizzy | By Truth Hawks.Tram - F719, silver | By moca Loup.The Stringer Mausoleum - Seasgrass , S.E. Firey | By Helena Stringer.
Also Worn
Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip.Ears - Mandala | Steking ears,Season 5 | By Kikunosuke Eel.Skin Applier - Glam Affair |…

Free Hair Post Part 2

🌟UPDATE🌟Since posting this, Moon Hair has begun charging 100L to join the group. Sorry ♥
So today I have gone down the Designer list from the letters F - R.
These are only  a handful of the hairs you can gather from these shops for FREE!
Either you will need to join their free groups or just buy them for 0L$.  It also pays to use your area search tool to scan around using the key word 'Gift' & 'Free'.
Till Tomorrow, Enjoy!
Ember Adored ♥

Left to right
.LeLutka. | Trompeur | By Thora Charron.Moon. Hair. | Cheap Thrills | By Silent Acoustic.little bones |  Yuno | By Nova Faerye.Moon. Hair | Mias La II | By Silent Acoustic.[NANI] |  Jia.Hair | By Kittynapkitkat.(red)Mint | gG 10'16 | By Moni Schulze.

Left to right
little bones | Chel | By Nova Faerye.little bones | BornToDie | By Nova Faerye.Dura | Valentine G-GIFT | By chiaki Xue..LeLutka. | Chill | By Thora Charron.Moon. Hair. | Atlas Hands | By Silent Acoustic.LeLutka. | Vent | By Thora Charron.Moon. Hair. | Echoes | …

Oh Simone, how I love thee.

Oh I almost forgot this in draft!
I am not pleased with the quality of my photo here. I had a lot of issue, basically it looked fine and then looked like I painted it wiht watercolours. No clue what happened but it doesn't detract me from how beautiful I think this New Simone 2.0 head by .LeLutka. is!

Yes I am totally using the demo for this post as I can't afford her beauty just yet.  But someday.. Go try the demo, see whatcha think!

Anyway, much love.

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ | Isla | By MissAllSunday Lemon | @ FaMESHed Jan 1st - 27th.Mesh Head - .LeLutka. | Simone, 2.0-DEMO | By Jaden Art (jadenart).Eyes - .ARISE. | Cornelius Eyes, Lightblue | By Hᴇʟɢᴀ (lonlysoule).Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Serah | By Aida Ewing | @ The Project Se7en Dec 30th - Jan 30th.Mesh Body -Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Pose - Le Poppycock | Lost Inhibitions / All the fuss | By Olivia Lalonde.

Don't forget to pre order your Powder Pack!

So by now you've all seen these monthly boxes, focusing on dressing you up and accessorizing you. I've tried quite a few myself but this one piqued my interest more so than the others.

That's because~~ Powder Pack is all about make up! 
Specifically Appliers for our Catwa Heads!

Anyway, I'm super Excited about it & if you love Catwa Appliers make sure you pre order before the 17th of January! Here's the details.
What Is it?Powder Pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 Catwa Head Makeup Appliers from your favorite brands across the grid! Reserve your Powder Pack in-world or on the Marketplace.When Is it?  The pack rolls out on January 17th.What Is the cost?  Pre-order your Pack for $L1,500 before midnight on the 16th to receive your HUD on the 17th at 00:01 SLT. There is a 24 hour period on the 17th when the Powder Pack is $L3,000. After this the Powder Pack will not be available until the next month for $L2,000. Want more details, Check out the website h…

Tons Of Free Hair In Secondlife! (Pt 1)

Happy New Year, Hair Lovers!

♥ Edit! To find the free hair @ Analog dog. Fly around the sim until you see a bubble on the beach. Buy that for 0L and that's where your new hairs will be! ♥

I am Going back through my A - Z Designer List over on Hair SL, checking the Landmarks are fresh and figured while I was at it I would show you some FREEBIES I found on my Travels! *There are way more but I picked my faves*

The 21 hairs in these photos are 100% FREE.  Either they are Christmas Gifts, Free Group Giftsor just no strings FREE
I have gone down the list From A - E.  ( Make sure you check out this page / Site  & let me know who is missing! )
Enjoy ,
Ember Adored.

Left to right
.Entwined. | Kelly | By Bʟᴀɪʀ Xᴇɴɢᴀ (vivienmarli)..:EMO-tions.. | Peggy | By Mirja Mills.D!va | Iris | By Marisa Bellic (marisa.kira)..:EMO-tions..| Jona | By Mirja Mills.D!va | Bambi | By Marisa Bellic (marisa.kira)..Entwined. | Daisy | By Bʟᴀɪʀ X…