Now that's what I'm talkin about!

Oh I am so excited!
Have you heard?
There is a new adult hub opening at 9am today and I get to be a part of it!

Anyone who knows me knows my desire to help people; Whether it be new residents or old. I just gotta help them out with their troubles or questions.
So yeah I get to be a mentor, finally I get to do what I excel at!

The Adult hub is located here

This is the Adult welcome center.
There are 4 hubs attached to this.

Gor/ Medieval
CARP (role play)

Then attached to each of these 4 hubs you can find corresponding sims within that genre.
There are many more spots for other ADULT rated sims to join (dock) with the adult hub. If you are an ADULT rated sim owner come check it out!!

Happy Birthday Shadow!!

Today is officially Spank Shadow day.

If you see Shadow Solo.. Sing Happy~Birthday  Spank her and all out embarrass her :P

<3 my friend. Hope it was a good one


Another blog.. I know, I know.

I decided that the majority of people who visit this blog look for fashion feeds.
So to that end I have created a new blog for MY SL. 

I've called it ."Just a girl."
Follow me here if you like.

I will post any freebies I come across here for sure. Until then .
 Keep smiling and don't forget to pay niceties forward.

Em, xoxo

Who the fuck am I anyway?

A bit of dear diary time here at the OK Corral..
I have been battling with some feelings of late, I don't feel submissive ..

Gasp horror. 
Yes it's true.
 I've been lazy mouthy and nuts for numerous months now and decided something needed to be done about it.
Something happened today.
 A few close friends were involved. It felt like an intervention.
I lost it. Flipped right the fuck out.
I cried.
I felt.
Thank you.
 You know who you are

Attention RLV Relay users!

 Have a gander at this..
 I find it too important not to share .

This goes along with informed consent, What this scripter ha done is just plain nasty.

A brand new blog!!!!

   I'm sure many of you know that we have been very busy revamping the Bondage playground over the past few weeks.
And well I think we have just about finished.
This leads me to the reason of this post.
 A new blog!!!
 We will be posting photos of what we've done at first then after that we will run like a local news paper with photos and tidbits of goings on in the playground..

 So come follow

Then come hang about  @ Bondage Playground
         Maybe you will make a future edition of Released!!!

And you think you have problems..

It's official. SL hates me. 
Every time My Master adds clothing from my RLV folder,
 I turn invisible save for attachments.

Happy Friday!

The Femdom hunt.

So I guess since our shop is in this hunt.
( And Antony joined as a follower to my blog)
 I'd best get my ass in gear and blog it.

There are TONS of fun and usable items in this hunt! 
Here I am showing a small selection . 
OK I know you probably haven't much use for a flying high heel but.. 
I had fun!

The hunt starts here.
 Z & A Productions.
 You are hunting for a black High heel.

*GEL* is shop # 8 on this hunt and we have 2 items to find. 
I hope you like what we have to offer.
( Sub pony rider, and Male RLV belt)
Also any feedback ( good or bad) Would be appreciated. 
 Happy hunting ya pervs!

Happy Happy!

Happy Rezz day to my friend Forceme Silverspar.
May it be filled with laughter and love  <3

My friend, Teacher and confidant.
 You have been with me through so much.
The good the bad the ugly.
I love you for you .
Thank you for existing in my life. xoxoxo

This month in the land of GEL


Been a couple months since I've hijacked my little wench's blog---but things have been busy. Every day when Em and I begin we generally start by letting things generally flow--then look back and wonder how we got so much done in such a short amount of time (assuming we get credit for taking time off for lunch, calls of nature, etc. and that sordid affair called real life)....

Added a few more RLV items to our burgeoning line of products (yes Emily both men and woman can now enjoy the advantage of a stylish GEL RLV belt while sitting in a GEL RLV cage)

Performed our usual amount of SIM hopping (check out Hell House!)

And oohhh yes--spent the last 2 weeks helping New Nighbor give a full makeover to the Bondage Playground--

You remember the Bondage Playground right? original home of my favorite vice Ember, one of the original Bondage interest Sims within SL?

For my part I remember my first few weeks in SL years ago--typing the word bondage in search,finding the playground and realizing "I'm not in Kansas anymore"......At this point we've moved and re-landscaped the camping area, added 40 new skyboxes as well as large beach front properties (low rates, beautiful SIM, our company, everyone deserves to rent there),

several new RLV devices and our LATEST addition--the creation of several new bondage-themed rooms in the castle--so far we have a classroom, a shibari room, medical room (medical licenses dispensed on request), a latex room, and more to come.....

The Playground meant a lot to a lot of people--we're excited at the opportunity to remodel and see people enjoy--come check it.....if you like it blame Em's creatively evil mind--if you don't--well you're just not looking closely enough--ban yourself to the new cage or crosses scattered throughout the trees. No matter what your particular fantasy likely you'll find like minded people to share it with--and toys and a setting to bring it to life....

With the upcoming holidays we have a lot planned yet--finishing the Playground, our first store hunt (We're happy to have been included in the FemDom hunt for our *GEL* store), and a few things I haven't bothered mentioning to the munchkin....until later thank you all for letting us share our SL with you.


Le sigh.

I swore to myself I wold never do it again.
Get attached to someone.
 I thought I was doing so good, Not using the L word.
Not being all cuddly and clingy, needy and lovey dovey.

Then I log in this morning and I am stuck like this. 
Gerritt not online.
 No one is around so Keiser TP's me to a party on the Island.
 I scoot back and watch them dance, feeling like an outsider. 
I wonder to myself .. Why?
I feel alone I feel like my anchor has been cut.
Shit. I don't like this feeling.. 
Need to toughen up even more.

Sleepy Hollow

The horseman turns his head towards the woman..
" You are a fine specimen. Come quietly and I shall spare you a fate worse than death." 
With this he tucks his head into the crook of his elbow while motioning her forward with a finger.

Sleepy Hollow AV with horse!!!

Halloween's a cummin!

And apparently so is leather face!

Poor Ember, her throat fucked so viciously that shes still coughing up blood and  well
 ..other gunk. 

Get the full Leatherface AV with working chainsaw 
 (not free but wow!)

A little something.

I was looking through my note cards today and found something I wrote years ago.
 I still recall the emotions I felt then and I think this captured them perfectly.
 Please feel free to comment. :)

I see you come towards me , I stand there shivering 
.Oh so nervous and excited at the same time.
 I look downwards and see what you have in your hands. 
A collar, Your collar,my collar.
 I try to drink it in every detail, black and slim, a ring on the front for the leash.
 Oh my lord is this really happening to me?
My stomach is doing flips and I'am barely able to breathe as you come closer.
You stand before me now, inches away , I can feel my hair stand on end and the butterflies dance. 
I inhale deeply and close my eyes a moment trying to capture this in my mind forever.
Oh how i have longed for this. 
I exhale and look up at you a brave smile on my face, knowing that this is it.
 The moment I give myself to You, to Own to posess. 
I'm scared to death but try to swallow my fear as I smile and lift my hair off my shoulders, offering You my neck.
Knowing that this is right, You are the One for me.
 I wait breathing quick and shallow. 
You just stand there watching me and my reactions to you,enjoying the moment.
In this stillness you finealy speak.
 There's my good girl.
 I blink a tear trickling down my cheek,showing I'm not quite as brave as I seem.
You reach out ..hand softly caressing my neck, I try to steady myself.
Finally I feel it against my skin, I hear the lock click shut.
Hear your whispered word...

Don't Jump!!

I finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge!!!
What a massive and well done build!!
600m / 6500 prims.  

 We strolled along it and come to a look out.. I see a sign..

(Humm, OK!)

I pick up the phone.... It's FAKE!!!
Then look down at my ever expanding belly with a sigh..

I jumped.. 

Come find my ghost @


So we were sim hopping  and decided to rest.. Naked man walks up and...

[12:32] Ember Adored: hi there
[12:32] CurroJimenez: ola
[12:32] Gerritt: hello water cold?
[12:32] CurroJimenez: hola
[12:33] Gerritt: hiya you appear to have lost something?
[12:33] Ember Adored: spanish only?
[12:33] Ember Adored: no habloa espanoil
[12:36] Gerritt: awkward silence

12:39 As I post this.. He is still standing here :) gigglefit.

In addition..

To the Snickers post..

I enjoy being a  brat  so I found this from the same company..

Gerritt?.. He fainted.

Octomom avatar from Snickers 0L
 SLURL on previous post.

/me snickers.

So I swore up and down I would NEVER get a tummy talker...
I lied.
I was cruising Marketplace and came upon one by a shop called Snickers.
It's an evil tummy talker. It says things like :..

~ Ember Adored shouts OMFG, it's octuplets!!! Gimme my welfare and book deal!!!
~ Your baby kicks the crap out of you. Again and again.
~Ember Adored knows having the spawn of Satan growing inside her is not a good thing.
~ Your baby shouts, "I am the god of hell fire!"

Ha ha  too funny!!  Get it here...Snickers

As the month comes to a close

For those few who may be keeping track, this month (7/28 to be precise at 6:06pm Eastern--not that I'm tracking) marks our 3rd month together - for those who said it wouldn't last HA--and the wench has yet to get me to wear pink....

Summer's in full swing, so things have been slowing down--however over the last few weeks we have

1) Added 2 new outfits--(for those who became suddenly nervous Em made them I just stood and tried to look imposing)--do you hear the birds in harmony singing--BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY.....

2) Added a few new products to our *GEL* Products RLV Product Line (insert birds from previous paragraph)

3) ) Oh--and just for fun--since we did the math and now have 21 products on marketplace. Since that's more products than I have fingers and toes--we built a store (the birds again begin to chirp....)

But those things are just to pass a few pleasant moments together--and because we need to afford Ember's hair budget--the most important thing we're enjoying doing is sharing an in-game RP pregnancy (for those who want to split hairs--making the RP baby is what we shared--now I just sit back and yell out new numbers to adjust the munchkins' shape every day).... At this moment I'm opening up the pool regarding the birth date--I WILL warn you that since I'm tracking the spreadsheet if you bet against the brat and me you will lose....BTW we're now up to twins--anyone betting on triplets?

In Em's last post she came incredibly close to waxing somewhat sentimental about her feelings--and not to be outdone--but only because I didn't want to take away from her moment--I've waited til now to post any sort of formulated reply--

I believe that to "need" another person is to place an undo burden on that individual--but to want them in your life is a gift they offer. We spend nearly every day together as much as possible on voice--we build, we laugh, we explore, we share--and my life is better for having her as a part of it--thank you munchkin for all the joy that you bring me in turn. I have you in my life and I continue to want you as part of it.

Until our next posting we wish you all the same happiness (wait sorry that's likely too mushy for this hour-how about the same experiences) that we share as well.


Hair on drugs.

That's what my Mom said anyway  when she TP'd me to Gesamtkunstwerk 
( bless ya)

Two free hairs here, come check them out. both are fat packs. 
Think fantasy avatar look!

Oh Sassy!

I want this outfit.. And so do you!!

Head on down to Sassy's and slap this board.
While you are there , join the group and grab up the freebies and hunt items in store.
They have really well made clothes and do not skimp on quality for the freebies!!

Still reading?



Seems to be broken. I cannot access it and I know I have a question there. So whoever wrote it, if you really need to know. IM me inworld and maybe I will tell you.


 Le sigh, I am soooo lazy these days. 
I haven't even felt like blogging. But I did promise one so here goes..
We met on my FL  birthday in March.
He followed me to SAG for moral support while I underwent my first slave auction.
Anyhoo, he by accident won me for 10 hours.
I stayed a week.
Once the week was up I removed his collar, keys were exchanged and  pleasantries.. 
"No sorry I am NOT ready to be owned by anyone!!"

I made him wait 2 months while I got my mental shit together ( yeah right!!) as well as I could . 
I marched over and yelled at him till he collared me. ( Yes I am that romantic)
I am glad I let myself finally open up to him. I was a bit of an emotional mess.
Hell I still am but he loves me for all of me, flaws n all.

I spend all my SL time with him in voice. while we travel and build random things together. 
He encourages me in everything I try to do , in world and in FL.
This man is my boyfriend , Master, father figure, sounding board and friend.
He also gets a giggle outa me when I try to top him from the bottom!
  Oh, he is also now my Partner.. I proposed.." So , you ever gonna partner me or what?"
Damn Ember so smooth. Worked though.. Too soon you think? 
Naw.. I know what I need in my life and His rock steady presence is a necessity in mine.

So yeah No mush here, just the facts..
Feel free friends to come visit us at Bondage Island.

Anna's Many Murders by Bryn Oh

Words cannot express what I felt when visiting this SIM.

 Go here , explore Bryn Oh.. No need to say more Just go. Anna's murders

We did it

As Ember's summer begins to clutter with the many demands of family and work increasingly I'll be the one who places posts here--consider yourself suitably warned.
During the last several weeks we've been up to suitable amounts of prim slinging, exploring, and last but not certainly not among the least of these--we partnered.
I'll leave the details to the munchkin (Ember that was a rather unsubtle hint to add a comment to this post waxing erudite regarding shareable details) however leave it to say that we do nothing according to the normal dictates expected of one with SL.
What it did cause though was for me to consider WHY we partner within this reality. In my 4 years I've seen people partner:
* For convenience or casual friendship
* Because of business reasons
* I've even known people to partner themselves
* And yes--for something deeper
IF it was only Em's personality and how my mood lightens when we see each other every morning--that alone would qualify us as friends...however I believe in SL it is the things we share in common that warrant partnership--friendship, respect and love is only the basis on which to build. For us, we have gravitated towards each other since we first met, we've nurtured and help each other to grow, we take delight in each other's accomplishments--and together we make something special. For those reasons as well for feelings that are not the business of those who read this post--she is the one person who makes this reality for me as special as it is. 'Nuff said.
In between, we've added more to our 1/2 SIM--Em did a marvelous job finding us a home--1/2 SIM with 2x region bonus prims so we've been finding ways to fill up 3,750 prims. Over the last month we've managed to add a volcano, several acres of forest, a lighthouse, a 1-person police patrol (thank you Bree--your badge is in the mail!) and a New York Style condo-yes they all work together....and most gratifying, Em has shown to be quite handy at building grass and flowers and landscaping (only in SL does one talk about building grass without inhaling)
In the blatant PLUG category--we did add one major item to our *GEL* product line --yes among other things we do market things. This month we built a DJ Bondage booth
(Buy) I'll leave it those interested to read the ad on Marketplace as it includes a multitude of little touches that stemmed from her devious mind (Buy)--but trust the texturing was done by the brat so it won't burn your eyes--I've learned a long time ago to not subject the world to my texture/color sense and Em is far more adept in that area. (Buy)
Outside of knowing we'll do it together I am unsure as to what the next months hold (well sure of one item but that is for a future post)....hell with Em I'm unsure as to what the next few minutes have in until next time....

As the sun sets

On my time in SL...

We travel to one more glorioso sim called 
It was so beautiful truly.
Take the link and go  verkennen.

Click to enlarge the photos

Anyway, beautiful sim's aside I just want to let my readers know that I probably not be blogging until at least September when my RL calms down. 

I won't be on SL much and the time I do have will be spent with friends doing ahem, stuff...
To be frank I am really becoming lazy. I'm spoiled and know it.:)
Maybe Gerritt will keep you all updated on my antics.. oh and I will post comments , yeah . thats about more my speed!

Is this 100 words yet? Is it? Is it? Is it? Is it?
ciao Ember

First tentative steps into ---the blog zone......

Morning all--for those who read this post and haven't met me in-game, I'm Gerritt Resident--and no I'm not related to the other 65,000 Residents who now call SL home (or is it 100 people with 650 alts--never could get that straight). Ember was gracious enough to grant me the rights to place a post here so I've decided to avail myself of the opportunity--and I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that she now has a task on her list to create a new post and she'd found a clever way to delegate the task back.

I wanted to take a moment to bend everyone's ear regarding not reading a book by the cover that contains it. For any who read this post over time-likely you're aware of the fact that I've been fortunate enough to know Em since her birthday in March. At the time we'd struck up a casual conversation and I ended up following her to SAG due to the fact she was a bit nervous about her first slave sale (note to self--be somewhat cautious about making an opening bid at SAG). Net result of the event was that no other bids were entered---and two 1/2 months and several hundred conversations, jokes, flirting, purchases of oddball pink outfits, building of barbie castles later I have found a friend, a confidant, a sub-- and one of the most endearing individuals I have known in my nearly 4 years in-world.

Its a normal human trait that we quickly establish expectations of individuals we meet--and those initial impressions we form tend to guide how we judge and interact with them. Depending on the person--most people live up (or down) to those expectations--but if you keep a weather eye-a rare person reveals hidden depths you didn't initially expect (I'll save the ala-Shrek analogies about peeling back layers of the onion). In the case of Em, the initial vision I carried away was of
a happy individual, warm, open, who was like many in SL--primarily interested in attire, conversation and shopping----NOT that those are bad things--but my interests typically have drifted to building, scripting (inserts plug for the new line of RLV items we're gradually creating together). I've been known to --gasp--leave my avi dressed in the same jeans until they could stand up in the corner by themselves (even though they were flexi prims)--thank god-fortunately SL hasn't invented smell-o-vision just yet as a viewer option.

What I have found in Em--in addition to the admirable traits that attracted me in the first place (and no not just the pretty pixels--admittedly damn cute) --but particularly in the last few weeks since she chose to submit, is a questing mind, a complex individual who loves to travel, to learn, to landscape (and she's getting damn good damn fast--next place we have babe the landscaping is your task), and an excellent multi-tasker. I've seen her deal with real life while creatively and without missing a beat pull off some roleplay that I never could do. She's won not only my focus, my respect and my attention here, but also my respect and love as well.

Over the last few weeks:
1) We've established a line of RLV devices (and yip we've actually sold 4 woohoo--as the crowd roars). Em-has proven to be awesome at texturing. Look online for GEL products (checks the TOS rules about product plugs within a Blog).
2) Em has taken her first forays at landscaping and building a little cuddle spot--and per her last post I would agree she's got the knack for it. Well done munchkin. As of this posting I'm upping your flower budget.

3) We've done a lot of SIM hopping--turns out we share interests in bizarre spots and seeing the creativity inherent within SL--yes Virginia there is life outside of the Ranch, even as endearing a spot as that is. Among other places (more to follow) look for Village of Nyght (many zombies died that day), Fetish Circus, Immersiva, Black Pearl Beach, and the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns.

 4) In between we've pretty much finished up the theme rooms at Keiser's place--OK to be more specific Em's ideas and I subcontracted some of the work.
5) I've received a long list of product ideas from the mind of a devilishly clever person that will have me building for some time to come. (Thank you brat--remember anything I build and script YOU have to texture and test).

Most importantly? We're having fun and establishing what people euphemistically call a drama free zone (hell isn't that reason we COME here???). I can honestly say these last months-in particular these last few weeks--have reaffirmed my belief in the possibilities of people in SL. Take it from an old man--don't be fearful about giving a second look to someone or something you may have dismissed--lurking close behind the covers you may indeed find someone who has the power to change your outlook. We can only wish to others the same amount of happiness we are finding here. I told her once that nothing easy is worth having--the follow on to that however is that anything or ANYONE difficult to attain--is worth every moment.