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I'm sorry, sorry , sorry.... Eh, No ..I'm not.
All my life I have been apologizing. "I did something wrong?.. Sorry." I perceive you are mad at me.." I'm sorry." Someone hurt your feelings?.." Well I'm sorry for that too"
It is automatic with me.. Apologize. make peace.. Keep everyone happy.. My Opti always told me over and over.. "Stop saying sorry!"..  Me.."OK Sorry!" Ember Sighs.. " It really is hard when you try to hold everyone's world together. " Well enough is enough . "I'm not sorry.. It is NOT my fault you feel this way."
I actually felt my own personal growth yesterday and had to share. Thank you and have a great day.

My second auction @ SAG.

Miyani Ichtama: All right! My three, front and center!  That would be Ember (thank you, Ember), Jenny, kaila! Miyani Ichtama: Everyone else, please clear the door.

Ember Adored: *mews*

Alwyn Keng: cute ember!
 Î±Ê‘αℌ (taru.crystal) looks at sisters getting ready for the auction, crossing her fingers for all of them..
Miyani Ichtama assumes her drill sgt. voice. "Ember, you will be headed onstage, center. Jenny, you're on the A frame to the right of the stage - closest to us. kaila, you're on the opposite A frame. Everyone got it?"

Ember Adored: Yessum!

Jenny Lewsey: yes Lady Miyani.

 Kaila Salyx: Yes Miss Miyani.

Miyani Ichtama throws open the cage doors, jumping back to give them room. "Move out!" Miyani Ichtama giggles as they run. "This is my favorite part.
Kresten McBride starts to chant, "I don't know, but I've been told: Slave pussy worth a lotta gold!"
Canada Starbrook giggles, watching.
Kresten McBride: SOUND OFF!

Shadow's Key Hunt.

At Bondage Playground. So a while back I set this up yet in my laziness forgot to blog about it..  my bad. What is this Key game you ask?  Well you but a set of manacles from the sign at Bondage playground for 200L. Wear them , lock and hit the big white key for hints.. And we are on our way.. There are 8 coloured keys you need to find. When you see one, click it and it appears on the hud   ( See photo #2 )  Follow the clues all across the sim to collect  the keys and once you have 3 you can start trying them..
But be forewarned.. Choose wrong and suffer the consequences..
 For each incorrect choice there is a punishment involved that will last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.
In the photo below you can see I made the wrong choice.
This punishment was tame. 
Why not stop by to Our favorite Playground and check this out.. 
Dominants.. are your subbies bored while you are offline? Want to publicly humiliate them?  What better way than this??
And subs.. Recall the black hole quest? This reminds me of…


Alright , this post is way over due. This is my experience @ SAG.
I was for most of my time there, one cool cucumber. Then as my time drew nearer I found my nerves, second guessing  myself and the like. I even tried multiple times to pick the lock on the cage, much to the delight of the gathering crowd. Could I do this ?  Could I serve another? "NOONOO!! Opti come rescue me from myself" I screamed inwardly. Alas  my prayers went unheard and up onto the block I go..  My eyes scan over the packed house. Lord there is a lot of people here today. I try to just breathe and focus on my auctioneer.  Well that worked, I clicked into RP  mode and followed her lead becoming   the submissive kitten.
She started the bidding high. I was shocked then waited for anyone to bid.. Right away We hear the first one.. for 1 thousand over the starting price.. My jaw dropped.. Oh shit wow really? And well folks that was it , no one would touch the bid, guess they got worried or figured as I hadn't …


Yep you hear it. She wants revenge is closing its doors. It is indeed a sad day in SL. But to cheer us up she has put all her items on sale for 10l..  I have no idea how long this will last so get your ass down here and shop..  Mens and women s clothing available.

Happy birthday Ember. Now get into that cage!

Well today is my big day. My RL birthday and my auction.. I'll have to admit I am a bit nervous. I will be spending my SL day in the cage @ SAG .  Well until 10 am then I am up on the block.  I was happy  to watch an auction in progress yesterday. That helped ease my serves slightly.. Only slightly HAHA.  So yeah I celebrated my Birthday last night the best possible way in my happy place. Love you Mister. xoxo.

How much is that Kitten in the window?

So some of you may know already that I have decided to put myself up for auction @ SAG. I will be up for auction on March 8 @ 10 am SLT. I will be serving a 10 hour contract to be completed within 7 days. I decided to do this for the experience, the thrill of the unknown. So if you want to cheer me on or just watch the auction in action come on down to SAG and check it out!  You can also pick up my info card there any time by clicking my box above the big cage :) I will post more on this after the auction date to fill you all in on how it went.  Wish me luck!!  <3 Ember.