Happy Wednesday?????

WTF??? Opsies I so thought this was Monday!
Anyhooo ......
Little Britain
And what do they have to offer us freebie Whores this week eh?
the Anarchy outfit*Hoodie & jeans* this weeks freebie.
The leg daggers can be found on one of the camp chairs.
I like these a lot!

The hat with hair, Pentagram chain and piercings also found in the camp chairs..
I looove the chain!
*Click photo to enlarge*
That's it that's all for now folks.
I promise someday soon I 'll go on a massive blogging spree as I have sooo much to share...
P.S. Go to Bishwear tonight before midnight.. All their hair is on sale from 75L to 99L only till midnight SLT!!! GO!GO!GO!!!

Summery Accessories

Some very, very cute accessories over at Mix and Match! Hurry hurry hurry over, coz there's some great freebies if you join the subscriber and hit the redelivery box AND some nice lindenbies in store too!

MM Spring boho bag, green (1L$) - Zerod 163 46 305
MM cute flip flops (in white for 1L$) - Zerod 155 75 305
MM Vintage Hairband (0L$ as a group gift! Hurry and join the 'scribo!) - Zerod 151 85 300
Good morning my darlings!!
Wow did you see the last two posts?
I'd like you to meet Ample.
I guess she couldn't stand to see me cry so voila she's blogging here .
Seriously Welcome Ample
You rock girlfriend!!

New Cuteness 2

Yay, no more storm for now so I can show you a bit more!

Another great skin from
(Vive9), it made me bring out P.K. to sport it. Also picture is a great free necklace from .:*:.Kotolier.:*:.

And more nice freebies from
~*RunoRuno*~, check out the sculpty sleeves and cuffs. I paired this with the vintage underwear from the same freebie section in store, you MUST go and have a look!
Last, these are the new Tootoo pumps from Periquita that came free in the group subscribo, but if you didn't happen to catch them you can a pair for 75l$ at the outlet.


Gemma [Milk] Chapped B Skin - (Vive9) - Eugene 33 117 24

Marin II Unisex Necklace - .:*:.Kotolier.:*:. - Pure Angel 185 243 26

Vintage Underwear Black, Teetee - ~*RunoRuno*~

Group Gift Tootoo - Periquita - LLoyd 210 83 0

New Cuteness

So I was out walking around as one of my alter egos, Sera, and I decided I needed some new cuteness. Luckily I found the nicest freebies, skins, clothes, and some nice accessories.

First, is the Petal Dress from ~*RunoRuno*~, where a lot of adorable freebie clothes are:

Please keep in mind that all these lovely sculpties will need to be adjust depending on your avatar and the creator does warn on some of the items that they are not made for curvy shapes!

Next we have a great manicure from Candy Nail, the current group gift, called LOVE:

Do join the group! It's worth the slot if you love nice nails.

And the last thing I wanted to post on was the lovely free skins from (Vive9)! They recently released several new skin lines and opened a new location at Elliot, a Starlust affiliated.

If my power stops threatening to go out due to this lightening I'll show you what P.K. found, featuring another great skin from (vive9) and more free accessories.

Petal Dress - ~*RunoRuno*~- Moonlight Requiem 240 230 301
Group Gift LOVE White Nails - Candy Nail - Candy nail 239 127 22
Aoki Dark Purify Skin - (Vive9) - Eugene 33 117 24

TULI @ The Circus

So this morning I decided to visit TULI as she had given us this lovely shirt in group with the promise of a skin set waiting for her VIP members inside a magic mushroom.
*This group is not free to join but worth the expense!*
Am I ever glad I did!
*points below*
Look at STAR from the Hope line of skins.
TULI's skins are way well done.
I love them!
My sexy eyes are the slice of summer prize from Poetic Colors.

While wandering around TULI ,I noticed this space globe.
I was slightly mesmerized.
(think shiny things)
So I stood there with my mouth hanging open a while before I hit edit to figure the creator and TP'D to their SIM from that.

This store is called a!!! 109 prims Circus!!!
I floated around gobsmacked.
I mean just look at this place!

And yes of course there are freebies to be had here as well!
I hope you enjoyed my journey this am.
please visit this SIM and tell me what you think!
Hugs and leg humps.

Is there anybody out there?

Just a short post here this afternoon.
I've been thinking lately that I haven't been able to post as often as I'd like due to RL difficulties.
What I need is more bloggers here to help me
Lets show off your talents ladies and gents.
Please I would love your comments and questions and will answer them all.
We just need new life here!

Another Monday @ Little Britain

Woohoo good morning all!
Little Britain has new stuffs out!
The weekly freebie is this I love rock and roll outfit.
From the camp chairs you can get... The Neko ears and tail. Neko boots.
Knee pads and Arm ciggies.
Not shown is the Rosary leg garter.While I was there I hunted up their watermelon and got the biker babe outfit shown below. also the skin I'm wearing in this pic is the Gothic cross from the lucky chair.
So get your butts down to Little Britain already!
Love Em,xoxo

Sugarr & A Slice Of Summer Hunt

  • Helloooo..And TGIF!
  • OK jumbled post today
  • (yay for percocet!)
First up is a store called Sugar.
I visit here frequently to stalk the MM board.
They have wicked nice stuff here.
Other day I got lucky when an E came up on the lucky chair while I was there.
I got this cool outfit called BANG.
Sugar is also in the Slice of summer hunt.
Which I believe starts tomorrow.
Check the website. all the stores are in there (even LBD!)This hunt will be great as it's run by the same person that did the bunny hop hunt! Cutey Magic

Instructions below(yes i borrowed this off their website, but its for the greater good!

1) Come to the Headquarters!

2) Find the watermelon somewhere...

3) Buy it and find the landmark to #002 inside your new folder.
Teleport to the 2nd store location.

4) Find and buy the watermelon hidden inside the 2nd store.
You will find the landmark for #003 inside another new folder.


You may use the hints to help you through.
If that does not help, you may join the group to ask for help.

Today at Little Britain Designs we are having a treasure hunt.Simply come along and join in the strawberry picking fun.We have hidden strawberrys in our land and all you have to do is find the 20 that contains great gifts.There will be some hidden than has nothing inside too but 20 has great prizes.We have only one rule to this event and that is not to tell any others where you found your prize strawberrys cause this is a hunt and takes away the fun.This event will last over two days so come along bring your friends and have fun.Check out our awsome stores too as we have a great range of clothes,new rock boots and skins.Hope to see you there
Little Britain Designs

Treasure hunt at LBD!

And here's some of the goodies you'll find. for a look at the men's stuffs please visit Yves blog:Fashion freebies for men.
Now get on over to Little Britain and hunt. I think It only lasts 2 days. Info will prolly be on the big sigh to the right of the main store!


And you can come see them here. @
Ember's Treasures.
I also have my suscribo set up here as well as a Midnight Mania board. Oh ya lets not forget the freebies from various generous designers around the grid.
cheers my lovelies.
Ember loves you, hugs

It's Monday Again!!!

And that means more Little Britain..Oh ya baby!
So I was setting up for this post and what happens..
An E ..on the lucky chair!!!
I got this great skin called Gothic cross.
It has tattoos on the shoulders and well it's just fantastic.
BTW Little Britain's skins retail for like 800L$
So totally worth stalking the chairs.
As per usual there's one for the boys as well.

This weeks freebie is called Suicide Blonde.
Includes mouth razor, vodka arm band, knife belt, bloody wrist bands,and bloody rope round the neck..
their coolest yet me thinks.!

And let's not forget the Midnight Mania boards.
Hoodies with the American flag on the back.
That's all I got for now folks.
Peace out.
Ember, xoxo

Bondage Queen

Well the lucky chairs may be gone but Little Britain still bowls me over with their generosity to their group members.
This weeks freebie is called Bondage Queen.
and he he
*looks behind her*
seems I got a new Master?
looks mean
So yes there's a male version as well and folks these are good!
Thank you Nightly & Ivica for all your generosity .
You do amazing work.
Ember, xoxo

Worth dying for, and now they're almost free!

Rezzable are closing down most of their sims in July, among them Crimson Shadow, one of my absolute favourite stores when I'm in a gothic or medieval mood.

I was stalking the lucky chair for this gown for weeks on end last winter. Did it come up with L? Nope. But now it's mine, for just 50L :)

The next dress, Elise has a long skirt too, which i forgot to take a picture of...

I was too busy getting into this gorgeous feathered corset dress. Still only 50 Lindybucks, including shoes!!

I even found a white dress in the dark Gothic corners of Crimson Shadow. Of course I had to have it! I LOVE that top hat!

What a beauty of a wedding dress!

Eagle! Will you marry me? - Uh... we're what? Married already? Then marry me again, Love :)

Go there before Rezzable becomes unrezzable!


So here I sit upon MY VENDOR!
Waiting for Ma to get back to help me.
While waiting I decided on a few things.
First is I plan on adding a suscribe o matic to let you know when I've blogged something or if something new is in the HQ (Sound good??)

And .. he he I have been having a great time learning to make clothes I decided to showcase them in a vendor @ HQ nothing over 100l as yeah I'm new at this.
Right, second half of my post.
there's these shoes I have been coveting for quite awhile now.
I see them almost every post Gabbi Fitzgerald does on SL GOOD DEALS. Anyway finally saw where their from today and flew over to scope them out..
I almost had a little hissy fit right then and there.
Needless to say I did not get my shoes.:(
Now my question to you all is this..
I want comments here people!

OK... ahem*smooths her hair*
Yes that's my post for today.
I sincerely hope to hear your comments on this conundrum.
Ty for your time!
Love and kisses to all.


Hey everyone ...come on down to UnWaNtEd MaLL and have fun with the gummi bear hunt. Tons of Gummi's for sale at 0L... Included in some of them are guys shape, girls shape, and awesome candy skin awesome clothes and tons of other fun stuffs...Join us at UnWaNtEd...Here is a pic of the skin

Come have some fun and chat with ember and me :)

<3 Jemmie


Hello my darlings..
Yes I am still alive
Thank Forceme for this post as I have been neglectful of late.
So what going down in fashion land for Independence Day?
Lets see....
Tank top is from ::XS:: free at the hair fair.
The skirt is from Xstreet free.
My skin is free from the hunt on at Symphony Skins
Hair is free from the hunt at Magika!!

Right, in this photo I am wearing Hair from Deviant kitties hunt.
Skin is another from Symphony.
The super hot well made dress is from Twisted and spoiled.
I got it free on Xstreet.
Ears and tail are a gift at the Fab Free HQ .
Omg I love you guys, you inspire me!
Thats all I'll post for now ..
So sorry I have been neglectful of my blog but my back is quite bad as of late.
Surgery in August.
wish me luck.
Love and hugs to all ..