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Morning Dolls!
I have been having so much fun with photos lately. 
 I keep saying that don't I. Oh well it's true! 

Few notes on this post.
The Kinky Event is on and running from Oct 25th - Nov 20th. I popped in there and there are so many awesome things. No longer just body suits. You know what I'm talking about! Totally worth checking this event out. It's doing really well.The hair I am wearing is the FLF item from /Wasabi Pills/ and guess what ?  It's still at the main store for 50L so hurry Scurry before she takes it away! 

Happy Shopping!
Ember ♥

• Credits •

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ | Dakota | By MissAllSunday Lemon | Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive pack.Mesh Head -Catwa| Destiny | By Catwa Clip.Skin applier -Glam Affair | Payne Applier, Catwa / Annie | By Aida Ewing.Mesh Body -Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Tattoo - [White~Widow] | Moonlight, Black | By Julie Hastings | The Kinky EventOct 25th - Nov 20th.Outfit - The Annex | Lili Camisk | By TheAnnex | @ The Labyri…


Hey Dolls,

I got inspired by these bloody appliers from Izzie's & sexy .Shi hair.
Actually I've been hopping round the grid collecting odd and frivolous attachments,poses, hairs and put them all in a big folder called #Cool photo stuff. 
Soo, sorry not sorry but you will be seeing a LOT of different photos from me. 
Funny thing. I never used to wear any accessories, not even make up.. I blame Catwa and her heads :P
Ember ♥

Hair - .Shi | Hearken | By Joy Laperriere | @ Shiny ShabbyOct 20th - Nov 15th.Mesh Head - Catwa | Destiny | By Catwa Clip.Head Mouth Applier - Izzie's | Bloody Tears & Lips | By Izzie Button | FREELimited Time Halloween GiftBlood on Head - Izzie's | Face, Body Blood & Wounds | By Izzie Button. Glass shards - CURELESS | Blind Angel, Bloody Holo | By Kaorinette.Collar - EMPIRE | Calendula | By eмρıяe (queenshop) | @ ROMPOct 15th – 29th.Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Body Blood Applier - Izzie's | Face, Body Blo…

Fifty Linden Friday Hairs & Free Gift


Two  totally awesome hairs forFifty Linden Friday this week.
Oleander & Wasabi Pills YAY!!! 

Oleander's is bloody for Halloween and I am totally in love with the headband on it!

Wasabi's is a really pretty side braid in her exclusive FLF colour pack! 

Oh also... Free hair gift @ Wasabi for Halloween. 
Just hit the Update group beside the poster of the gift. If like me you are already in the group, you might have to unsubscribe then hit it again to subscribe and get this cute hair gift.

That's all for me right now, Happy Shopping!!
Ember ♥

Hair 1 - Oleander | Madison. | Bloody Massacre | ByBailee (baileeoleander) | For Fifty Linden FridayHair 2 - /Wasabi Pills/ | Dakota | By MissAllSunday Lemon | Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive pack.Hair 3 - /Wasabi Pills/ | Tsuki | By MissAllSunday Lemon | FREE Halloween Gift(Hit the Subscriber outside the store.)Mesh Head - Catwa| Destiny | By Catwa Clip.Skin Applier/ Make up - Glam Affair | Payne Applier, Catwa / Annie | By…

He loves me not.

Hai Dolls.

So my SIM went down for restart Tues no, Wednesday? 
Anyway, I ended up teleporting to some random sim and as soon as I land I get an IM. 
I thought maybe it was my boss but nope.. Figured I would share as it gave me the giggles. 

"XXX XXXXt: hi Ms Ember
 Ember Adored: You need to read profiles before jumping people.
XXX XXXX: may god heal your heart dear this is a very sick game i cn't believe you are seriousabout it bye."
Alrighty then. 

So after I got myself back home I finished my photo and I am super pleased with the results.

Hope you enjoy all this flowery, glittery goodness. And remember, be safe out there  and like a someone once told me, Don't take life so serious. 
Humm, thanks, random person!
Happy Hump Day!
Ember ♥

Hair - MINA Hair | Anika | By Mina Nakamura | @ The EpiphanyOct 15th – Nov 15th. Mesh Head - Catwa | Destiny | By Catwa Clip.Skin, Make up Appliers - Glam Affair | Glenny , Catwa / Annie | By Aida Ewing | @ UberOct 25th - Nov 23rd.Eyes -…

Free Group Gift @ Love

Free Group Gift @ Love.
Casually Rogue comes with two color HUDs.  Blonde tone as well as a special Hallow for those of us who love to live on the wild side!  I am inserting the advert as well as my own photo today as (usual) I went a wee bit overboard on my wind lights.   My photo was taken with  one of the Blonde tones.  I just couldn't resist sticking it in as I love how it ended up all pink & blue.The Group is freeto join & I hear there is another gift coming soon. You can join by pasting this link into your SL viewer  secondlife:///app/group/ed0df2db-72c7-b2ca-1079-de947ba51661/about  just check the notices and enjoy ♥

• Credits •Hair - Love | Casually Rogue | By Love lєtσmí pєαrl (lovespun) | FREE Group Gift Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Nancy  ( Catwa / Annie ) | By Aida Ewing.Pose - an lar [poses] | The Eliza Series | By Katya (katya.valeska) | @ Lost & FoundOct 22nd - Nov 1st.

Soul's Migration

TGIF Dolls!
Today I'm showing off some fantastic hair , appliers & accessories. 
I am loving be able to get as creative as I feel these days.

Hope you enjoy.
Ember ♥
Hair - Exile | Cosmic Bride | By Kavar Cleanslate | Exclusive @ The EpiphanyOct 15th – Nov 15th.Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Pia ( Catwa / Tumble ) | By Aida Ewing | @Kustom9Oct 15th - Nov 10th.Eye Shadow / Butterfly - SlackGirl | Butterfly Solo | By SlackGirl | @ The LabyrinthOct 8th - 31stLip Applier - Zibska| Brynne | By Zib (zib.scaggs)Small Butterflies - ::Una:: | Butterfly Collar Multicolour | By Una Daxter | @ The LabyrinthOct 8th - 31stLarge Butterfly - Le Poppycock | *Small Blessings* Song in My Heart (Butterfly) | By Olivia Lalonde.Pose - Black Cats poses | Perfect marionette | By Dragonlila | @ Pose Lover & FriendsOct 14th - Oct 30th.

Beautiful Death

Hey Dolls!

Have you been to The Epiphany yet?
If not, don't worry, you still have till November 15th to get all that Gacha Goodness. 
I had to show off this Wicked Catwa Applier made by Glam Affair called  'Dia de los muertos' (Day of the dead) that is the Exclusive for this event.
 I tried it on and thought humm. What could I do with this and my photo 'Beautiful Death' was given life.

I find myself drawn more and more to cool, odd accessories, and really the petals I had in my inventory from NAMINOKE & ROQAI just worked perfectly with this. 

 I know I have always been a general fashion blogger and for those who've been following me over the years I am sorry I stepped off that platform a  bit. 
After 7 + years of doing this I find I just need to do what gets me feeling creative and that is head shots & different photos like this one. 
I am slowly revamping my blog roll at the top of the page to show off some of my very favorite bloggers out there so if you nee…

Spotlight on The Hairology Event.

Today I want to talk to you about the  Hairology  Event In Secondlife
Most of you have heard of it by now I am sure but new Residents are joining every day ( Remember to add your new friends to the group Hair SL Group !!)  So I figured I’d best introduce them to this awesomely hairy event!

Hairology is a monthly event beginning on the 10th of each month and generally ends on the 30th

What will you find at this event?  
HAIR!!!!  All types and styles, so many that you may just wanna find me in world and slap me for telling you  about it. Who doesn’t need new hair right??!

Ok ,on to my photos. Today I randomly chose three styles by different designers there to show off to you.

Hope you enjoy & Happy Shopping.
Ember ♥


• Credits •

Hair 1 -Stealthic | Baby Doll | By Stealthic | @ HairologyOct 10 – 30th.Hair 2 – Beusy | Harsh Hair & Cap | By Becca (colorless) | @ HairologyOct 10 – 30th.Hair 3 – Pink …

When I close my Eyes

Hey Dolls. 

I have a few really exciting ( to me anyway) things to show you today.
First up is Izzie's You must have heard off this store.  No.  WHAT? They make amazing appliers and all sorts of interesting things for your Av. Like for instance in these photos I am showing you the Closed Eye Applier that in my opinion is totally needed as sometimes the eyes when closed on mesh heads have a bit of stretching ( Photo below) This is the answer I've been looking for so Thank you Izzie!!

Also shown from Izzie's is the Little tears.  I grabbed them for Fifty Linden Friday a little while back but it's in the store proper now and not too expensive.  Perfect for the sadface option on Catwa.

Speaking of Catwa, I loved my Dyana head so much that I took the leap and got myself another head.  This time I chose Bibi cause I just love a baby face!
I paired it all with this cute blushy Mina skin applier from Glam Affair & This sweet pink hair called Fall by Exile both from The Epiphan…

Pretty things & news of gifts

Hey Dolls, TGIF!

Just want to show off this look I have been sporting for two days now.  I have gotten so many compliments on this outfit that The Seasons Story might be packed for a while with all the LM's I've been passing out but don't worry all the events listed run until the 30th of the month so loads of time to shop :).

P.s The Seasons Story has Gifts out. Some free others 30L.
Also the cute headband is free from pr!tty over @ Hairology

Ember ♥

Hair - pr!tty | Jade | By Karla Marama | @ HairologyOct 10 - 30th.Headband -pr!tty| Rosey Kitty | By Karla Marama | @ HairologyOct 10 - 30th. Free GiftMesh Head - Catwa | Dyana | By Catwa Clip.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Moirah , Asia | By Aida Ewing | @ Collabor88Oct 8 - Nov 6th.
Lipstick - Zibska | Elfriede | By Zib (zib.scaggs).
Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Corset - The Mystic | Gothic corset (Rose) | By LanaI3anana | @ The Seasons StoryOct 10th - 31st.Stockings - The Mystic | Gothic Lace Socks…

Let's Talk About My Mesh Head Conversion

Mornin Dolls.

Today I have some more stuffs I picked up @ Collabor88 as well as items from Hairology & The Liaison Collaborative.

So for those of you that know me, know that I have been fighting the mesh head thing for a very long time. 
But now thanks to Catwa, Glam Affair, SlackGirl & Zibska I think I am officially converted.

I think heads CAN look different. I mean if you look through my Flickr Here -
Most of the recent photos ( except 2 ) are using the Catwa Dyana head. 
I think each one looks different depending on what skin & make up I've used. 

 So if like me you are a bit reluctant, go to Catwa and try ALL the Demo's.I think you may be able to test the demo heads with demo skin appliers.
 ( Not even sure though so if anyone does know how to work the demo system there please leave a comment and help us out. )
Enjoy my crazy photos !

Ember ♥

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. | Myrthe | By Mirja Mills | @ HairologyOct 10 - 30th.Mesh …

My October Collabor88 Shopping Trip.

Hey Dolls!
So I was reading some group message and one girl posted the slurl for Collabor88 cam shopping. 
I clicked it totally not thinking as who is really going to get in on their first attempt this early..
ME!! I did!
 Seems there are now 2 cam sims attached now and there were only 5 people there when I tried the new one!

So I needed to share all the SLURLS with you as well as a few of  the great items to be found here. 
All info & Style cards below.
Ember ♥

Collabor88 Main SIM - Cam SIM 1 - Cam SIM 2 -


Photo 1 - 
Hair - Exile | Sidewinder | By Kavar Cleanslate | @ Collabor88Oct 8 - Nov 6.Skin - .Birdy.  | Ali , Pure | By Dani (nina.helix) | 1L VIP Gift / 150L group Join fee.Shape - Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Top - Zaara | Anisha ruff…

Tied & Torn

First of all, 
 Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.

I couldn't sleep last night and these photos are a result of that & the Catwa face Applier I picked up @ Glam Affair yesterday for Fifty Linden Friday.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!
Ember ♥

~ Credits ~
Strings -Curio Obscura | Marionette Controls and Ribbons Black | By Pandora Wrigglesworth.Hair - NO.MATCH | NO.SLEEP. | By no.match (viking) | Coming to HairologyOct10 - 30th.Mesh Head - Catwa | Static Head Nicki | By Catwa Clip.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) Polar - Creepy | By Aida Ewing.Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Wounds - Izzie's | Face & Body Blood & Wounds | By Izzie ButtonTop -Blueberry | Energy , Chain Bra ( Maitreya ) *Black* | By Blueberryxx. ( Past Gacha )Chain Harness - !deviousMinds | Diawa FetishHarness Gold, Lara | ByChandra Meehan | @ Memento MoriOct1 - 14th.Pose 1 - an lar [poses] | The Minuet Series | By Katya (katya.valeska)  | @ The Liaison Coll…

Proud to be me.

↑ Well, most days I am :)

Hair - MINA Hair | Zahra | By Mina Nakamura | @ FaMESHedOct 1 - 27th.Mesh Head - SomeMore | SaeBom Mesh Head | By ᴅᴜᴄᴋʏ ɴʏᴀɴ ღ (ducky0w0).Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Top - *CK* Crazy Kitty |  Proud to be me | By Kaci Kohime |FREE @ The Free DoveSkirt - NS:: | Mesh Ruffled Skirt | By nani Soulstar.Socks - {Luxuria} | Kelly Sheer Knee Socks | By LuxuriaCustomerService.Shoes - NS:: | Sweet Treats Platform Canvas | Made for Slink & Beleeza | By nani Soulstar.Pose - an lar [poses] | The Sapphire Series | By  Katya (katya.valeska) | @ We ♥ Role-PlayOct 4 - Oct 31st.

Am I A Pixel Girl?

Oh hai guys!
Just needed to reacquaint you with my ass.

Why did I feel the need to do that? Blueberry jeans, DUH!
Still the best denim out there. 
I also needed to remind you of just how fantastic {ZOZ} Polish is.  I mean, just look at that wet shine.
Both designers make me forget I am a pixel girl in a pixel world.

*Drops mic *

Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle. Jeans - Blueberry | Melanie , Blueberry Bootie (Maitreya) | By Blueberryxx.Polish - {ZOZ} | Memories Fall Polish (Maitreya) | By Zozicon | @ The Dressing RoomOct 1st - Oct 23rd.Pose - Signature Pose | Demented | By Amanda Randall.Pose Adjuster - Animare HUD | By Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant)Lighting - LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.


Just showing off the photo today as I have been wearing this look a few days now..

There is only a few days left to grab up the hair & gloves from their respective events.
As ever, all the details are listed below in the credits with LM's or SLURLS embedded
 in the name of Designers & Events.
Ember ♥

Hair - .Shi | Binah | By Joy Laperriere | @ UberSept 25th - Oct 23rd.Mesh Head -Catwa| Dyana | By Catwa Clip.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Viktoria ( For Catwa ) | By Aida Ewing.Eyes - Aveline| Mesh Eyes - Doll-L - Hazel | By Giggle Solo | FREE ON MARKETPLACEEye liner - SlackGirl | Liner for You for CATWA Heads | By SlackGirl | 10L on MarketplaceLip stick - Zibska | Margaux | By Zib (zib.scaggs) | @ Shiny ShabbySept 20th - Oct - 15th.Claws - Violent Seduction | Lilith Gloves | By Iki (iki.akiri) | @ Kustom9Sept 15 - Oct 10th.Pose -  [Shi.S.] | Hand Poses | By Shiva Swords.