Little Britain

Yep that's right folks.. more LBD just for you!!

First up is Hell's DJ(500L$)

Very cool .Comes with lots of cool attachments that blink and stuffs.
Next on the list is the Night Hawk.. (700L$)
Another super cool RP outfit ..(love the mask)
And a big old thank you to my sexy girl Irkalla Caudron
Whom selflessly went over to LBD and  did my research for me! huggles!!

Monday Madness.

Morning everybody!!!
Here's a quick post to show what I've managed to pick up the last few days.

This here photo is of LBD's weekly freebie called Xmasohyst.
Comes with shirt, pants and belt.. Thank you Ivica for all your hard work and effort. You are greatly appreciated! 
This outfit.. I am so totally stoked about. Everything seen in the above photo (-skin and shape) is from LE.LOOK sim. It's their first anniversary and they are celebrating by creating complete avitars for us. 
(Note the BAX boots...FREE OMFG!)
Please be patient when attempting to get in here, sim is always full.. took me three days to get there.:( But,, sooo worth it* smiles at her boots*

Right y O , so that's it for today. 
To all my lovlies  if i don't see you before hand 
Have a very Merry Christmas.. May you and your's be blessed
<3 Em,xoxo

Happy Happy Friday!!

What a wonderful day!
First off a personal note, I am so very happy these days.
Thank you to all my friends who listen to my constant ramblings. 
I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.
My life has been touched.. Life is good again, wonderful in fact.

Ahem yes , on to the freebies =p
In the above photo I am wearing the December group giftie from Truth.. I'm in love *winks*
The hair is also from Truth in the suscribo.

This pretty gown is a gift from *~ Aria's Dream ~*  Off the DSN 
You should all by now have signed up like good little girls ,yes?
If not leave a comment and I will help you in world.
Saving the best for last...
This drool making lingerie is a Christmas gift from Seldom Blue .
Isn't it glorious.. 
The lights on me are from the previously blogged Hoorenbeek gift.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Happy Hump day!!!

First up ..Little Britain.. Bit late with this one ..hehe, sue me =p

Retro Punk jeans on the MM
In this photo, this weeks freebie
Get wasted. 
Comes with a belt full of bottles!!
Also wander over to their winter area. 
There is a frozen pond with coolio all star ice skates..

Also while there I ran into an acquaintance who was wearing little more than lights and a smile. And well you know me, ignores the nudity..
"OMG..Where did you get those lights?? I need them!!"
Ha ha so he hands over the LM and off to Horenbeek I dash.

They have lights, gift boxes, antlers ect.,
You guessed it...FREE!
Whew, that about covers it for today.. 
Well maybe, there s few more things.. 
Maybe I'll blog them tomorrow.
As per usual, Kitty kisses and leg humps to you all.
Make the most of your hump day!
Squishes,Em xoxo

Some stuff I picked up.

Not feeling my best today sooo I decided to tart myself up and show off to you!
Please feel free to comment, I sure could use a smile.

           First up are some free Items off of xstreet.

Next ,some free lingerie from Blacklace

That's it that's all folks..I'm so sorry to have not been regular with this site but sometimes I just check out from it all. Shall try harder in the new year.
Peace and love

Yay for Monday's

So with bleary eyes I wander over to Little Britain.What did I find? 

This wicked cool ripped apart outfit..
Oh and I noticed that they have changed the skin in the lucky chairs..
(I think they are trying to get me to move in here)
.. shrugs.. 
So here I sit waiting on my letter to come up.
As I wait I blog this hawt outfit for you!!

Monday Part 2

Ah crap,whatever lol. 
Here is another wicked cool Rp outfit from Little Britain Designs. Meet...Hellfire..
Smoking hawt samurai outfit.
This one can be purchased for 700L$
Murder Death Kill
<3 U all
Poison kisses to you

Monday part 1

New out at Little Britain

Crimson Shadow
This Is from their role play line.
( It makes me wanna play the bad ass)
It comes with tons of stuff and heh, how fucking hot is this eh! Get this complete outfit,- the katanas for 700L$
Much torture and violence

Ack sorry the dollarbies are gone but there is a free gift!

A few things I've picked up recently.

First photo Is a fantasmic dress from Plastik .
There are some dollarbie boxes at the front of the shop one for the Doods and two for the girls. Wicked good stuff in them, go before they are gone!


Second photo is the top half of Plastik's strappy dress
(I <3 this Soo sexy.)
not free
Also the Burn Jeans off the MM board @ Little Britain.

Third photo is Yet another of the smoking hot dresses from Plastik dollarbie box.
That's all I got For now..
*sorry for the uninspired poses.. I switched avatars and haven't got any poses yet!! Soon really*
(eye roll)
Love and kisses to all my friends..
I am doing well.
I promise..xoxo

It's monday! Time for Little Britain!

Here's this weeks freebie from Little Britain. It's called Breakout.
I took the photo in a jail cell at the (hopefully) Soon to be opened Heavy Bondage Club. This place will rock. I'm positive!!

Some more LBD

Had a few to many drinks and to little food...WEEEEE
Anyhoo Check out Scorpion queen One of Little Britain's newest role play outfits. comes complete with everything shown  except for skin and hair.for ~$700L
Skin is Scorpion Queen dark.~$800L
Hair is free at Analog dog

Just a quickie for those that need one.

Here's this week's freebie from Little Britain. It's called Aye AYe Captain And as per usual there is a men's version as well. This is by far one of my faves to date.So glad I decided to sneak over to grab it!

Weekly love from LBD **UPDATED**

This is brand new in the MM board at LBD .
It's called EMO hoodie. Go slap that board hard..
(one for the men too!)

It's called Cursed Sailor.
How fun is this? It comes with top, pants and belt with knife and rope. All bloody and purrfect For a RP.

So head on down to Little Britain and show them you love them back!

Hunt @ PRIME

Hello all, I would like to invite you to visit a real good furniture store called PRIME. So much love and detail goes into their work here, also they use Xpose scripting. (I own a bed and couch they are mind blowing) below are some photo's I've taken in store. They have a hunt on right this second! get over there and have fun.

PRIME Furniture's main store in Roscana has been completely rebuilt, and there is a lot to celebrate
* Lots of new furniture, sets and single items added every week
* A region where it's nice to hang out with friends
* Good neighbors: Shapes by Kira, NEO Fashion Addict and Yes Oui Si fashion
* PRIME Tinies almost ready for release
* A couple of shops for rent (Contact Winona Wiefel or Reven Rosca if you think your shop should be represented in Roscana)
*7 seas Fishing
... and a ghost.

Win and Reven have decided to celebrate all this with an in store hunt.

10 boxes have been hidden in our main store for you to find and buy for 0 Linden.

Where? Prime Furniture in Roscana!

When? As soon as you have finished reading.
Until? Wednesday morning :)

Discounted hair !!!

The wall on the left is all 10L styles, On the right 50L.
It looks like there's more 50L styles to come in the future..
Fingers crossed:)
Happy shopping.


New freebie this week at Little Britain.
It's called Half Evil. 
I totally love the textures on this outfit! 
You guys at LBD rock! 
Thank you so much for lovin your group member's like crazy!!
Kisses n' leg humps, Ember

Submit a title in comments!!!

All these zombies running round this Halloween.. I ran for my life but finally being exhausted tripped and fell to my fate..
Now here I lay on Little Britain couch *In their weekly freebie,Basket case(Jacket, pants,knife & gloves)* 
In a haze of pain and confusion a fire burning in my belly...Seeing all the blurry shapes walking past to hit the MM board I groan out...Brainsss.

Other items worn in this post.
Hair~LBD Wicked and wild in snow white(not free)
Boots~LBD New rock gothic black(not free)
Skin(some place called Wotan's gothic LM is stale sorry) 
Right thats it. 
Name this post for me would you..
My thoughts are hard to sort for some reason
*wipes a trickle of blood from her chin*

Happy monday

Happy Hump Day!!!

Let's start this morning off with this dress I got from the DSN  
It is from Inara's Fantasy .
I flew over to check out the shop.. 
lots of dollarbie sales on the back wall. 
1l silks and gowns, involved in a few hunts as well.

 Next up is FREE HAIR! 
Yep this supa cool Grape a lishious hair is one of 3 free ones at mikan. 
Kiss this baby..
  My new rockin outfit from LBD, on the mix n mingle hunt.*Hint* I <3 boots. 
I found this tail on xstreet as a gift from them. 
love it
 great textures,fluff and scripted to annoy the masses! muahaha..

Thats all I got for now folks.. Happy humping!

Fly me to the moon

Woo ..I thought I would never get home..
Hehe joking.
Just a space cadet...
Erm yeah OK right where was I
.. Oh ya.. I found a new to me shop tonight called La Petite Morte. 
They have all kinds of neat things.. The sky boxes look outta this world! 
Also photo box sets..
Now if you don't understand what these are.. go look! 
They are great for backgrounds, just byo pose!..
OOh yeah... see this photo?.. It's a dollarbie pose for halloween..
some come on down and check this place out, 
be cool like me :P~~

Monday @ Little Britain

Anyway enough of my bitchin...
This week at LBD....
On the MM board is this hoodie
Also this week's freebie is Urban Warrior.
I have had so many comments when trying to set up for this post..
" Ohh Ember you look so dark" 
Or."Wow...That's a lot of blood!" 
LOL ..SO needless to say. this one will get you noticed.

I Like Latex!!

Have you ever been to Kayliwulf Kingdom?

They have tons and I mean tons of latex.
This store is massive folks and please beware of lag monsters..
They are everywhere here.
But once you press through the lag and go down stairs you see this...

A whole huge table filled with gift boxes..
And whats that?...
Oh yea, they are all FREE!
Something different in every box, color coded by the bows.
Please don't get confused here, there are actually 2 tables.
The smaller one has boxes themselves for sale for 10l.
Pictured above is the naughty schoolgirl in sunset.
I persevered and finally found the matching thigh boots!

In this photo I have on one of their sticky latex sport dresses with free toe shoes!!

Well yea haw..

Free latex all over the place.
Here's your TAXI... Have fun!
Em, xx

Thursday, Some stuff for you.


First up is this beautiful crying skin that I saw on Second Life 24h.
I fell in love and headed over to Asri Falcone Originals.
They have a pay what you want wall.
How cool is that!!!

Pictured above is today's freebie from hO wEAr.
I really like this one.
It is only free today till 8pm,SLT.

It's Monday...Wake Up!!

And what Monday would be complete without some LBD.
This is this weeks freebie,called
And a new group gift from Luna's.
This woman spoils us so..
This time it is this red lingerie.

Well that's all for now..
Prolly post more later today..
Who knows eh.
kisses. Em,xoxo


Hello, Here's some decent MM boards to slap.First up is some cute hair from VOLT
I was on tour and went to visit my old stomping ground the Unwanted Mall. Here I found 2 MM boards.
First one at Spell cats

And the second one .. So totally cute.
From Back alley neko's