Something strange for Easter :D

I like the unusual.
The strange, the weird.
I was at the pose fair and stumbled across this avi that quite literally looked like a pencil outline with wings.
I squealed in her ims, asked her where it came from.
She directed me HERE
And I grabbed one for my very own!

it comes with everything you see, including wings.
and there is a male version too!
And it's FREE!
However she said today was the last day you could get it.
So hurry!

Hoppy Easter everybunny!

xoxoxox - Savvy


Sorry lovelies, I didn't post yesterday.
That little nasty thing called first life has had me by the hair.
And not in the fun way.

Just a quick post leading into the weekend!
More goodness from Ducknipple.
(I love the name of the store as much as I love their clothes :3)
Spring is here!
Or should be... not so much in my neck of the woods.
But I couldn't resist showing off my new Laura Shorts.
Come in 5 sizes and an optional belt for each size.
But in order to keep warm I paired it with the Cropped Rolnek Sweater.
Also comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes.
(It comes with a hud with a dozen or so colors so you are guaranteed to find a color that works for you!)
And my Socks and Shoes to minimize leg freezing. ^.^
These come in the 5 sizes BUT have a shoe on or off option so you can wear them with your own shoes or bare feet if your weather is prettier than mine!
(Again, hud, lots of choices!  SOOO worth the price!)
So head over to .:Ducknipple:. and get stocked up for the weekend!
I'm going to find a blanket to crawl under.

Have a wonderful and safe Easter weekend!

xoxoxox - Savvy


Did that catch your attention? ;)
I hope so because I have new shiny things to show you!

Ducknipple, one of the more interesting named stores in SL, has a BUNCH of new stuffs!
 First up, these DN Mesh: Jessi Jeans.
Best way to tell if jeans are good, see how they look on  your ass.
And as you can see, these are fantastic :3
Comes in 5 sizes and a deformer pair.
A girl really can't have too many jeans.
DN Mesh Baggy Jeans are perfect to just hang out in or go out clubbing with.
Same deal as above, 5 standard sizes and a deformer pair.

Can't forget about the girly part that screams for attention.
DN Mesh: Shredded is so pretty.
Comes with a hud so you can change the dress between 12 different colors.

If you are looking for something with a few less holes, DN Mesh: Zipper Dress is equally cute.
It also comes with a hud so you can change the grey part between 11 other colors!

For more casual days, the DN Mesh Denim Mini Skirt is perfect ^.^
It comes in the 5 standard sizes and a deformer version just like the jeans.
See my boots?!  So in love with these.
They are called DN Mesh: Studded Boots, and they come with a hud with 14 color options!
Best thing, they are unisex so guys grab these as well.

So head over to Ducknipple and grab these gems.
If Sl has been keeping you in one place like it has me lately (-.-) they are also on marketplace HERE
And they are super reasonably priced, and as you can see, come with tons of options.

xoxoxoxox - Savvy

Bustin out some more.

Quick post this morning.
Found a few more items for this round of Going Bust
 on the Cleavage SIM

Pink Sugah has some really sweet tank tops.
I immediately thought of jammies but great with jeans or shorts too.
Find them HERE

sexZ has some cute crop tops. 
Very unique and artistic.
Well done!
Find them HERE
I paired it with some new mesh jeans from R3VOLT.
You can find them HERE

If I'm not around later...
Happy Hump day!!!!

Hip to the Hop.

So our very own Savvy has opened a shop called 
 She is making some very interesting items. Lots of meshy goodness.
 Today I thought I would show you this super cute Easter inspired dress.

Limited edition dress just for Easter
You can choose from yellow, pink blue or white
All mesh in 5 standard sizes for only 75L
If you hold off till Thursday she is setting them on sale for 49L
 For Easter.
Can't beat them apples!
 Or is it eggs?

Anyhoo, go check her Marketplace store HERE
Buy lots so she can buy me prezzies :P

Cheers, Ember.
P.s. Well done Savvy pants, I are proud!

Tuesday Newness

Hallooo pretties 
I've been sitting here staring at a blank page for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to start this post.
And I start it by telling you that :D

Today's goodies are from SLX
You know, that store that has the amazing clothes for cheap on marketplace?
 This outfit is called Starred.
Pictures don't do it justice.
Comes with the boots and the dress.

I'm a tomboy at heart, so I loved this jeans and sweatshirt combo.
Rolmops is another promo item SLX has on sale.

Since I decided to do the MadPea hunt, Hussel, this outfit is called, was perfect.
Boots, shorts, and top. (torch not included :D)
At least if this hunt kills me, I'll die looking good.

 So head over to SLX
It'll be linden well spent.

xoxoxoxox- Savvy

M is for Monday... or Men

Luckily, today its for the latter >:)
So it is no secret that men get the short end of the stick when it comes to stuff in SL
And sometimes it takes a little extra digging to look good for less.
SO today I remembered Yasum Designs has freebies out for girls AND boys.
All you have to do is join their FREE group.
So I grabbed a boy and drug him over to see what they had.

First up this Chicago Suit.
Comes with shoes, hat, and the suit is completely mesh.
Every guy needs at least one suit right???

Next was this Chicago Pants Outfit.
Again, shoes, and hat are included.
This outfit even includes pasties.
There is also a female version of it.

This is just a sample of what they had.  We seen several free skins, quite a few medieval like outfits, and just a lot of other stuff that you will have to check out for yourself.

Here's your TAXI!

(Side note, they have tons of female freebies too!)

xoxoxox - Savvy

Pretty little things

This is a mish mash kinda post as I had a few different things
 dropped on my head this morning.
 Big thank you to the designers xoxo.

In the above photo I am wearing  this super cute corset top and Easter sweater from J'adore. The corset will be available as of Thursday at J'adore on the cleavage sim. I am guessing the sweater will be there as well.
 I only know it is an Easter gift.

In this photo I am wearing a new mesh top from..
 I love it!!!!
 *squeals with delight!*
It does not appear to be set for sale in the shop yet but you can find this and more on their Marketplace store.

Oh, one more thing.. Well the BIGGEST thing!!
I got a mesh head.
I feel so pretty. 
If you wanna be my clone you can find it at the skin fair

Knockin' boots

So as I'm wandering the great land of SL today, this notice pops up from Etchaflesh:
Get the rigged mesh Army Brat GALAXY Boot with HUD for only 99L! On the Marketplace TODAY ONLY!!

Of course, I had to buy them.
Boots... Etchaflesh... sale.
That was about all my brain registered :3

Click HERE for the boots!
This is today only! so hurry!
The outfit is the Pink Fusion hunt gift from 1 Hundred.
5L for the outfit when you find the pink button in the store.
I've been wearing a lot of pink lately... Maybe I should check into rehab for that.

xoxoxox- Savvy

Curiosity killed the cat

I've been in a funk lately.
To try and booster my mood I started going through some of my random avatars in my inventory.

And I stumbled across this interesting looking ... thingamabob

Well with the folder, came a landmark to Curious Kitties
So I made a note to check it out.
As fate would have it, a friend of mine had passed me a ticket from the RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt for the Curious Kittie's prize.
Which was this cute, tiny, bunny avi.
 Info on the hunt can be found HERE

I got to looking around and found a ton of other free stuff and I'm not sure I got it all!
Here is just a taste..  I'm wearing a skin from the Sakura freebie pack they offer.
And a free sweater :3
The Sakura skins come with 8 different tones.
I seen wings, and hair (if you join the free group) and a few other things.

Then I seen, a Gatcha machine.  Well several of them actually.
I only played one (supposed to be in rehab from the Arcade)
For 100L I won this gorgeous spring dress.
You can't see the sides but they are open, with laces running up each side.

I don't know how long the gatchas or the freebies will be out.
So hurry hurry!

xoxoxoxox - Savvy

Hey!.. It's almost Friday!!

 I was pawing through my closet this morning with tears in my eyes.
(I hate sorting)
 I came across some items to show you.

So , up first are these super sweet summer sweaters available in 6 colours
 From 1 Hundred
You can find them @  Bewbapalooza
Running From
Mar. 5th - Apr 2nd.

Next up is this pretty Bra and pantie set from Pink Sugah.
I know I blogged similar the other day but. ..
I like the stockings and mask that come with this set.
 So worth picking this one up.
 But you can't until April 1st as it's part of The Shades of...Hunt
Hit up the main store on the 1st and look for a bow tie.

Hint is.. ..just where you would expect to find it really

That's all for now folks. Back to *sighs* sorting shit.
Wish me luck,
Emmy, xoxo

Hurry Hurry!

So I never blog twice in one day.
Etchaflesh is having a promotion.
Etchaflesh just released a new line of clothing called the Nefarious Outfits.
Check them out HERE
Then go over and like the Etchaflesh Facebook page HERE
Now here is the best thing.  If you like the page, and you purchase a Nefarious Outfit, before MIDNIGHT SLT on 3-22-13, send a message through facebook to Etchaflesh, include your transaction history of buying the outfit, and you get to pick another Nefarious outfit... FOR FREE.

Thats 2 Nefarious outfits, for the price of one.  And these things are freaking GREAT.

It also comes with a gag, and blindfold.
The legwarmers come with a shoe on or off version so you could wear your own shoes if you want.
And it comes in like 19 different colors.
Make sure you try a demo before buying.

Marketplace link is HERE
In world store is HERE

Hurry!  This is only good until Midnight SLT March 22nd!

xoxoxoxox - Savvy

Hump day news

So I have made my love of {Necrotica} no secret.
I adore the clothes, the store, everything.
Today the owner sent out a notecard saying that the in world store is closing, but the clothes would remain on marketplace.
Sad news right?
BUT, the creator isn't going away.  Instead she is merging her business with [Exiled Inc] and they are forming a new venture called !R3VOLT!
And even more good news.. Everything at {Necrotica}'s mainstore is 50% off until April 1st!
I already own most of the store but I managed to run down and grab a few things I hadn't already bought.

 Anyone that knows me, knows I love glasses and mustaches :D
So I had to grab this Class MF 3/4 lengths shirt

And you can never have enough shirts with Zombies killing instructions.  Ever.

And I have been eyeing this corset and skirt set for weeks.
Since it was half off, I snagged it today.

So head down to {Necrotica} and snatch those things you've been drooling over.  The sale only lasts till April 1st!  So hurry!

xoxoxoxoxox - Savvy

Bad girls, bad girls whatcha gonna do?

Hello my squishies!  Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated.  See what happened was, this one time at band camp...oh wait, wrong story...any way long story short computer go BOOM and I'm on a lappy but good news is not even that can keep me from shopping!  So enough of me and on to the good stuffs!
Love you, mean it!  Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat

Jacket/t-shirt combo: D-Style - Katinka Blazer Justice for all 
Skirt: D-Style - Cat Mini Red

Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 1

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. * RUTH *
Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - Artic - Candy 03

Acid Trippin'...

Newp I am not on drugs, but my post today is about Acid Lily

For those that don't know what that is, its a gallery that changes weekly.
Nothing is over 70L, and several big name designers have vendors there.

This week 1Hundred's item was this awesome dress.
This pose was apt.  I don't know what I'm going to do with all my clothes :D

The sim where Acid Lily calls home is also hosting a hunt.
You are looking for ladybugs that cost 5L a piece.
This pretty little dress was ::J:: StyleZ:: Fashion's gift.

Then [[ Masoom ]]'s prize was this outfit.
Not free, but c'mon.. only 5L?  thats almost free!

More prizes and all the hunt info can be found here.
Happy Hunting~!

xoxoxoxox - Savvy

Every Princess needs....

 This totally sexy, adorable lingerie From Paradisis.
In the first photo I am wearing the newest Group gift 
Blossom in Magenta.

I also want to show you one more so you can
 appreciate just how beautiful these garments are.

 Below is Blossom in Red.
 Each set is only 95L! 
You can pick up a fat pack for  855L.
 ( One colour for free)

Did I mention they come with Tango appliers INCLUDED?
Well they doo!! 
So big or small , they cover them all ♥
 Just look at the detail on the back of this.
 I am in love.

Oh almost forgot.
Like the bed I am sprawled on?
It is called....
The Princess Bed  From The Fairest.
Such beautiful textures I had to blog it with my new lingerie.
They just fit!

Limo to Paradisis.  Limo to The Fairest.
So, be careful out there folks, Tuesdays on SL are crazy!!

*Ember Adored goes down with the Region Restart*

Energy filled Monday :3

What a great way to start a week!
Energy Club is celebrating their 3rd anniversary.
Lots of designers have put new gifts out for the group members.

Group membership is free, and the gifts are free... did I mention FREE? haha

 [Cynful] Clothing & Co put out this yellow lace, semi-transparent mini-dress, complete with Tango Appliers
 The heels I have on are Sakide's free gift.

Next up was this sexy number from Lil' Lace.  
Appliers included with this gift too!

Delirium Style has a casual shirt/blazer combo complete with pants out.

Pixelites Inc. put out this cute baby blue mesh dress.

All of these are free gifts when you join the free group at Energy Club.
Here's your limo

xoxoxoxox - Savvy


Feel free to admit it.

You like this. You really do!

One more MUST HAVE item from The Pink Fusion Hunt.
This mesh outfit from Sassy! 
Look at the shine on the vinyl pants!!!

Even without the fancy editing, these are the best pants I have seen thus far in my SL. 
*Ember forgets what shes on about , 
wandering back to Sassy's to find more of this sexy assed pants.*

Oh, why don't you come with me?

More and more pink!

So I seem to be on a pink kick...
But at least I'm cute!  Right?

So while searching for something to do today I ran across the Anime Hunt.
Its less than 25 stores so I ran through the first 10 in just a few minutes.
After unpacking, I found the following gems.

First up, this freaking cute PINK dress.

Next thing was these cute little accessories:
This headband
This floating, ridable wand.
And these wings!
All 3 emit swirly particles and all 3 are free from Les sucreries de Fairy as their Anime hunt prize

Information on the hunt is HERE 
Have a great Sunday night! *flitters off*

xoxoxoxox - Savvy

Happy March 17th!!

 Found you a beautiful freebie today!!

This green mesh  dress from Sassy! called spice.
A group gift. 
They have great clothing , worth the group slot!

Pink, is my new obsession

Yesterday started the Pink Fusion Hunt :3
Its the newest hunt from Depraved Nation
I love Pink.  Its one of my dark secrets... well I guess its not much of a secret now ;)

This hunt is not free.  Each prize is 5L but the website has previews of the prizes so you can get a peek before you buy.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

 Just in time for easter is this Pink Bunny Mask
Prize from G O L A Industries

Next up is this corset skirt combo from Plastik
Complete with Tango Appliers \0/

Ducknipple is one of my all time favorite stores in SL
And this top is their prize.
The jeans are a brand new release from {Necrotica}
Not free but are sooooo freaking cute

Last but not least, this adorable tube top and skirt combo.
The outfit was the hunt prize from .: Somnia :.

All info on the hunt can be found here.

Happy Hunting! 

xoxoxoxox - Savvy