Topless Tuesday!

Rather.. the opposite of the title...
The playhouse hosts a Topless Tuesday Event every week!
Today, I'm in a rebellious mood so I decided to show off my covered tatas :3
All the tops are newness from DuckNipple *gigglefits* and 20.FIVE

First up is the Paula Vest is from Ducknipple
Comes with a HUD and 5 Standard sizes + the Deformer size

Next is the Strapped Top, from Ducknipple
I really love how this top looks... Maybe it's just the straps >.>
Hud and the 5 sizes + Deformer are included

This sexy shirt is called the 'Lifted' from 20.FIVE
Bra is not included!  It does come with pasties.
5 sizes + Deformer and the Hud come with it.

Ducknipple's Debay Corset is the last thing I'm going to show you today.
Once more, hud and the 5 sizes + deformer.

Limo to DuckNipple
Limo to  20.FIVE

Happy Tuesday and watch out for those rolling restarts!!

xoxoxox - Savvy

Romper Room.

I get a giggle out of these two stores.
 Seems they might be in a competition.
 Lots of similar new releases, yet different.

[R3] Pink Lona Romper [V1]
99L per colour 

20.FIVE Mesh
  Bow Romper
HUD based 5 colours for 100L

Similar yet different.
I love them both.
Happy romping.


So I just recently discovered my love of all things Kawaii!
Kawaii means cute in Japanese!
So imagine my squealing when I stumbled across the Kawaii Hunt!
And the prizes are FREE!!!

But it ends on the 30th so hurry hurry!

On to the prizes!
 Divalicious has this ballerina-esque outfit out.

20.FIVE is giving away this cute mesh dress :3

Patchwork Hearts has this dress as their hunt prize.
And it came with Tango Appliers!

 Plastik had two different dresses in their hunt prize.
This one and the one below this one :3
Plastik also put Tango Appliers in with their prize as well.

This is just a handful of the prizes.
But I wanted to let everyone know before it ends.
Info on the hunt can be found HERE

So hurry hurry!

xoxoxox - Savvy

Weekend awesomeness!

So I know I've been posting a lot of non-free items.
I can't help it!  I have a shopping problem.
But I don't want to be cured :3
It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful things people create.
Buildings, furniture, clothes, etc.
I love to discover new places that have things I've not seen before.
That is how I stumbled into Izzie's.
She has a box full of items for only 10L!
No... not free but ONLY 10L!
Thats ALMOST free!

 This is the Izzie's - Country Dress

The Izzie's - Polka dot dress came in a fatpack!
I'm wearing the pink but there are 6 colors in all to choose from

I made a new friend!
In this picture I'm rocking the Izzie's Flare Pants and the Casual Lace Top.
(Both come in fatpacks!)

This is the back of the Izzie's - Unhooked Bra + Down Panty set.
I'm rocking the red color in this picture.
Yup, you guessed it.  FATPACK!

Last but not least, I'm wearing the Izzie's - Short Jacket in black.
And then the Unhooked Bra + Down Panty in black.

This is just a SAMPLE of what all is in this box.
There are dresses, pants, tops, bracelets.
TONS of clothes, packed all in a box, for 10L!

Hurry because I don't know how long it'll be out!
Store is HERE

Have a great Saturday!

xoxoxox - Savvy

I'm Here for the Party!

Gooood Morning Bloggeroos!  Its Saturday and that means its time to par-teh!  *throws her hands up raise the roof style*  Once again I have some new hotness from one of my favorite stores.  That's guys know me well...D-Style has done her thing once again!  Commin at cha live and in living color the Clubber Dress.  I loves me some retro and this has the most adorable go go girl feel to it.  Pair it up with a ka-yoot pair of thigh high boots and you are ready to boogie the night away!

There are about 12 different colors and patterns to choose from
Mind blown!!
Anywho...take a train, bus, limo, scooter.  I don't care how you get there just get there if you can!

Dress:  D-Style - Clubber Dress 
Hair:  [LeLutka]-MAGDALEN hair/Light Blonde
Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer - Earrings - Tokyo Tears

Love ya, mean it ~ Kaileebaby


Yep, still have the puppies. 
Got a few new things to cover them with.

 SexZ, For Going Bust. 
BustierShirt in PurpleOmbre w/Tango applier
@ The Cleavage SIM.

Like my new dress?
I feel so pretty.. It's new from ellemeno.
Part of the Doris dress collection( YAY new dresses!!)
I love this style so much.
Find this and more @ Bewbapalooza

Also @ ellemeno there's an April showers sale. On till the end of April.
Everything blue @ the main store is 50% off.

Also in this post I am wearing my best new hair from Truth!
Sale ends...
* you do not have permission to view this note card.*
Soon anyway. 
 Go shop , have hair ♥

Oh and my N-core shoes. 
Shop there too!

Finally I got to post!!
Love you all.
Emmy, xoxo.

R3volutionize your closet :3

Its Thursday which means the weekend is almost here!
Sorry for the sporadic posts. 
Life is wonderful and busy.
R3volt has a few new things though.  So far behind on newness!

Collar: [R3] - Bellatrix Collar
Top: [R3] Red Luna Strapped Top 
Boots: [R3] - Eevie boots
Skirt: [R3] - Lowrise Mini
I know I have blogged the skirt before but it was perfect with this ensemble.
The collar, top, and boots come with color change huds :3
And those that know me, know I'm a hud addict.
I promise I will try to get back on top of blogging!

Limo to !R3VOLT !

xoxoxox - Savvy

Princess for a night

Been on a total princess kick tonight.
Life is awesome.
I'm getting over the nasty cold/sinus infection/crap.
But tonight, things happened that made me feel like a complete princess.
What better way to project that then show you the adorable, cute, totally modern princess dresses from FIVE?

 First up is the Beaded Dress.
Isn't it kyoot?!
Comes with 5 different color options in the hud.

Next in all it's polka dot glory is the Ribbon Dress!
Again 5 color choices from the hud and its perfect and short and flirty :3

I thought the setting was appropriate for this dress since it's called 'Fresh Dress'
5 gorgeous colors to pick from.
Water is separate
So head over to FIVE and pick up your own princess dresses today!

OH and in case you've been living under a rock, TRUTH is having a HUGE sale.
I'm rocking Truth hair in all the photos.
But be persistent... the sim has been full since the sale started!

Limo to FIVE
Limo to Truth

xoxoxoxox - Savvy

I'm Ninja, Damn it!

Good morrrrning blog babies!  I hopes you all are having an awesome morning full of squishy goodness.  I logged in this morning to newness from D-Style and that makes me a happy brat!  I just had to let you guys in on the not-so-secret.  *leans over and whispers in your ear*  "I totally lurve this store!"  Take a peek down below and fall in love with meh!

Did I mention this also comes with Lola Appliers?  Uh huh, sa-weet!...I know right??
Outfit:  - D-Style - Terror  (top, skirt, legwarmer boots, gloves & goggles)
Hair: Analog Dog - tangled - dark reds
*slips out with whispers of "go to D-Style" lingering in her wake*
Kaileebaby aka Ninja-dollie

Monday Monday Monday

Yay!  Feeling so much better and life is great right now!
And now I'm catching up on all the newness from Ducknipple.
Without further adieu, on to the good stuffs!

 I like this look.. I look so badass
The top is the Zipped Corset, and the pants are the Studded Leggings.
Both come in the 5 standard mesh sizes and a 12 color hud.
The boots are the Lena Shoes with a color change hud.

This racy, daring dress is so hot.
Well, maybe not so hot since it bares so much skin... but you get my point.
The Trenn Dress comes with the 12 color hud, 5 sizes and deformer size.
Perfect for these soon to be hot summer nights!

I am the Princess Ninja!
I love love love the new Gass Jacket.  Em even said, Sav it's you!
The hud lets you choose from 12 different coloring options.
The Emma Skirt is so short and cute.  So if I get caught at least I can flash skin and escape!
And with it's hud I can match it to the jacket!
They both come in the standard 5 sizes, the jacket also has a deformer option.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Ducknipple's hud option that comes with most of their clothing?
Saves sooo much inventory room. 

Here's your limo to Ducknipple

xoxoxox - Savvy aka Ninja Princess!

Rough weekend!

I am so sorry my lovelies!
Behind on posting at the moment due to sickness.
Thought I was going to catch up yesterday but SL had other plans. ('unscheduled inventory maintenance' means Savvy was a cloud most of the day and couldn't unpack anything or even open notecards!)
BUT, everything seems sorta back to normal today.
(Only on the SL side... still sick >.<)

On to the freebie goodness!
Ember and I ran across the Cosmetic Fair the other day.
Lots of designers have booths set up.
Only a couple gifts are out, but quality over quantity eh?

Elymode has a pack of 8 shadows out.  This is just one of them

For those that prefer a more dramatic flair in their make up, ~Oceane~ has this Butterfly and Lace make-up out.

For girls like me that like it rough (*gigglesnort*) [the Skinnery] has this handprint for your face.

Ever An' Angel has this outfit out for free.
Top, skirt, bracelet, earrings and necklace.
Full outfit.  For free!  Just join the FREE group and slap the board.
SL ate mine yesterday but the store owner was so polite and nice when I explained it to her.
The store is worth a look around too!  SO many pretty things.

Cosmetic Fair is HERE
Ever An' Angel is HERE

I don't know how long either will be out for so best hurry!
Back to bed with me, with my best friends Dayquil and coughdrops.

xoxoxox - Savvy

Free @ Kawaii Fair

I picked these up a few days ago but life has been so busy..
Anyyyway, here are the ones I found that cost 0L.
There are a lot more that say free but really are 1L or more.

Pikabunny jammies from PopTart.

Pretty corset from ((RED))

Cute top from Tentacio .
With Tango appliers.

 Super sweet backpack from Chibi Sekai
Crown and Popsicle mouthie from Sugar button boutique 

I had so much fun at the fair that I passed out.
Have a great weekend lovers .

Humpday Hunting

I get bored sometimes in SL.
It is rare, but it happens.
Usually when the playhouse is empty... friends are all in bed...
So I browse through hunts.
I found the Three Moons Hunt today.
Its only till the end of the  month so you will have to hurry if you want to do it.
Now normally, I don't find many Gorean outfits that suit my tastes, but this hunt had a few little gems in it. :3

 Skin is from: Ab.Fab SKins
Outfit is from: Chained Desires

This camisk is from: Runaway Designs

This multicolored camisk can be found at: Slutwear by Lexi

Last but not least, a pole with this awesome pose in it.
Look for it at: Trident

All information on the hunt can be found HERE
Plenty of more stores, prizes. 
And it's all FREE!  Yipee!

xoxoxox - Savvy

P.s.  The tragedy in Boston was horrible.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families as well as the ones investigating to see who committed this heinous crime.

Sleep is R3volting

Lack of sleep does weird things.
But Ember is pushing me to go get rest, so this will be a quickie post.

Look at all the newness from !R3VOLT!

This is the new [R3] - Alice Jacket in red.
Comes in 2 forms.  With a hood, and without.  I'm wearing the one without a hood.
It comes with a hud so you can change the undershirt, side straps and chest straps.
The skirt is the [R3] - Lowrise Mini in Dark.
Comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes.

 This little sexy thing is the new [R3] Veronica Harness.
It comes in 2 different versions, the closed version which I'm sporting.
And an open version, which shows a LOT more.
Tons of colors to choose from at the store.  And the 5 standard sizes plus deformer size.

That is all for today everyone!
xoxoxox - Savvy

If I Am Not Kawaii I Am Wounded.

See you @ the Fair!

@ The Kawaii Fair
The Sweetness dress - adorably cute with a retro touch.
From Sassy! ♥

This sexiness is one of the new skins from Wound.
Comes with tango appliers and Well, I keep staring at my nakedness..
( Is this wrong?)
Also shown in this photo is Wounds Ball gag
& Pretty flowy hair from RedMint A freebie!
In fact there is also two beside this one, all colour demos free and

Emmy ,xoxo

Good day for Duck hunting ^.^

Have I mentioned how much I love the name of 'Ducknipple'?
Because its one of my favorite stores... the name always makes me giggle and causes a great reaction among friends.
Anyways, so much newness at Ducknipple.
I can't pick just one thing to blog... or even two.
So grab your seats... and on to the newness!

This picture I'm wearing the Ramona Mesh Skirt which comes in 5 sizes plus deformer size.
Also a hud so you can pick from 12 different colors.
The boots are called the Rambo Boots.  Unisex and comes with a 14 color hud.

This lovely number is the Ester Sweater.  
Again 12 color hud allows you to choose a color that matches, as well as 5 standard mesh sizes.
I am also wearing the Ani Hotpants but you can't see them really well.
Had to cover up due to the sim :D

The DN Bodysuit was a WIN.
I really loved the way it fit my body without cutting in to my curves.
It comes with the 12 color changing hud, and the 5 standard sizes plus deformer.

For us girls that may need a little more oomph in their trunk, the Fairy Booty Dress is a good choice.
It adds to the derriere so nicely.
And being able to use the color changing hud means you can match it to almost anything.

I promise I wasn't doing what you think I was doing!
One of my favorite new releases is this Accidental Skirt with knickers.
I love the way the panties are hanging around your thighs.
The greatest thing?  The skirt and knickers come with 30 different coloring options EACH.

So go check out the newness and kiss your lindens goodbye! haha
Limo to Ducknipple

xoxoxox - Savvy

A !R3volt!ing weekend

The weather here has been so awesome.
Despite the storms, it's still very springlike outside!
So I was digging into my inventory and put together something to celebrate the warmer weather.

The Top Zipper, JaJa Low Rise Shorts, and Studded Gloves are all new from !R3VOLT!
My awesome shoes are called Obsession from N-Core
I look like a rockstar.  And feel like one too. :3
So hurry over and grab your own rockstar outfit for the weekend!

xoxoxox- Savvy