Another Great Dollarbie from Skinsane

OMG, What a way to log in on a cold Sunday Morning...

To a New dollarbie at Skinsane and i just Love it :D

Its called Sense Skin Lois also has other great dollarbies and The twilight skin is still on for 15L and the lucky chair is still stuffed with uber cool skins. And beside the lucky chair is a wall stuffed with awesome sales items priced at 50L, 10 L, or 100L check em

Take the Taxi Skinsane awesomeness

Other Things I am Wearing

Outfit~ TUFT~ Soft Sky Dollarbie~ 1L Tghere is also a mens dollarbie here too

Hair~ Magika Clearence Sale (take taxi from last post)

Skin & Eyes~ Skinsane


OMG HUGEEEEEE Hair sale at Magika and I am such a Magika Junkie...

There are 10 different hair styles on for 20L per colour pack or 100L per fatpack!!!

Needless to say i own em all :D

Take this taxi MAGIKA HAIR SALE

Warning Mega Lag andThe Sale is on till Wednesday Get there now

<3 Jemmie

Spermy Through The Looking Glass

I tell you I am so sorry for cheesy titles.....But I am kinda liking them


I <3 Jinx'd Voodoo and have since I came back in world. Owners Monkie Darkstone and February Jinx have two twisted creative minds... And put together their store is awesome.

Their main store is in Neko Wonderland and is full of twisted goodies from awesome Static Prim eyes to Binky's to shoulder sperm pets (yes i said shoulder sperm). Check out the whole line of spermy's including the chair i am sitting on in the pic.

Jinx'd also has a satellite store at The Hotel Jemmiefornia

They are involved in the Through The Looking Glass Hunt and Have two Glasses in the mainstore... One has these awesome shoulder sitter's from Alice in wonderland... And the other I am Told has a Full Alice in Wonderland Avatar in it... Can't tell you where they are in the store.... That wouldn't be right... But Take the taxi and find em for yourself.

While your there shop a lil bit.... wait on the lucky chair, annnnd Play the random Vendor for some awesome prizes for only 25L per try

Things in the pic free and not free

Hair~Magika ~ Old 10L style(not sure if still available)

Outfit~ TUFT~ I Love My Blue~ New release ~ 175L

Binky, Doll Key, Eyes, Spermy Chair @ Shoulder Sitters ~ Jinx'd Voodoo (various prices)

Skin~ Atomic ~ Keys To The Gridewide V.I.P Hunt

Boots~ Wrong~ 149L

HodgePodge @ Patchwork

The RFL Vendor @ Patchwork for 300L you can get the Living room set and donate to RFL

The abandoned photo box Lucky chair that has something against J's =P

Prudence's Cuteeeeeeeeee Lil Store Patchwork

The PocketHart Shirt (Prudence's Freebie)

I love Prudence Skytowers (from Love/Hate) new store Patchwork. Her stuffs is absolutely amazing at really reasonable prices.....

Right now she has photo boxes in her Lucky chair that changes every 5 mins , but i'll be damned if a J will come up anytime i am there. They are really awesome and there are three differnet kinds in the chair....The Bloody, The non-bloody & The Classic Homegrown Photo box.... Go and wait it's only 5 mins for this super awesome prize.

In her store she has a freebie for the gals, The Pocket Heart shirt It's a really cute shirt.

Prudence also has a RFL vendor with an awesome Living room set in it ( I own it it's great) And for 300L you get the set and you help raise funds for cancer......

That's it for now get down the and see what Hodgepodege you can find at Patchwork

My Pet Banana

I have a new pet Thanks to sugarfire cannned of Back Alley Neko, Ain't he cute :D

He follows you areound and is Sugar's freebie right now..

She also has a pet cupcake and Burger for 50 L each

So TP your butts to Back Alley Neko at The Hotel Jemmiefornia Now and get a whole zoo of Neko foods :D

We got 7 seas fishing!!!!...wooot

Hotel jemmifornia now has 7seas fishing!!
Andddd it's right next to our blog HQ.
How fun!
I hear that there will be competitions eventually , will keep ya posted.
Oh also there's is a DSN poster on the wall in HQ.
Hit it and join up for daily freebies.
Guys you too!
I have another post in the works with some of the gifties I have thus far received.
Sooo.. come visit..lets go fishing or crazy or yanno ..whatever!
Love and kisses

~SadiStic Designs~

Hey did I mention that nothing in SadiStic is over 100L?
Its true!
Oh yes and I almost forgot the dollarbies in shop..
You can find..Neko ears & tail, wings,Mask & a Gothic stuffie bear!
X-Street sign in store more dollarbies through there.

So..hop on down to SadiStic and check out Sadis' designs
Way to go lady! I'm proud of you!
Hugs & squishes to all

Fashion Mode, Fashion OMG!!!

No pics for this one

I got a notice through thte Pididdle subscribo for the grand opening of the Fashion Mode Mall today and tonight

There are tons of awesome designers here including Pididle, DCNY, Glitterati Poses, Darien's Day Spa, and a toooon more. Go check it out there were freebies/dollarbies in almost every store/ subscribo

take the limo you know ya wanna Fashion Mode Mall

heres the notice from Bru of Pididdle fame

I've set up a special gift for the opening of Fashion Mode, and I've also heard other shops here have as well :D

The official opening is the 25th of may, technically today >.> lmao BUT
don't you miss out! I'm sure everyone has some pretty things to offer ^^

and the notice from fashion mode it's self

You are cordially invited to our Grand Opening of Fashion Mode!
Theme - Trashy Glam!

We have over 60 fabulous designers packed in one location, set in a real life mall atmosphere!

Join us Monday, May 25th from 6-9 SL time, as we officially open the doors and celebrate this together!
We will have a live DJ from 6-9 , DJ Sovereigndvx will be spinning tunes and taking requests for you all ! There will also be MANY freebies provided by vendors here, so please take a minute to walk around!
Finally, there will be a raffle! You must be present to win! The winner of this raffle will win a prize pack FILLED with goodies from various designers here at FM!

See you on Monday from 6-9!
Ashlin Leandros <3

they also have a photto contest running first prize is 5000 L and a ton of sweet gifties
the notice for that is

The Face of Fashion
Model Contest
Mon 18th - Mon June 1st
Winner Chosen Mon. June 1st @ 5 sl time
Please be sure to join Fashion Mode Subscrib-o-matic!
Winners will be announced there!

The newly reopened Fashion Mode Mall will be holding a contest for the " Face of Fashion Mode" . What does this mean you ask? We are looking for some fresh faces to be featured in posters throughout the shopping center. These will be done by Kaete Guisse of "Kaete Guisse Photography". Her work can be found in AVENUE Magazine, Canimal, Le Dorian chez Petit Chou, and many more businesses around the gird. The winner will also receive 5000L, a free model portfolio, as well as some gifts from some of the vendors here at Fashion Mode. 2nd place will win 2500L and 3rd place will win 1000L!

How do I enter? Simply tp over to Fashion Mode, walk into the FM Cinema and find the panels. It costs 50L to enter and 10L to vote. You can only vote once per day. The entry with the most votes at the end of the 2 weeks will be winner!

What are we looking for?... A fresh face,and someone with their own unique sense of style. We are looking for avis with high quality skins, clothes, hair ect. Also someone who is familiar and comfortable with adjusting wearable prims that may need to be altered during photo shoots.

Contest is open to female human avatars only.

If you think you have what it takes...please stop by and enter!

Hope to see you there,
Ashlin Leandros - Fashion Mode Owner

P.S Also we are still accepting vendors here and they are going fast! If you'd like an opportunity to display your items for sale in an upscale shopping mall, this is the place for you!

Tons of awesomenes here so why ya still reading go go go =]


A Hamster, A Kitchen & A House

Lameo title I know but gimmie a break it's Monday ...

So I hear about this store called Hammy~Bringing out you inner Hamster (love love love it)

I TP there. Hit up the MM board for a cuteeeeee beanbag chair.

I look around at all the awesomeness this store holds..

Kawaii living room set a cuteee bed

I had to have the hamster top hat seen in the pic

oh and did i mention the prices are way more then fair....

Search the Hammy group in world and check the past notices .....there is this awesome house in it and a kitchen to put in as well.

Thanx Fabien Lowenhar and Vista Adder for the awesomeness

(psst yay something else to add to my cupcake addiction ....Hamsters )

Things I am wearing

Hair~ Tiny Bird ~ Blogger apreciation week giftie

Skin~ Atomic ~ V.I.P Hunt gift

Dress~Pididle~mini hunt gift

Tophat~ Hammy Hamster Tophat~ Hammy 60L

Skybox ~ Group Gift ~ Search the Hammy group in world


Yes, yes OMG YES!!!
It's finally all coming together.
Welcome to Ember's treasure's HQ.
Stop by for a gawk, a chat and grab some freebies we have set out. When you do please make sure to visit the designer's shops OK..Great!.
I am still working my lil tail off for all my treasures ..
pimping the HQ to designers & creators.
So if any of you know someone who wants free no strings attached ad space give me a holler eh.
Ember's Treasures is parked at my blogger in crime's spot..
Hotel jemmifornia
Lookies how cute is this place!!

There is plenty of spots open to rent here and a lot of traffic already!
There are 3 sizes of shops here at the Hotel.. They are..
50 prims~150L/ week.
25 prims~75L/week.
10 prims~40L/week.
The Hotel is still under construction as is Treasures...
But fuck it..I'm way too excited..


Ah yes bloody Monday's..
Time once again for my favorite shop ..
Little Britain Designs...
Yes the have in fact moved again..
To make all you freebie whores happy!..
The lucky chairs are back bisches!..
Anyhoo, on with the show .
This weeks freebie,pictured above is the Massacre outfit.
Also a matchy one for the boys.

Am I that bad really?
Humm ..
Someone seemed to think so.
In this photo is the lucky chair prize
Devil's Spawn.
Again a set for the guys too!

So drop whatever it is you're doing and get your lazy asses over to LBD. Check out their new home and buy lots!!!
I recommend their awesome skins!

That's it for now
Hugs and kisses to all
Oh and please leave me comments..
Make a girl smile would ya!
PS. Photo's taken at Fallen Gods

My Two Biggest Weaknesses In Sl

Hehe and no posing nekkie with another chick is not one of them although I am known to do it sometimes >.<

Anyway Textures and Poses are my two weaknesses in sl.

I have this huge collection of them both so i thought i would share two of my fav place to get them.

In the pic above the texture on the backgorund is from Sissy's textures and the couch Merc and I are posing on is from V Poses as well as the shoes I am wearing are from 50 Flats.

Couch poser 145L @ V-Poses, All Poses here are awesomely priced and tons of freebs in the middle

Flats in Freebies Box @ 50 Flats

Purple Plaid Texture in 1L Grab Bag @Sissy's Textures

Here is the notecard from Precious Texan Owner of Sissy's Textures about her Island opening today . Go check it out for sales, Her lucky Cupcake Tons of stuff to do.

Good Morning!! The Sissy's Island is now open!!!

New Prizes in our Randomn Vender, Lucky chair, Lucky chair for Tinys, and Mob Vend, Here is the updated LM for you! Lots of room,
While your here Check out our other Shops, and Great artists,
Wehave Lucky tribe Cupcake! Daily Sales under the stairs! Ad boards for just 15L a week, Just pay the board and put your LM Pic and or Freebie you want to give you!!! Have a great day all!!

So whatcha waitin for go make your inv huge with poses and textures :D

luv yas

<3 Jemmie


Yeah... You heard me right..
Rotten toe
I mean the name alone made me HAVE to go take a look!
I'm so glad I did...
I first went there awhile back at the advice of another blog post.
(Sorry I cant recall which one.)
Any way..drool fest!
These outfits are fantastic quality, at affordable prices.
I got this hawt corset from joining the Rotten Toe group.
Check the notices!
The skin & eyes I'm wearing are free as well as the socks.

So..Y'all know the drill by now..
Git yer asses down to Rotten Toe and see what all my fussin is about!

P.S. Censored sign free from Catnip on XSTREET.

A Hunt for the men!


This is not your typical hunt, this is the first of its kind.
This our 1st Make Him Over Hunt! It is fully dedicated to the male public in SL, from all nationalities. It will start on June 01st throught 30th.
Deadline is May 20th to sign up (Designers).


Only the highest quality designers are invited to participate in the hunt.
The Designers will be given a male symbol prim where you will put an item of your choice from your store inside and will be asked to make exclusive items (if possible), that will only be available for the duration of the hunt. The items must be done by you!! If you think it is better, you can give a gift card of your store!

The objective of this hunt is to present nice stores to the male inworld public and let guys participate of a hunt, as we now that the another hunts are 95% turned to the female public.
We will set an "Official Starting Point" where the participants will get the notecard with complete information regarding the hunt. This hunt is circular, so when you get to the end, the last notecard will direct you to the first location.

This is a great opportunity to get your name known, increase traffic, invite people to your groups and get new customers!!!
Starting on June 1st will be featuring every single designer on the blog. That means is that you as a participating designer will get one day (if not more) of blog posts showing off your exclusive gift, telling everyone about your brand, giving out urls and slurls, etc.
Visit our blog for the latest updates and a complete list of participating vendors:

To get in on the hunt, RSVP to TARSIS GAUSMAN or SAMARA PENNELL with a notecard named "MAKE HIM OVER HUNT - Designer Name" containing the following information:
Label/BrandGift Concept (if known)
Were you Referred?
Do you have a blog or website?
A big Thank you to Shay for posting about this on her blog Shayariel's World of SL Fashion

caLLie cLine

Good morning my darlings.
Today I have something a bit different for you.
Today has been declared caLLie cLine day by us blogger's.
This amazingly talented woman was key in organizing Blogger's appreciation week.
So I thank you caLLie for all the hard work and effort you put in for us.
You have no idea how much it meant to us.

In the above photo I am wearing Galaxy Girl.
A very sexy lingerie outfit .
There are so many styles to choose from at caLLie cLine .
Something to suit every ones tastes .
There are some beautiful gowns I had my eye on as well but in the end I decided to chose the sexy lingerie:)
Again, Thank ~You caLLie You ROCK!
Hugs and squishes

How Intriguing!

So yesterday I was spending quality time with Mom ,
zooming round the grid hitting MM boards when we stumbled upon a shop I haven't been to
*Intrigue Co.*
and oh la la I LOVED IT!
This store appeals to me for a few reasons
first the decor. I mean , how fun is this place ..really!
Second thing I noticed was the quality.
The clothing here is very well textured.
Oh did I mention FUN!

Third thing I noticed here was the price..
OMG nothing is over 50L!!!
There is also a Midnight Madness board here so make sure to come slap it!

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Owner Katharine McGinnis.
A super cool girl.
She was very nice and able to help me with an item I needed gifting.
I was very impressed.
Thank ~ You Katharine for taking the time to speak with me.
It's nice to meet designers willing to spare 2 minutes for a lil chat.
So now folks...What are you doing standing there..get your asses over to Intrigue Co. and shop!!!
You know you wanna...
kiss kiss


Good morning sexy ones!
Well it's Monday and we all know what that means...LBD!!!!
Doing things a bit differently today as I haven't much time this morn and wanna get this out to you all ASAP!
OK, This week the camp chairs are giving out..An AWESOME beanie with hair (for the girls) which silly me forgot to model.
Brown neko ears and tail.
Brown Neko boots.
Chain suspenders and spiked gloves!

The MM board holds the Forsaken jeans.
(Already been locked down and reset just now)

Lucky chairs are holding the *Talk to the hand* sets.
Male and female..Also the love bite skins.
The weekly freebies...are...The hubby beater set/also a wife beater for the guys
{will have much fun with these..and a certain club}

In these photo's I am wearing .
Spot Tattoos from Hybrid $50L.
Skin from Tuli *Hope*
Hairs from Truth.
Magika.Uncle Web
& HOH.
There..whew thinks i got it all!
happy hunting.
Poses are from Cyanide

Blogger's appreciation week

Well OMG! What a freaking awesome week!
CaLLie CLine announced this last week on her blog and wow did it ever take off.
It was Blogger's appreciation week
..scroll down for more insane babbling(some drooling too.)
All week long us blogger's that were invited into the group had gift after gift dropped on their heads..
It was totally mind blowing for me.
To know that hey..
People DO CARE about what we are doing here.
And it truly warms my little heart.

To end the week there was a garden party for us all to meet .
(with a gazillion more gifts!)
Yes there was a dress code in effect.
Aren't we the coolest!! so smexy yuh huh!

All in all, I would like to give my heartfelt THANK~YOU'S to all the designers on the grid that have been involved in this major event. Without you we would be nothing more than gossip columnists!

If any of the designers are reading this post.(I hope) Jemi and I would be honoured to blog you.!
One huge THANK~YOU to CaLLie CLine and everyone who made this happen.
I for one am blown away by your kindness.

][ . HOUSE OF RUIN . ][

Go here
Do the hunt..
Have fun and happy Saturday..
That's all i got to give today^^
kisses ,

I Love Me Some Sn@tch o.O

Outfit in this pic: Sn@tch P. Diddy Audition from Sn@tch Reg.270....On sale 135 (different colour options)

Outfit in this pic: Grace Under Pressure reg.250 On sale till Monday 125 (different colour options)

Vinatge Jeans (skull)from Sn@tch ~ reg 125 on sale 75 till Monday
Sn@tch Better Dead Shirt reg 250. On sale 125 (many diff colour options here too)

Socks from Sn@tch~~ Lucky Chair Prize comes in may colours

Hehe well the store anyway (or so i'll lead you to belive )

Anyway I am minding my own business, building my Storybook Hunt Giftie, when in comes a notecard from Ivy of Sn@tch fame.

I <3 Sn@cth. I was once quoted by a friend as saying I'm a Sn@tch-a-holic =]

here is part of the note sent out from Ivy

I'm just gonna cut to the damn chase and tell you all we're having a 50% off sale this weekend. It started this morning after Rob and I got done marking down EVERY vendor in the store lol. Man...what a job. Anyways...all outfits, separates, shoes, boots, accessories, kitteh things, mens, skins, eyes, shapes, hair...ALL HALF OFF through Monday! It's spring cleaning time and man I cant believe we've had the new sim four months already...that blows me away how time flies I swear.

The only things I didnt mark down were the free and cheap room cause well thats ultra cheap already. Even the stuff on the new release wall is marked 50% off including "FERAL" the new sheer dress set. 􀀃 After the polka dot versions week before last I had people asking me over and over to make prints so here they are in cheetah, camo, zebra, plaid and my fave PONY...the fatpack of five is only 175 L! The price of just one separately!

So after reading that I stop what i am building and tp To Sn@tch City...Where when i rezz ther eis a J on the lucky chair...\o/ yayy me :)

I wander around for a bit and wanna buy the whole store. But I managed to show a lil restraint and buy four things :)

So whatcha waiting for tp to Sn@tch City now and have yourself some fun..... and I gotta get back t makin my hunt giftie

<3 jemmie

Other stuffs I am wearing

Hair~Tiny Bird..Emma ~ was a giftie for blogger appreciation week

Skin~ Skinsane...Pinkmess ~ old dollarbie not sure if still available

Tattoo~Weird Designs ~Nightmare Before Christmas ~ L 200

Cheeky Shorts~FIRST LOOK 1L

Foto Flower~ callie cline~ gifite for blogger apperciation week (not available in store)


Good morning you sexy avatars!!
I feel that I've been neglecting you of late..
Truth of it is ,I've been real busy and just haven't found the time.
But this morning I make some ..just for you!
A BOOBIE shot to keep the boys happy..
Pictured above are my BOOBIE BUDDY'S.
They attach to chest and hang out on your fun!
I found these in a MM board @ Alley Cat Designs.

Okies..In this photo is yet another MM prize..
A cute little dress from..Twiple Twouble
(humm maybe this is a kids shop..oh well)
Also pictured here is my bestest hair gift EVER
It's the new curl hair from Magika and they sent the fat pack out to the Bloggers group..
sorry group is invite only but you can buy the hair in store!
In fact I was planning on heading over to buy it myself when it fell from the hair gods onto me!
Anyone who knows me ..KNOWS what a hair whore I am!!! LOVE IT!
OH ..oh ya almost forgot..I gots spots! seee*points up*
Hybrid is having a sale..everything is 50l...EVERYTHING!..
Have a spiffy weekend folks..
I know mine' gonna be groovy!


OK , all you sexy beasties..
Here's some of the items from the mega giftie you get for doing this hunt @ LBD
There is 14 items in all and alot this time are geared towards you menfolk!!
YAY for you!
Pictured above are the converse sneakers, side chain,cool ass cut offs and shit head shirt.
Does this make my penis look fat?
..No really..Does it?

Above we have the evil twin shirt also the vodka arm strap and twat hat with hair.
(so if you do kill your evil twin *look out Bree^^* You can blame intoxication!)

Right..ahem..Carrying on. The above shot shows the UK Trouble shirt.(click to enlarge)
One for the boys I'm sure.

Last but not least a close up of the Little Britain Twat Hat
(love it!)
Cheers darlings,
Thanks for reading!
Love, Em


Today At Little Britain Designs we are holding a treasure hunt with a twist.The rules to this hunt is to find our shop name hidden about the land.There will be 13 prim letters hidden in our land and all you have to do is find them all to make the name Little Britain.Once you find them simply place them all into a folder and return to Ivica Atlanta,Nightly Wolfzahn or Minxy Dean who will check them then pass you a special gift box from us filled with some great new shirts pants and some accessories.The hunt is simple and will be good fun for all.Only rules we have is not to tell everyone where you found your letters as a hunt is a hunt:))....Hope to see you here

Little Britain Designs

I am Alive

But SL HATES MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (sadface) and I cannot tp anywhere so that kinda sucks for bloggin about new stuffs

I will return as soon as i can tp around the grid again

until then I am sure Ember will keep it all Happening

<3 Jemmie


Time once again for Little Britain's weekly goodies.
Usually I would post on Monday but was all busy getting married and stuff^^
Let's have a look at this weeks gems.
Pictured above are the white claws and bracers along with the white suspenders both from the camping chairs.
Also in the photo is the new MM item..On your knees jeans!
(interpret how you wish)

The above photo shows the weekly freebie*This is England* set.
There is a male version as well.
Also the leg straps with knives.Hat with hair and matching tail from the camping chairs.

This weeks lucky chairs hold the male and female versions of the *Fuck You* set..
Haha read the back...

Note the design on the jeans
(click photo's to enlarge.)
See why I adore LBD!!

That's it for today as i get to meet my surgeon this aft
Cheers my lovelies.

Little Britain Has A New Home

(Just love them to bits!)


Free hair @ Uncleweb Studio!!
Men's and ladies in 3 shades.
You can find them on the sales desk!
Ladies, the men's hair looks fab on us too!
A special thank~you to my pal funk for helping me model these hairs!
Also the texture used in the background is from Sissy's
Happy Mother's day my darlings!
Love Em, xo

Second Life Friendship Followup

Ok peoples ... with all this Adult Content hanging over our heads...
many are worried that Second Life will not let us keep contact with each other.
Or we lose our hangouts, etc.
So... lets make sure you are on sweet Em's followers list...
and use this to find each other after all the shit hits the fan *grin*

No clue what or who is going to be banned *sad sigh*

We dont want to lose any of our valuable friendships..
due to media pressure on the Lindens! :)
Spirit aka Mom :)

Twisted and Spoiled Hunt!

Welcome to the Annual Twisted and Spoiled Store Hunt
Hidden all around the store are 8 diamonds, like the one shown next to the poster in world.
Some maybe smaller, some bigger but they will be well hidden so you may need to look really hard for some of them!
They are hidden only in the store and none are up high on the ceiling etc.

The hunt runs from 9th May to 17th May 2009 and the picture below shows some of the items you will be hunting for, some of which are specific to this hunt and not available for purchase in the store.
Rules ::
There are no rules...happy hunting and good luck =)

Phia and Sam